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White Floral Dress With Roses

The first member of our luxe for less series. This piece is one of my timeless pieces for spring as you can see in the head image above. Interestingly I found as a thrifted item, people seem to love this piece and it is the ideal replica.

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Olive Green Spring Dress

Yours truly is a firm believer in looking good, and looking chic on a budget. For Spring 2020, I stumbled upon this olive green dress. As a stable in my closet, I wear this practically every week. It is one of those instant glam pieces. Every woman deserves to feel fabulous, and green is a colour that elevates all looks.

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Yellow Floral Sundress

The twin to my OG white dress. Summer is all about bright, beautiful colours. I love yellow as vibrant colour that makes you stand out in a room. Whether you're going to work or you're going to brunch, it's always nice to have something that you can draw on to give you that pop of colour.

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Pink Floral Summer Dress

Chic and effortless, for those days when you want to feel put together without feeling like you're doing too much. In the home environment and even at work, you often want the feeling of being able to feel natural yet put together. This is the ideal dress for such an occasion! I wear mine in my home office. Click on the image to purchase today.