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Beautifully Organized: 17 Fun Things You Can Do This Summer Without Spending Too Much

Jamaica Carnival

Welcome back to the blog,

Life is full of wonderful things to do, and lots of things to explore as the time is passing. 2020 as a year is now getting more interesting, and it's really in your best interest to ensure that you're enjoying your own journey. I started traveling locally again, and thankfully that's keeping my mind on positive things as I'm traversing through the day and its routines. Everything is so much more fun...when you know exactly what you're working towards. Of course...with the summer currently upon us...there are things that we'll be wanting to do...carefully of course. Keep up to the date with the world...and if you can...start exploring again. The last thing you to now keep thinking that your whole at home. When the quarantine started...yours truly was so claustrophobic that all I dreamed about was the beach. Thankfully...we're now clear to do this...before 6 pm. With that are thirty fun things that you can do to make the summer feel more "normal". It will take a while to reach that phase...but at least now...we're less confined to our back yards.

1. Attend a carnival/ festival

At this point in time, we are now in a place where in a few months time, we will be allowed to have public gatherings. For 2020, our annual Jamaica Carnival, which is kept in April is now postponed until October 25, 2020. As someone who grew up watching the Road March, this year I'd actually wanted to vlog it. With the slight delay...that will take place later in the year. Check your local health policies and find out if there are any gatherings such as festivals that you can attend with your families. There are lots of festivals for events like food, music, art. In Jamaica, we have events like the annual yam festival, Jazz and Blues Festival and also the Calabash art festival. All of these events tend to be out of town, either at a large venue...or on a cozy nook by the beach. Check your area and find out what you can comfortably do via social distance do...yet still be able to enjoy your life!

2. Watch the NASA Space Activities

There is honestly nothing more refreshing, than taking your mind off the world, than watching a few astronauts in space. A month after the Endeavor experience, it's always nice to check in and see what Bob, Doug, Chris, Trimmer (yes we have to make sure he's okay) and the team are actually doing. I think it helps from both perspectives: cheering them on while they help to advance the Space Station and the world and from our see what's possible through the power of science and engineering. As an engineer myself, I find that we're often too busy working on a critical problem (drugs, space, energy) be inundated by the world and its issues. If you want to inspire your children to be in the sciences...let them watch the NASA activities, they seem to upload interviews every day, and also their launches and space walks are documented.

3. Master Your Cooking Skills

The summer is always a time where people gather to literally break bread, drink a few drinks (according to how you like it) and also to enjoy time together. The process of community centers around being with the people that you love. Food always makes people happier, and with the summer heat, you will want to take the time to be outdoors. Why not enjoy the food outside in the yard? Dust off the patio furniture and have lunch outside. It'll have a wonderful vibe...even if you did this on a Tuesday. Lots of fruits are thriving in the summer, so take the time to actually do things like make yourself green smoothies, salads and drink lots of water.

4. Exercise More

One thing that the quarantine has done, is made us all rediscover our surroundings. If you can't leave your city, there's at least one place in your community that you haven't been to. From my perspective, I assure you that my weekly walks led me down nooks and crannies of the neighborhood that I've never been to. With more time on my hands to explore...I did just just that. My walks...which would normally be about forty minutes on a work day...suddenly became two hour walks where I simply explored. I discovered the gates to homes I've dreamed of visiting, and finally learning where roads I've only heard of in discussions finally were. It is always a fun thing to explore your world. Take the time off...even if its on a find a few hours to see places that you haven't seen. If you're used to your to a nearby park and work out there. Your heart, lungs, and your entire being will love you for it.

5. Learn A New Skill

If you live long enough, you realize that life is your own. The one thing that all entrepreneurs will tell you is that they did what they did in order to become independent of what the current economic system is saying that they should be. Your actions will determine if you work for someone forever, or if you are free to work for yourself and live life on your own terms. Start a YouTube Channel, open an Etsy Shop, Create a Course on Udemy, Create your own blog. Spend a few hours on this activity each week, and eventually it will grow into something that you've always dreamed of creating. Steve Harvey once said..."Your gifts...will always make room for you!" Your gifts are not always what you went to school to learn. Your your art.

6. Learn to Meditate

Peace comes from within you. If there's one thing to learn to master in 2020, it will be to master yourself. The best way to master your destiny is to realize, that it's yours. Meditation helps to set the tone for the day, and allows you to actually take the time to determine how you'll react to things. From my perspective, my meditations have made me a calmer person. As a Leo, I find that I tended to react to things, especially because I was expecting them to be perfect. With meditation, you learn to let things go. What people say, what people do, what people think, can't hurt you...if you understand your self.

