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Adjusting to Your Personal New Normal

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“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs

Welcome back to the blog,

As the world turns, thankfully it's possible to create your own rhythm and sense of routine. One of the greatest lessons I learned during the pandemic is the art of creating your own exciting life. Yours truly is in that phase of life that I define as a hybrid existence. Let's delve into a few of the new things that I've adapted, both in the professional and home sphere that make my life flow smoothly.


Going to work during the pandemic is one of the most interesting experiences that anyone can have right now. The majority of meetings are now predominantly virtual. and from my perspective life is a little more free flowing because of this. There can be moments of what feels like monotony, because we can't engage with people the way that we are naturally used to. One of the best ways I've found to have a great day at work is to have a fun lunch time.

With work days about an hour or two shorter than normal, we actually have more free time to relax. Yours truly started having my lunch by the mango trees at work. With mango season upon us...I've started to realize how much abundance there is in the Universe. Mango trees are very high yielding trees, and if you have about fifteen to twenty trees around you like I do at my office, then you start to take more notice as they bear in succession. On occasions where I've left lunch at home, or on those special days when it's actually time to go to the supermarket, the mango trees have actually come to my rescue in 2021.

My current mango obsession has led me to discover the Hayden mango trees in the orchard behind our plant. The beauty about this mango variety is the sheer magnitude of the mango. It's literally the biggest mango I've ever come across. Spanning as long and as wide as my hand...I'm actually thrilled to explore outside and often carry home enough to have for breakfast over the weekends and during the mornings. One mango is actually a full meal. My current morning breakfast is my mango-banana-oats smoothie. Not only is this filling, it's actually great for your immunity and your skin. As long as the mangoes are in season, this will be my go to in terms of healthy breakfast options.

Professional Development

The other thing that makes my lunch time interesting is the fact that I have lots of time to plan my professional development. While I'm outside luxuriating in the orchard, my mind has time to reflect on how last week's meetings went, what I liked, what I feel I want to change and how I want the next set of meetings to go. With time to think, there's actually time to create the leader and visionary that I want to be. A successful career is one that you create. By learning to find the thrill and opportunity in your own career, it's possible to navigate the corporate ladder and achieve the goals that you want to set for yourself. The dream is definitely free, and the hustle is sold separately. There are hurdles in all aspects of life, and once you realize that this is actually start enjoying the process of going to work, and being in the spotlight during meetings. You become more of an expert when you are challenged, so ensure that you are doing things that will draw relevant organizational influencers to notice you. One of the greatest quotes I ever read was by Jim Rohn who said "You can't be staying in your room." I strongly suggest going out...interacting with the world and allowing what you want to have a way to materialize.


Life is long, and knowing that, you suddenly realize that you don't have to rush, yet still have to make progress at the same time. One of the best methods that I've personally tested to accomplish any to divide it into manageable chunks, and then actually do the tasks on the set days. You'll still feel like you don't want to do certain things on the set day...but just push through and you'll see the incremental growth as you accomplish each micro-segment.

Decorating my house is a year long activity. Why is it going to take me that long? Because there's life that is happening along with this process. I still have to eat, commute to work, accomplish my career goals, spend time with family, go on vacation, save and invest money, all while this amazing project is underway. Life is multi-dimensional and it's one of the lessons I've had to learn as a millennial. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, and money isn't unlimited yet, the flow is according to what can be accomplished by the time and the budget. Incremental yet possible is one of the best ways to get anything done. It's a stress-free way to live and I absolutely love it.

Current home decorating strategies that have worked for me include:

Working in sequence. My home has a flow, and I've decided that it's best to work from the outside in. I spent the month of May working on my front door for instance, because it's the first place that I enter the home through. You want the entrance of your home to be beautiful. After about three weeks of searching, the perfect door mat appeared at the last place that I'd expect to find a door mat - my local pharmacy.

With the mat down...I still felt like something was missing. Living the apartment life currently, I started missing gardening and started a micro garden in some pots. To make the micro-garden beautiful I picked up some decorative bowls from Woolworth's for about $1.50 (yes...I like the frugal your coint where you can) and potted some succulents that I picked up from the work garden for free. As a general rule of thumb...where possible I don't buy plants. There's an overflow of plants at my parents house, since the previous owners were florists, so I get clippings from the overflow and pot them.

With the front door dealt with the next place to work on is the kitchen. Once that's done I'll work on the living room etc. What this sequential flow does is create some order in the home decorating process. There's less stress generated, when you just focus on one thing at a time. I've learned this amazing lesson...from listening to astronauts describe how they think through their space walks. If you just focus on the task ahead of you...then everything else will flow seamlessly.

YOUR TURN: What are some ways that you've found to make your day, career or life interesting? You have to take responsibility for your own existence.

I love you for reading!


**Dr T**

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