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At My Happy Place : Let's Get It!!

Happy Friday!!

All is well!!! I've fully recovered from the flu!!! I was so excited when I woke up...I couldn't even meditate this morning. Since last night...I've been listening to Future's F&N. I went to bed so crunk...I dreamed that I met him. are EVERYTHING. This is my song of the weekend. On REPEAT!!! "I'll teach you how to finesse...and get those big BANDS!!!"

On the Valentine's flow...spoogie/bae/boo should be the star in your life!!! If you don't feel like two stars collided when you met your significant other...take a little time to step up that SPARK!!! YOLO!!! Day Two Theme Song: Ella Mai - Close.

As the weekend approaches...I'd like to thank those who helped me this week. Impact Theory this week was awesome. You all know...I draw my energy from this source. I am GRATEFUL!!!Dame Dash was the interviewee. When he walked on stage with the dog...lolololol. Thanks Dame...I've learned to ignore the haters!!! If the dream is big enough...EVERY hater falls away!!! Out of self love...Iet's just all focus on the mission. Hopefully I meet you and the others in space!! Since reading Jay-Z's book last year...I've learned to not judge the starting point of someone's life. Genius is found EVERYWHERE. Dame Dash has done a great job of re-inventing himself. Aside from his evolution as a man....I really like the intellectual evolution. He's a truly great SOUL. That space interest was a shock to us all I'm sure...but you can clearly see...that he's thinking beyond his current condition which is what we all need to do. I really learned a lot about not limiting ourselves. Your current condition is not your final condition. It's just a point in time. The key is to not remain there...but to keep moving forward.

Via your choices and can point yourself in the direction that you need to go.

Happy Creation of the Life of YOUR dreams!!! Chillaxing!!! She's BACK!!!


**Dr T**

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