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Welcome back to the blog!!

Pardon the one day delay!!! I actually started...WORKING yesterday. Yes people... as of now...I'm back to that scheduled blog post life. I can no longer just wake up...and write since I have more external projects now...that will take me away from my desk. I love the creative aspect of I will do as advised and make sure that I'm filming and editing and writing all my blog posts...from at least the weekend before the week I want it ready for you all to see. As mentioned, I didn't plan on staying at home forever...and while the dream job won't immediately land in my lap, I've been fortunate enough to score microprojects on the way...that actually fit the description of what I want to do...on a much grander scale.

To work she went...and rest assured...I did film my mini-vlogs for my Friday Instagram posts while I was out. I don't start work till 10 30 it all works out. I always multi-task. Today being's LinkedIn day...and I've gone ahead and dissected my current consulting project. You can always here my thought processes on how I that sphere.

With respect to Tuesday however, I went through the process of washing my hair after about a week and a half of just letting it be. I find that life isn't perfect...and I somehow ended up missing my Sunday wash day. The day came as you all know...and I worked out...and crafted and before you know was 5 pm and my hair wasn't washed. Monday came...and I had to film because I have more platforms focusing on now (one more fun and lifestyle the other professional)...and when Tuesday morning arrived...I just made an executive decision that it was time to wash and style my hair. After I worked out...I just decided to tackle it. I will show you how I underachieve with my wash days. It is better to underachieve...than to do nothing at all.

As a start... I do protective style as you all know. The image to the left is my natural hair. After about three years of braiding it and just let it came to just naturally grow I've been challenging myself to keep either adding length or retaining the current length that I have. I'm currently ranging between 24 - 30 inches when it's stretched...but for the most part...I just focus on keeping my hair healthy. The length is irrelevant if your hair isn't healthy.

Protective styling works for me, and is also a means that allows me to be more efficient across the week, as I only have to wash and style once per week, and then I do daily maintenance via spraying with a conditioner-water mixture or hair food. What my hair craves most is moisture, so I do make an effort to either moisturize with oils...or with my mixture outlined above.

How I underachieve on wash day

Many persons do come to find wash day tiring after a while, so I'm not exempt, but I do it because it's a necessity of general hygiene. Detangling, then styling can be overwhelming, so I actually take the time to divide and conquer. On Tuesday...I simply decided that I would wash my hair in the morning. It doesn't take long to do, so I detangled it dry, then washed my hair and added my conditioner-coconut oil mixture to add the moisture. You all know she likes to mix I simply parted my pair in two, made two low bantu knots and kept my hair like this...while it dried till about 4 pm.

While my hair was drying...I just went about my day. I worked on projects, did some reading (I'm almost finished the Michelle Obama book) and I did some cleaning. Once all those big rocks were completed, I then took the time to style my hair. By dividing the tasks, the process was less stressful.

My style for the week, which took me about twenty minutes was the mohawk. I'd been wanting to do this look for about a month now...and after watching a few Janelle Monae videos and feeling inspired...I just thought it was time!! I was just feeling like I wanted a look that was youthful, edgy and fresh. I went ahead and searched through my extension collection and decided that I wanted to mix a 1 B Kanekolon and create my pompadour, and then use a 30 mix (red) to create the braid in the back!! By the time I was finished...I wanted to take some pictures...and it was 5 30 pm...and the sun was just about to tip toe behind the hills. I'm sure you know the feeling of running down the light (been doing this all week because it's so but I ended up just working with the best one.

Realizing you couldn't really see the morning before work...I took another picture that showcased the style. I'm here wondering if I'm the only one who does this...but there are some days where I'm posting on Instagram and not feeling like I want to put on make up. On those days...I just use the black and white filter. Yesterday morning was one of those days. My hair was done...I didn't want to wear make up (except eyeshadow and lipgloss) and I went ahead and just took a quick snap to showcase the style some more. Mission accomplished. My skin fortunately is smoothing out because I've been using the all is well there.

Where the rest of the week is concerned...I'll definitely be more organized. Christmas time...brings Christmas parties...and I've promised to go to a few...yet not be distracted from my causes. That commitment leads to things like waking up at 3 am to write my blog that at midday I can drink sorrel and eat ham!!

Sacrifice well worth it if you ask me!! Enjoy the day!! better than doing nothing!!


**Dr T**

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