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A Little Rest and Relaxation

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Happy Day,

Welcome to the blog!!! Yours truly is taking some time to have a little rest and relaxation today. I social media purge...just to allow myself to revel in the realness of life. As much as I love a good video, snap and the right filter...behind the scenes it's nice to do things like settle down and have a nice cup of coffee...sit in the morning sunshine, feel the breeze and read. I get a chance to reflect and stay grounded. I get things done...but thankfully without too much external pressure, and more of my own will and self motivation.

This week, I've started challenging myself to read once again, and finally found the time to start reading Michelle Obama's book. It's been in the house for a good two or three months, and every time I was home from my May Pen trips, I would see the book and silently remind myself that I needed to read it. So far, so good, I'm in the early phases and only at page 90, and I'm finding once again that the journey of life, is not as unique as we all think it is. No one has a problem free life, the key is to just manage what is placed before you in terms of personalities and opportunities. I'll aim to do a full book review once I've finished, but so far one thing I'm learning is the fact that with time, we learn to overcome our own limitations.

I was having a conversation over the weekend, and the feedback I received from who I was talking to was..."You don't have to prove yourself to me...I'm not judging you!". Regardless of who we are...there is always someone that we seem to want to win over in order to make ourselves feel okay about who we are. I found it strange that that was their perception because somehow, with is true that life places you in a weirdly defensive frame of mind. On days like this...I remind myself that I am enough.

Taking time for mornings like this where I can just flow, is one way that I have found that will allow the ego aspect of existence to temporarily diminish and the creativity to just flow. It's just the current nature of life. I can't count how many celebrities and YouTubers have lashed out at the masses for the comments that they receive on what seems to be something that they have a right to be doing in the free world. In all honesty...criticism does get annoying...but if you don't take the time to focus on what's good in your'll be overtaken by the criticism.

I've been throwing myself into a positive flow as mentioned, so over time have actually filtered the YouTube content, and reading material that I absorb to keep my mood elevate and my energy high across the day. I find myself watching any YouTuber who is generally mellow, productive, drama free, creative and positive. This is because I want an escape from life when I immerse myself in any experience. I find myself craving stability in all things so I'm aiming to ensure that what I do is reflective of that. While I'm not all the things I want to be yet...I've started asking myself questions like: How can I be a better professional? How can I be a better wife? How can I be a better mother? How can I be a better investor? How can I have more fun in life? How can I be healthier? How can I be happier?

And through the course of the day, the answers will come in various forms. I may read something and get an idea...or simply watch a video that resonates with one of my themes! In terms of having current obsession on YouTube when I'm not creating...are watching the Dollar Store Hauls. There's a certain channel I absolutely LOVE...and I'm literally clapping after every video like I was at the Oscar's!! In my mind I'm going..."That's the most genius thing...I can't wait to try this!!" I don't what it is about finding things for the lowest price...that just seems to thrill me! As much as I know that I like higher end products...I feel like it's always fun to come home with a 100 things that cost $1.00 each.

When I have my home...I've identified all the critical things that we will spend money on to ensure that there's quality and longevity...but when it comes to fun thing like seasonal accessories...I will definitely go through my Dollar Store cycles!! When I saw a Christmas Tree fully decked out for just $20.00...I felt like I found another calling in life!! I'm imagining somewhere...that there is an army of creative women happily singing with joy every time they walk into a Dollar Store, Rite Aid or Target Dollar Spot!! With things like this to'll happily go to with your annoying coworkers and boss...get your paycheck at the month end or fortnight...and go...SHOPPING!! There was a point in business school where all I used to dream about was shopping!! When the stress comes...your mind will wander.

What relaxing things are you doing this week? I only take about one hour a day to read...but with each day you accomplish more and more things and add to your knowledge base. I still have my self care routines...and they are helping as well. Taking time to calm the mind is always number one I always feel good when I get a chance to just chill and listen to some jazz or classical music, much like I'm doing now!!

Have a great day!! See you on Friday!!


**Dr T**

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