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Back to Reality: Caribbean Fashion Week Weekend!

Yes...people...I am BACK!!! I did reach Caribbean Fashion Week...after a little sweat and mental equity expenditure!!! I'll have full details of the event later in the week...but I thought it would be a good idea...for me explain in a nutshell, how the weekend went! It was awesome...but as with all occasions which you plan out to with your dear unfolds in a manner...that you don't quite expect. Instead of a straight ends up like a winding road...but get there!!!

So where to begin. First of all...why is it...that the moment you set out on your seems like everything starts to go wrong. One of the hot water pipes sprung a leak about a week ago, and I'd been watching it and waiting for a moment to call the plumber and totally ignored it. The day I was set to leave for the weekend...literally about an hour before I was to go into May Pen to get my shuttle into Kingston...the pipe tap, fell off...and the bathroom literally started to flood. This was while...I was all dressed up and packed and fully ready to go! In any case...I thought fast...and managed to turn off all the water mains...and set a container for it to drip in! The un-glamorous side of life. In any case...I actually managed to reach into Kingston at just around 10 45 am.

Next was my journey to get the car. And yes...I do remember how to drive!!! I was joking earlier...since it's been about four months since I drove a car...lolololol. Any upper-middle class child with their learners at 17!! I actually feel...a little trapped without my car...and it was over the weekend I realized how much I missed my baby Ruby. Any's the time for the big leagues!!! I want an SUV. Any I reached New Kingston and walked and mini-vlogged my way to Island Car Rental. I stopped by Emancipation Park and took some pictures, and also stopped by the Porsche Dealtership on Knutsford Boulevard to DREAM!!! And then finally reached Island Car Rental to pick up my car. At this point...I'm feeling high as a kite....and walk into the place. Cue the was like another nightmare from the movies!!

Tandy: Hi there, I'm on vacation...I'm here to pick up my rental.

Car Rep: Sure...we have it here ready for you.

Conversation continues...

Car Rep: How would you like to pay? Will you please give us your credit card so that you can pay the deposit and the rental fees?

Tandy: By all is my card.

Car Rep: Thanks...but this is a Visa Debit Card.

Tandy: I's a dual card...that can alternate as a Debit as a Credit Card! I did all my research...and the bank told me that I was fine!

Car Rep: We are sorry miss...but here...we can't accept this as your credit card.

Tandy: Say what? **Two seconds of my brain thinking thinking through all alternatives!**

Tandy: Well...I set this weekend for my road trip...may I use your phone. I will take myself to another agency and get my car. I have promised to do this THIS weekend!!

And right there in the middle of the people's agency...I called and got through to another agency...and got my car!!! So the road trip began..around midday after all the mishaps...and it was pretty much smooth sailing after that!!! Life...makes you sweat a little for the things that you want. Apparently...if you don't struggle a little...the victory won't be as sweet!! I have work will catch up with you wonderful folks as the week unfolds. I woke up later than normal. I have my mini vlogs that I will be uploading on Instagram this if you want to see me live and in living can keep up with me there!

I'll have a full post tomorrow! Just getting back into the swing of updating you guys. Every trip...I end it with a honey...the drink of this week is the Mojito. That's how I celebrated all the driving that I did over the past few weeks! In summary:

I accomplished the mission. I went to Holywell, Newcastle, Strawberry Hill, Port Royal and Strawberry Hill and Caribbean Fashion Week

As the week unfolds...I'll dissect each activity so that you guys are up to date with what's possible if you want to travel here, or simply absorb my adventures on the road!!!

Have a great day !!!


**Dr T**

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