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A Return To Normalcy: Enjoying Recovery On A Dime

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury On A Dime
Gorgeous Floral Dress

Welcome back to the blog!!

Life as we know it, is currently changing. In my mind, I've declared that June is the month of change. I've taken action, and pretty much just allow myself to evolve. A great sage once said..."If you just stay focused on a goal and act on it, eventually it will happen!". 2020 as a year is chock full of distractions, and there's a point at which your brain starts asking you..."So where were we again?". That being the case...I'm back at my January drawing board, starting fresh in June. Let me walk you through, how today's activities went.


Luxury On A Dime
The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Listening to the most mellow music I can find on YouTube, I'm trying my best to take you to my relaxing mornings on the road. When I leave the hills of Kingston, before I have any meetings, I tend to prime myself to the busier surroundings. New Kingston, is our business district. I wake up in the morning, have my shower, put on my make up and business attire and head into the world. One of the places that I go...when I'm primed for business is the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. This beautiful, yet gigantic structure is where the local entrepreneurs and business travellers meet. As a location whose ground floor is open to the public, you can pretty much...just walk in...and sit at the cafe, restaurants, utilize their pool area, or as I discovered today, utilize their gardens.

I had the intention to go to Emancipation Park today, but the park is still closed due to COVID-19. Crossing the road to the Pegasus, I'm realizing that the hotel itself is actually open now. I walked in...and found a place to nest for about two hours. The ground floor itself has a terrace right outside the main floor cafe, and once I was there, I realized that there some steps leading to a nook towards the back of the hotel.

Venturing off like Alice, I discovered that as I walked, there was a small garden off the terrace, with a gazebo where you can relax, eat some cheesecake and chat. It's really a beautiful place. Walking around and calming my mind for about half an hour...I went to the terrace and sat down and pretty much journalled how I wanted my day to go.

Once finished, I sat listening to the sound of the pool, and allowed the running water to act as white noise. While you're there, the world's problems vanish, you really feel like you're on vacation, even though...all you did was pop in for some coffee and a pastry. It's like another world.

After about two was time to face reality. After running a few errands, I decided to browse the shops. Item one above from Lee's Fifth one that had me at hello!! If you're ready to shell out a cool...JA $20,000.00 on a dress...I'd highly recommend this one. It is about USD $180.00 factoring in all the geoarbitrage. The feel though...was everything. I'd actually purchase this dress on an occasion such as an end of year Corporate Event. After you work hard to achieve your objectives, you'll be good to go to treat yourself with this piece. It is absolutely gorgeous!! The back is similar to the front, except there's a gold zipper that helps the dress to fit to your body.

To cinch in the waist, there's a nice matching belt. The flair is so elegant and timeless. This is a modern twist to a classic dress. I definitely felt like the bell of the ball in this piece.


Luxury On A Dime
Versace Inspired Free Flowing Top

Of course...after work, there's the play. While I have no intention of being overly dressed for the supermarket, on the high street, there are some designer inspired pieces...that will still make you feel Gucci, even if all you spent was about $30.00. I stopped at Ammar's and discovered that they have the designer inspired pieces on lock. On everything from the handbags to the tops, you get the feeling that you're rocking a Burberry, Gucci, or even a Louis Vuitton piece. I am all for the dupes...when done tastefully. At a particular point in time, you may be in an aspirational mode, or may be in a position where you have to dedicate your funds to something bigger like a home, yet still want to look and feel chic. That's all possible in 2020!!

With a top like'll still exude that feeling of elegance, without feeling like you're breaking the bank. You'll actually be building it, because with all the money you can actually invest it for the future.

I see myself wearing the supermarket to be honest. It's nice and casual, and really elegant. I like this piece because it's comfortable and effortless.

Luxury On A Dime
Versace Inspired Party Dress

Thankfully, in Jesus's name...I'm still young enough to reach the club. Age is just a number, you're as young as you feel!! Even when I have babies, I'll find me a baby sitter and still allow myself to go out and dance!! It's in my veins...and I live to have a life that is fun, relaxing and free!! It's amazing to just do what you want...when you want to!! Now that the pandemic is easing up somewhat...I'm trying hard to not take freedom for granted. I assure you...that I'm aware of everything that's happening in the world...but my energy is a light hearted one. I don't hold on to pain, it wears me down energetically, so I tend to do things that keep me lifted and alive. Travel, fashion, food...all keep me happy and alive. As long as I can do that...I'm happy!!

100 was a club, casino and restaurant that we visited in December. I'll go back there...just to ensure that I'm living the full experience. There are so many things that you don't know about a space...and once you start exploring start discovering corners of it that you never even knew existed.

With a dress like can get your Carrie Bradshaw on...and live your best life!!

Luxury On A Dime
Luxury Floral Top

You don't want to feel like you don't remember what it's like to be free. Prime yourself for your normal. I've personally started planning mini vacations close to home, so that I can remind myself of what its like to enjoy the fruits of my labor. As much as you acclimatized yourself to your home as your hotel, office and gym, it is actually not meant to be all that and more. Hotels, beaches and amusement parks were created to give your brain the thrill of new experiences! Don't forget that! That being the case...the top very beach ready!! I'm feeling Portland, Ochi and Negril vibes in this!! All day!!!

Back in realityville, after all this dressing up...I still went to the supermarket and organized myself for my "restaurant". If you think of your kitchen as a'll feel more inclined to start cooking. What's happening to me that three months after the garden was started, the vegetables are maturing. It's nice to see the lettuce poking their heads out of the soil, to wake up and cut some basil because I need to season some meat that day, and to be able to pick a mango, because I need some fruit for breakfast.

Nothing beats having your own!! I'll see you on Friday!! Today was a fun, relaxing day!!


Dr T

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