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A Time For Change: Levelling Up in 2020

Welcome back to the blog!!

Today and this week, I'll resume my regularly scheduled program. As you may or may not know, I took the time for a mini-vacation last week. In Jamaica, we are gradually returning to normal operations. When I say gradual, I mean gradual, because we still do take pre-caution and wear masks in public, as well as sanitize before we enter public spaces like the banks or the supermarket. A few weeks ago, the mandate was given that social distancing would be allowed in businesses that were previously deemed as non-essential. Bars and restaurants are slowly re-opening, and during that window of time, I thought it relatively safe for me to take a mini-vacation. I'd gone to Port Royal for about half the day, and pretty much allowed myself to de-fragment. Towards the end of the week interestingly, other global world affairs that were positive also took place.

The logical half of my being is a Chemical Engineer. I say this because we all have both logic and creative genius. What what you nurture. I studied engineering at Leeds University in West Yorkshire, UK. While at Leeds, I curiously would walk the engineering block and learn about what each department was doing. In Chem Eng we would look at everything from pharmaceutical manufacture to combustion systems. Down the hall in civil they'd look at things like bridges and other structures that supported modern life. In the mechanical building, when you walked in, there would be huge jet engines hanging from the ceilings and I was always in awe of those. As a child, I'd be inspired by what I saw. I'm sure we've all been through the phase, where if we went on a plane...we wanted to become a pilot. Young minds are impressionable, so ensure that you allow your children to explore and determine their own futures and careers. On a few science trips I've been to some observatories (the last one was in Northern Ireland), and as a result, I do have an appreciation for space exploration and the stars.

When I came home from my trip, someone mentioned that SpaceX was in the process of launching America's first manned mission since 2011. Of course, me being a fan of SpaceX since 2018, I went all in. I watched the two missions, the scrubbed mission on Wednesday, as well as the official one on Saturday. I've never been so proud to be an engineer in my on that day!! The execution was seamless, and to wake up the next morning and actually see the Bob and Doug open the hatch of the Dragon and enter the International Space Station...I was honestly elated!! It's awesome to witness. I still check in on NASA Live just to see what they're up to! Quite a historic event!! You have to have something that will pull you and inspire you each day!

With that said...I wake up feeling energized, noting that a team of persons had spent eighteen years of their life actually in the process of building a dream, and despite all the obstacles, they actually made it happen. The story of SpaceX is the story of self sufficiency and persistence, and if you know how they first started off, with the first initial attempts of sending rockets into space actually resulting in the rockets pretty much exploding after take'll learn that nothing in life happens in a straight line. In engineering, you pretty much just look at your data, figure out what went wrong and self correct. If you don't try, and don't won't know how to optimize. With each iteration, they were able to fine tune their process, and eventually found a strategy and design that worked in their endeavours. We are now at the point, where people are getting to the ISS. I don't doubt, that with their persistence, that we'll reach the Moon, and one day...Mars. I send my good wishes to the Endeavor team, and I'm so happy that they were able to make it to the International Space Center safely. Watching them return...should be epic!!

With that the time Monday comes I usually have my life in order. My schedule is well organized, and I pretty much do what my calender says I should do. I think at this point I've watched enough Impact Theory, listened to enough audiobooks and studied enough mind science to know, that what you focus on is what you become. If you have a calender and pretty much just work off an objective, even if it takes twice as long as you anticipate, you'll accomplish the objective because you poured your energy into a focus and took action. A done something, is better than an imperfect something. Knowing that there's no perfection, I just take my time and just do things every day towards preset goals. If I feel resistance, I actually take the time to actually do the task, but do it on a pace that I don't feel like I'm stressing myself out in the process of accomplishing, and it still gets done. So far, my strategy works because at the day's end, I see that I'm actually accomplishing things. That's what matters at the end of the day. Once you see yourself'll give you momentum to do bigger things! The brain...LOVES...progress. Its an intoxicating feedback loop!!


As a Management Consultant, it is important for me to ensure that I'm presentable to my clients. I find that appearing professional is something that I can easily do if I have my hair and outfits well put together. Since people believe that well put together people are generally more organized and capable, I always make an effort to ensure that I'm presentable.

For this week's wash day, I took the time to actually undo my extensions. I worked with the Yaman twist hair, that matches 4C hair texture, and it pretty much performs like my natural hair. When I untwisted the hair, it actually came out looking like a twist out. I decided to re-purpose the hair, and washed it, let it dry, banded it with a small scrunchie and created a ponytail at the crown of my hair. It looks absolutely fabulous!! It actually looks pretty natural. At about three times the thickness of my own hair, I really like how this turned out.

I went ahead and flat twisted a crown at the front of my hair, and added gold embellishments. My clients...cannot tell me that I don't try!! This is so cute and chic...and I feel like on the days where I don't feel like doing much with my hair...this will definitely be a go to. This is a ten minute...yet million dollar look!!! You can't tell're too busy to do this!! We all have ten minutes!!


With the pandemic seamingly easing up, I've decided to resume my 2020 plans. I think the last time that we had spoken, I had mentioned that you mustn't let your brain become used to a quiet existence, unless you're at the point at which you're retired. If you're young, keep making that hay, keep building that business and allowing yourself to grow and to thrive. It's your world, you have to work hard to own it.

I'm back in consulting mode, and I'm actually currently reading books like Digital@Scale. It gives a broad overview of what the world changes from a technological perspective are going to be. There will always be change in life, and we really need to ensure that we are keeping up with the trends, and keeping our minds sharp.

I stay busy behind the scenes with my work activities. Focus is the key to all success. You really don't want another eighteen years to pass...and you haven't launched your personal rocket. Stay well!! Get to working on your dreams!! I'll see you in the next blog!!


Dr T

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