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Another Quarantine Production: The Beautifully Organized Bottle Collection

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Decor On A Dime
Re-purposed Bottle Collection

"Don't ask me where the inspo came from...because it just flowed!!" - Tandose M

Welcome back to the blog!! As a multi-dimensional woman sometimes ideas come to me. Someone once stated that we're all creators...and when you're in a situation where you have lots of time on your hands... if you just leave your mind'll start churning out ideas! The best thing that you can CREATE!! I'm finding myself on a beautiful flow! Once you plant a seed in your mind...and water'll grow.

Spring is now upon us! Thankfully, I've sorted out what I'm wearing every day. I've posted my Spring 2020 Fashion Haul on the ForeverLuxury YouTube channel. There was a slight delay in production, but all is well...we can breathe...because the video is up. I'm keeping up with the fortnightly flow as promised. The secret to happiness is to not stress out...just do what makes you happy in the time that we're in. Where you can...get help:)

These COVID times have given me lots of time to think...lots of time to absorb inspiration, and lots of time to give inspiration to others. For my lifestyle segment this week, I'd like to reference the Rum Bottle DIY project that I started about a month ago. As the official kitchen manager, I manage the inventory into and out of the household, including that wonderful pile of things to be recycled. It initially used to annoy me...but now I love the fact...that bottles are left on a nook in the kitchen counter. I get to see and manage what to keep, and what to throw away.

During the month of March 2020, I noticed that a really nice bottle of rum had been emptied by the household. Before it was permanently sent to be added to our local landfill, my mind just told me to a) just wash the bottle and place it to dry on my balcony. b) watch some YouTube videos and see what other creatives did with bottles and draw inspiration. And draw inspiration I did. I saw everything from glittering to adding gem stones and I wanted to do it all! As my luck would have local arts supply store...Woolworth's...didn't have the bling that I wanted...but they did have yarn for about 50 cents per roll. Ever one to live for that bargain life...I bought two rolls...and just told myself I'd figure out what do with the yarn...once I started the project. As I walked up and down the aisle...I found the bells, the glue...and the shells were just salvaged from the garden. Thank you Mother Nature!!

Many an artist I know...will tell you that they either didn't know what they were doing before they started a project. They just simply had a blank canvas...and as they started tinkering...the design just fell into place. My dance teacher...also told us that she'd dream our dances the night before...and then walk into the studio, with us and choreograph the pieces. There are parts of lives that we miss, if we're too busy with work and too busy with just life in general. Being in quarantine...I escape via videos and movies and crafting.

Let's delve into the new additions:

Luxury Decor On A Dime
Repurposed Bottles

We all drink coffee, but interestingly...after watching about a million pantry organization vidoes (one of my YouTube obsessions) I started craving the idea of having a pantry that would be filled with mason jars, baskets, layered trays, and the rotatable trays. I envisioned all my spices in order, and all my containers with labels on them, all my snacks and cereals in rainbow colours and just feeling like when I walked into the pantry...I'd be in my own mini grocery store. With my mind primed for mason jars...I started noticing that coffee bottles are just about the size of a mason jar.

In our home...the coffee consumption is one bottle per month. All the science brains reading this blog can now see...that by just eating and drinking coffee every can collect twelve bottles for your pantry. The bottle a Nescafe Gold bottle. Anything that eyes are draw to...and I literally would walk past the coffee station every day in March...just to ensure...that was able to get this bottle.

I took the time to wash the bottle, soak off the label and let it dry. Last mind was telling me that beans look like beads...and I decided to use them to decorate the top of the coffee bottle. The result is what you're seeing here. Again...not what I initially envision...but with a little ruminating...this is the final outcome.

Bottle #3: Scotch Bottle

Luxury Decor On A Dime
Repurposed Bottles

Yours truly doesn't really drink hard liquor. Inspired by shows like Sex and The City...I go for things like Cosmopolitans and Smirnoff Ices. I like the sweet things. With men in the household however...scotch, vodka (the blue Absolut bottle:)) and rum are in the stock. The bottle to the right is a bottle of Dewar's. I liked the wine red hues of the label. This final creation started off with a different intention as well. Seeing the OG to the left...I wanted to plait the yarn and then adhere it to the bottle. Interestingly...yarn starts to knot as you plait I ended up aborting that mission. I started winding the yarn as before...but then I thought for just an element of variety...I'd go through the process of simply covering the vertical section of the bottle, covering the label and then just leaving a little bit of glass exposed. The trio actually work because they are tied in by colours and textures.


What items do you have in your home that you use all the time, yet simply throw them away? With the quarantine upon us, and with the majority of us not able to do things like go into home decor shops, you can still utilize what you have in your home to make art pieces. A few ideas I can think of:

1) Re-upholstering a chair - We all have plenty of fabric that just sits there. If you have an old chair or an old ottoman, you can spruice it up be reupholostering the piece. Many times, all you really need is a staple gun to just adhere the cloth snuggly to the base...and you're good to go!

2) Paint the furniture that you were thinking of discarding.

3) Paint a room with some excess paint. You can create a nice statement wall, and then add your creations to that wall.

Do what you keep your mind on good things! The time will pass. What you want to is to ensure that you accomplished something while you were waiting on the change!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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