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Another week to be GREAT!!

Happy Monday,

Welcome back to the blog!!! I hope that the new week finds you well. I'm on a good flow...and getting busier behind the scenes. I find myself on a I'll do my best to keep you all updated with respect to the happenings in life!! With everything that's happening now...while I can't quite stick to a full schedule for everything...I'm managing to ensure that I stay on top of my content creation for the most part. Mondays...are officially my filming days...and the rest of the week will be dedicated to work related activities in the real world. I find that with all things...the key is to be organized. Trust me...I'm not perfect...which is why I enjoy life so much. Once you throw away all the airs...the journey just becomes more FUN and you feel less pressure. Let's jump into it!!

Yours truly mentioned last week that I started my rhythm table...and I work out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sunday mornings as per schedule. While I don't have time to update the world on every work out...I do nudge in my Instagram stories that I've actually done it. I live on a random hill in Kingston. For safety reasons every social media person can relate to...I don't divulge where that is and I keep home a discreet space. When I'm out in the world and in the neighborhood though...I have free reign to share. In the house...we have weights, we have a bike...but a part of me loves the fresh air and the great outdoors. So I do walk around and allow myself to experience new things... and find that it's great exercise because the terrain is so hilly. I alternate my that I can see new things. The combination of going both up and down hill works practically every muscle. I definitely feel healthier and stronger.

As mentioned...your current condition is not your final destination, so I'm always looking at what I can do next. I want a home in two I visualize to get a feel for what I want. I've already created my 2020 vision I'm looking at that daily. The neighborhood is the ideal place for me to roam and dream. My "backyard" is my playground! In our previous discussion...I'd mentioned that comparison is the thief of all I'm not out to brag. What I'm actually doing is going through the world and picking for myself what I feel will fit the lifestyle of the future mogul that I'm building myself to be. It's okay to dream...and challenge yourself to be bigger next year...than you were in the current phase. The last thing you to be eighty and not live the life you know you wanted because you were scared to live it!!

As I was walking the neighborhood, I singled out the house above. I've always admired this house...because this neighbor...has the main house (hello large structure to the right)...and a mini house (that smaller structure in the front to the left)...where four cars are parked. Bussing the patois: "Jah know...when mi did see dis house...a deh so mi did waan live!!" Decoding..."When I saw the house...I loved the people's vibe...and felt like that's where I wanted to live!!" I'm a Leo...and we like the grandness of life...and when I saw that the people actually built a house for their own cars...I instantly loved them...even though I personally have no idea who these people are...and what they do for a living:) It was just an epic thing to do!! Go big or go home!!

I came home from my walk...and made my vision board for 2020...and I feel like I have some sort of direction for life now. The hands follow the it's always good to have a plan for yourself in the days, weeks and months ahead.


From Monday's Instagram upload, you'd have seen that we were doing some work on the back shed. Here is the middle phase of the exercise. While I was crafting...the workmen were actually at the all the items are now back inside the space, and it's clean once more. The two weeks prior up till yesterday pretty much how the backyard was while the construction was taking place. They finished the major structural work it's just the cosmetic activities to complete such as the exterior surfaces of the shed, and the final painting. Order is restored outside once again. The yard is looking fresh...because the guys also cut the lawn once they were finished!!

Within the house is slowly starting to feel like Christmas. The poinsettias are flowing in...and I'll start adding some decorative touches to the living and dining room. I'm planning to film a Christmas Caribbean Tablescape video today...for upload this afternoon. As mentioned...we stopped cooking Christmas dinner since I was twelve. We have a family friend...who has a big Christmas dinner we simply spend the evening with her and her family. We do things like open presents in the morning...and then head out circa 2 pm and stay till about 9 pm at night with our friend!!

What we do before we go have Christmas breakfast. My family is half Zambian-half Eastern Caribbean, so we have sous for breakfast. Sous is a spicy soup made with pork, cucumbers, peppers and other seasonings. It is prevalent in the Eastern Caribbean. I'm currently in the process of getting the that I can pass it on to the next generation!! We soon get into the Christmas grub!! She loves to eat!! As small as I am...I do gain weight if I eat too I do watch my intake!!


Have you made your vision board or at least a list of what you want to accomplish for 2020?

Have you made an effort to ensure your surroundings are organized?

Have you worked out today...or yesterday?

Talk again soon!!


**Dr T**

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