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All The Way Together: Keeping Calm

"When you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life, sometimes instantly. Just as positive words can make someone smile or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, our thoughts react to the world in real-time." -Brian Tracy

Welcome back to the blog,

Life is good and all is well. As life progresses, it's always a great idea to celebrate...and bring the joy! Knowing that perfection isn't real, but happiness is...waking up with gratitude is one of the greatest lessons I've learned in life. A normal life is what's happening behind the scenes of my world. Career moves and business moves. Just making sure that everything is in order. Life is what you create it to be. Create your own adventure.

When I was growing up, I read a lot of books and one of the series that are vivid in my mind are the Choose Your Own Adventure books. The books always had plot twists...and right at the point at which something interesting is going to decide whether you want to take option A or option B.

In my journey, I chose option B for 2021 (or more correctly...option B chose me while I was waiting for option A to manifest) and it's unfolding relatively nicely. Nicely in the sense that the dream is now starting to take full flow and for this I am grateful. There's still action steps to be taken so I just keep my focus and allow myself to accomplish the tasks. Is is easy? No...but with effort it definitely gets better. Each piece of the puzzle actually starts falling to place as the steps are taken. You have to initially put in the order to see the results.


Business school was an adventure and a half for me. Now that I'm back in the corporate world I've had to adjust to the new scene. Without losing myself, I'm figuring out how to keep my industrial flair in a research based environment. There are pros and cons to each setting. Industrial people I've found...tend to like order, structure and predictability in the achievement of production targets. The industrial scene is a goal setting, target focused scene. I've been cultured in that space and have lived the life for the past eight years. I apply lean principles to everything I do in life. I've actually semi 5S'd the house, and make sure that every week I'm meeting my savings and expenditure targets. If I go over...I check if it's a one off thing ( I did buy a new pot this week for instance) or if it's something that's chronic (like my mini addiction to chocolate) that I'll need to manage. The latter I've managed by ensuring that I only buy chocolate that costs less than one dollar a piece, unless it's a special occasion. Even then...the great sages have taught me to buy Godiva chocolate at the Dollar Tree. Save your money!!

I've been running my own household now for a cool...35 days and intend to continue on this trend...forever. I'm learning a lot...and allowing myself to make upgrades where possible. Rome was not built in a just to highlight what wonderful things I accomplished this week, here's the summary:


With Mother's Day recently gone...I now suddenly have a lot of respect for my mother. As the most organized woman I know, I'm realizing now that Sunday dinner didn't just magically appear every Sunday. It had to be planned and cooked by her. I did spend the two hours singing to Mariah Carey after all of the festivities and washing the million dishes...but it was actually fun in retrospect. I aim to make many Sunday dinners for my family one day. Fast forward fifteen years...and in my own home now...I've resumed the art of Sunday dinner. I cooked my first Sunday dinner in my apartment today. Mind wasn't gourmet...but I give thanks for a stove, pot and food and the ability to put together a meal. Gratitude in your attitude gives you altitude. The aim is to get better every week, so this week...I'm on a mission to get:

a) Saltfish

b) Potato


d) Lettuce

e) Rolls

f) Cranwater

e) Chocolate cookies

With the lesson learned from this week's dinner, I've figured out how to top this week and make something grander for the new. I will start soaking my saltfish on that I'll be ready for Sunday dinner. By Christmas...I feel confident that I'll be ready to entertain the world.


One of the greatest lessons in to live a grand life regardless of budget. "Bougie on a budget" is my theme for 2021 as well as "Living large in a tiny house". As I scour the "streets" of Kingston, aka Mall and Tropical Plaza, in order to get things for the house, I've learned that some of the best ways to make decisions is to make them slowly. I browse the shops weekly, and as I do this...I'm able to learn where exactly to get what. Where not to shop (Megamart for most things except drinking glasses) and where to shop (Monarch pharmacy of all places for home decor like a welcome mat). My critical shopping ratio is the Price/Quality ratio. I call this exercise "mindfully stocking the house". My cash flow is well timed so I know exactly when to make certain critical purchases. While I'm waiting for Black Friday to get big things like a coffee maker, every Tuesday at this rate...I buy one new thing for the house. Even if it's a salt and pepper shaker, I am grateful and happy. This week, I took the time to purchase one item that currently brings me great joy: the curtain rod.

What's so special about a curtain rod you ask? When you realize that your neighbours can see you working at your desk as write your blog article (if you leave the kitchen window open) realize how much of a privilege it own a curtain rod that you can put your curtains on for privacy. Additionally, you get to add a custom pop of colour that brings you joy when you walk into a room. When it's your house...these things start to matter. In my incremental flow...the curtain is next on my agenda. It will be a great day (two days from now) when I put up the curtain in my kitchen window. The appliance hunt still persists...and I'll update my Instastories with these highlights as per my weekly schedule.


As the day winds down to a close I still have enough energy to do my pamper routine. Self love = Self Care. It's important to put yourself together so that you'll feel confident enough to face the world. don't need to do much. Just simple touches like a body scrub or a special body wash are good enough...just make it consistent. Once you fill your'll feel renewed conquer the world. Right now, as the projects at work get more interesting, and I start to learn the personalities of the people at work...staying grounded become key. Focus on what matters and always give yourself some credit. With many stretch goals...I'm learning to be balanced in life. Stay focused!

I love you for reading!! If you feel like someone will benefit from my musings...comment or share this article! This is a helpful community.


**Dr T**

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