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As the remix goes: "I WRAP my HAIR!!"

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Welcome back to the blog!!

Life is what you make of it!! a millennial in month two of the COVID-19 pandemic...I've actually started reaching the point where I'm dreaming that I'm either in the club, on a beach somewhere or shopping. Life is a quiet adventure and a half right now, and I do believe that we all reach a point where we start missing the life that was. I'm now at the point where I'm going..."Ok Lord...I get it...I understand and appreciate life, health and my FREEDOM!! Thank you for restoring stability. I promise...that when life restores...I'll be more focused, more outgoing and more driven to life my best life!!"

Fortunately, normalcy will resume. Historically, as humans we've survived everything and what I've taken the time to do is actually plan and assess what it is that I want to do in Q4 For 2020...all we can really work where possible, live conservatively and visualize the ideal future. In engineering, one of the things that we learned to do...was pretty much "write off" the things that didn't work for us in a particular interim (after a detailed root cause analysis of course), note what went wrong...and create a plan for the ideal vision with the fixes.

Everyone's plans for 2020 have been delayed...but as Michael Bernard Beckwith once stated: "Every not a denial." The Universe no lining up something good for us all in the years to come. Just stay hopeful!! Hope for me right waking up...watching as many beauty and lifestyle videos as I can...and working on plans for the future. As a global community, I've always found hope in communities like YouTube...and for today's discussion, we're focusing on outer beauty:)

The Quarantine has inspired us all to become more self sufficient, and hair care is one of those areas where it's always a good idea, to know how to put together a look or two, until you can reach your stylist. If you're at home, and a natural like me...Passion Twists are definitely the way to go! Today's blog post, is my week three Passion Twist hair journal. I started my 2020 Protective Styling journey in April with this wonderful style. The passion twists do mimic 4c natural hair, so I don't feel any extra weight interestingly, just the additional length and fullness. For the most part, I keep my hair in a high bun, and keep it wrapped. With this regime, my style is preserved for weeks, and I'm finding that I'm pretty much looking just like I did on day one of the style. At week two, this past weekend, I did wash, deep condition and utilize my hair oil on the scalp to keep it moisturized and nourished.

I have promised to keep you updated with the styling process, and felt inspired to do some looks with headbands for those of us who love the looks like turbans, bandanas and just hair wraps in general. I think for any one and any hair type...these looks are effortless. We all have days when we either don't want to do our hair and still want to look chic, or may be having a bad hair day...and still have to do things like go to work, take the kids to school or go grocery shopping. Wrapping your hair is the ideal style for such occasions. I took the time to style three looks for this week, that may inspire your personal hair journey.

Look #1: Crown

The starting image of this blog (above) is an elegant look with the hair placed in a ponytail at the crown of the head. The hair is then allowed to fall to the side. Taking the hair band, simply fold until you have a long rectangular piece, which you can then take and create at band at the base of the ponytail. I feel like this look is so effortless and chic. If you have an event to attend, and only have ten minutes to do your hair, then this will be the style for you! Think gala, think dinners.

Look #2: Top Knot

I love this look! This one is a look that I'd wear on a Saturday or even to work with the right ensemble of pieces from my wardrobe. It's all about how you put pieces together than can either dress them up, or dress them down. Admittedly, I only have one dress in my closet that could possibly go with this for a formal work event, but for daily use and running errands, I see myself able to pull off this look. If you have pieces that are highly decorative like this head wrap, let the wrap be the center of attention. Then wear some cooler colours like cream, white or even black, so that they can be like statement pieces in your look. Since your hair will be away from your face, add really nice earrings to make the look pop! I'm wearing my favorite pendants. You can always shop these from the ForeverLuxury store!

Look #3: Every Day Chic

As a teenager, bandanas were a thang!! I had them in every colour and would use them for either hair accessories or for tying on things like my handbags. Now that I'm grown up, I'm finding that a way to achieve a more sophisticated look is to utilize materials that are more mature, and then use them in a similar way. A bandana usually covers the entire head and then the hair is simply allowed to fall at the base. This is a more casual look, and I'd definitely rock this one on a Saturday. That effortless look with a white tea and jeans, is what it's all about!!

Life is all about being as creative as you can the circumstances that you are in. If you find yourself feeling like you want inspiration you can always change up your look. What I honestly love to experiment with different hair extensions, different seasonal looks and even accessories like shades to just add a touch of pizzazz to my every day existence. Being a dancer...has prepared me for We live that costume life...that make up hair and performance life. Why not...make your own world be your stage? As Amanda Bynes once said..."It's our world!! Boys just live in it!!"

Stay Fabulous!! I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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