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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Welcome back to the blog!!

Yours truly...listens to the news in spurts, just to ensure that I'm not distressing myself. As my luck would have it...last night on Prime Time News the announcer declared..."What are your thoughts...on the relaxing of the laws...and the re-opening of restaurants and bars?" I honestly started feeling like life was returning back to my body!! "You mean...we can actually now start LEAVING the house?"

I'm not really a home body. I'm honestly only about...25% introverted. When I'm home...I respect downtime and I can sleep forever...but when I'm out...I love to explore and be around people. I decided...that it was time to resume my mini vlogs. In terms of the things that I had to do today...I had to run some errands for my business as well as to get my life in order - supermarket etc. I'm currently in the process of stocking up my items for my apartment and I decided that I wanted to start of small and get a few items for my vanity. I'm honestly priming my mind for my change. What I found as I was walking around in the pharmacy...were really cute items such as perfumes. I've started stocking up on them, so you'll see how I display all these items on Friday.

After I went to the pharmacy (Monarch Pharmacy at Sovereign Center), I decided that I wanted to cross the road and visit my former high school. The highlight of our high school existence, was being allowed to cross the road after school and visit Sovereign Center. Sovereign was heaven to me!! Everything I needed from Hello Kitty pens and cute notebooks at Innovation or lip glosses at the pharmacy, books from Sangster's, KFC, Jade Garden for the lunch special...we had it all on lock! Yours truly was the type...that would carry lunch...and save my lunch money just to go shop at Sovereign. I honestly...just wanted to live close that one

Today, I was on the Liguanea Campion College and just decided to pay the school a visit and to see what had changed. The space...looks absolutely fabulous!! Just like the stadium...the school is taking some good advice...I put on my best feminine voice and asked to be let in!! "Hello Officer...I am a graduate of this fine institution. Would you let me take a few videos for my Instagram feed?" The response..."Can you make it quick?" And snap I did!!

Over the years, they've really been taking the time to upgrade the school, build a new library, add new amenities like benches and chairs for the students to sit on, and pretty much just make the place welcome to the staff and students who work and study there. It really looks amazing!! It looks like a proper campus. Not that it wasn't okay in our time, but based on the current demands of the educational system, they've really done a good job of upkeep and upgrades. You can see more on the home page of the ForeverLuxury website. My Instagram feed synchs to the blog in case you're interested in anything I may post. I have a window there with all my Instaposts.

Once I'd left the school, it was time to return to reality. The weekly supermarket shop was next to be done. I do make my own fast food at this point in time. I'm saving money for my apartment and other things, so yes...I am my own restauranteer at this point in time. Here's what I made for lunch:


I usually am exhausted after my days of vlogging, shopping and conducting my business. I meal prep...on the day after my supermarket shop. On an errand day...I don't cook for any major extent of time. I do my 20 minute to half an hour meals. This looks so lovely!! Here's how I prepared this meal.

1) While at the supermarket, I stopped at the bakery and picked up a beef patty. By the time I commuted home, the patty itself was cold, so I took the time to warm it up on the grill. I find the grill one of the most convenient things in the house to have. Since patty has a crust, when you warm it up in the microwave, the pastry tends to become soggy. On the grill, it warms up and maintains its crispness. I put the patty on to heat...when the chips are just about half way cooking, so they'd be ready at the same time.

2) The frozen food section of the supermarket tends to have things that you can utilize to make yourself quick meals. Don't ask me why wedges are three times the prices of regular fries...when they are both made of potatoes. I take my time choose my fries, and then deep fry them, and drain the oil. For a batch, in warm oil, it takes about twelve minutes. I then season to match my taste.

The mango tree is yes...I really am taking the time to ensure that I'm eating the fruit. Between us, the birds and what we give away...we seem to be doing alright.

Once I'm done, I wash it all down with some cranberry-grape water!!

These meals just work for me! I feel so put together even on a busy day and simply just allow myself to to flow through my day!!

It's been a full day!! I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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