7. Join an Art Class

You won't really appreciate things like art, until you find yourself inundated with things like work projects, and find yourself working on something for weeks at a time without taking a break. Too much stress can put a toll on your brain, and it always helps to have a release, an outlet that you can utilize that will ensure that you are balancing yourself and your life. An art class, where you can do things like write poetry, learn to paint, learn to make pottery, a floral arrangement...are such fun things to do.

8. Change Your Career

While this is easier said than done, it's not impossible. If you spend the time actually calculating how long you will live, you'll surprise yourself to find out that you have plenty of time to do everything that you want to do. The summer is the perfect time to find a new career. Everything seems to be going at a slower pace, and you'll have time to think, time to take tests like the Myers-Brigg test that will tell you if you're happy being a manager or are better off being a consultant. The happier you are at work, is the happier everything else in your life will be.

9. Join an Online Group

Depending on what you do, you might find all the support that you need at the local level. In the online realm, you'll surprise yourself by discovering that there are online groups on places like Facebook and even LinkedIn, that support your interest. If you're doing something new and different, chances are your own friends and family might not be too thrilled. With online communities of like minds, you will find the confidence to actually live your dreams because you'll find other persons who do what you do.

10. Make A Collage /Visionboard

A lot of childhood activities like creating photo albums and craft creations often become things that we forget to do as adults. We're usually so busy dealing with work, that we forget to do things like travel, take pictures of the experiences and actually keep a note of all the things that we have done. With the summer now, you can actually take the time to do things like print some of your favorite pictures and actually create a Gallery wall in your home. For those visions that are yet to come, you can actually take the time create a Vision Board. Life is restoring now, so you can start acting on your dreams.

11. Build Your Make Up Collection

Self care is very important, and with the fact that we're going to be going outside more, why not take the time to build your make up collection. Changing up your eye shadow looks, foundation, lip sticks or even glosses is something that won't take you too much time to do. The world does notice when you love yourself. The world does notice if you're happy. The world does notice if you're motivated. Taking the time for self care, especially for you one thing that will flow into your life. If you want to build your make up collection, one of the best things that you can do is order a beauty subscription service. Companies like Allure offer beauty boxes for only $15.00 per month. In your package, you'll usually get about four full sized beauty products, and some samples.

12. Visit A Museum

Towns and cities are filled with national treasures. Interestingly, with the quarantine, I'm sure we all felt those pangs of missing a lot of the places that we took for granted. These included museums and even observatories. If you're still on a national quarantine, you can actually take the time to do things like visit local museums. You can learn about the evolution of art in your area.

13. Visit the Zoo

If you have young children, the zoo is always a great idea. There's a point at which your own cat, dog, parrot or turtle might not feel like enough. At the zoo, you get to expand a little...and see the bigger items like the lions, seals and snakes that you wouldn't normally see in your own day to day experiences. If you want National Geographic to come to life, then a visit to the zoo will be well worth it.

14. Take A Vacation

There's nothing like the open road! Life is good of fun things to enjoy. A wise person told me that it's important to work to live. You work, you go home. You work, you go home. At some point in your life, it's important for you to actually break that monotony and allow yourself to actually enjoy the world. Plan a week or two off...see new places you haven't been to. On my list are places like Morocco, Dubai and even Malaysia. Wait for the world to calm down, book a flight and go exploring.

15. Visit a Water Park

When it's hot...water is always a great solution. A water park with the slides, ice cream, lazy river etc, are absolutely great for those occasions where you feel like you want to get away from it all. If you have your own pool, just have a pool party.

16. Make your own Bread

With so many recipes for everything online, there's no reason why you can't make your own anything. You can even order a 3-D printer and print your own anything. Bread is one of those versatile foods, and I find that at all occasions, even during the Christmas season, it's a great idea to learn how to make everything from french bread , banana bread to fruit cakes.

17. Have a Movie Night - Outside

Movies are always a good idea! Once upon a time...before the advent of Netflix, drive-throughs were a thing. Using a projector, screen and your laptop, you can create a fun movie night in your own backyard. Even if you have a theatre room, you can make the outside experience more fun by inviting people over, lighting up a fire and making smores, making your popcorn and just having a good time. Recreate the movie experience right in your own home.

It's always a great idea to try new things! Stay motivated and enjoy your life!!


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