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Beautifully Organized: 2020 The Year of Self Motivation

Welcome back to the blog,

Say hello to my little friends...the plants who grow in the rocks. Why you ask? Because the farthest I got from the house this week was down the road. Those plants are growing in the rocks along the hillside. Why you ask? Because the Earth (who we have no choice but to respect as our spaceship of a home) decided that it would send showers of rain on Kingston for a good few days. The sun came out...on FRIDAY!!! Four days of showers!! Each location has its own seasons, and while we're in an Equatorial region of the Earth, every now and then...we realize that we're not the one in control of what's happening in your world. September and October bring rains with them and it's just the way of the weather patterns.

As one who roams the streets of Kingston on a Monday, in order to ease my mind of the quarantine and its conditions, it was a shock to wake up on Monday thunderstorms. If you ever read the Hoppitty series as a'll know what I'm talking about!! 1 pm looked like 6 pm level of rainstorms. Thankfully...the sun is now out...and I can now restore my activities. In 2020 I've become the master of "Where was I again?" You learn to adapt to the pauses...but challenge yourself not to forget who you are, so that you can get ready for your relaunch. For those who know the tale...I'm reminding myself daily that I'm still a shark. I assure you that I'm not a psychologist...but in Leadership theories in business school and undergraduate management and in my own tinkerings with self motivation, I understand a thing or two about the mind and how it works. I always check in on myself and make sure that I'm on cloud nine. If that means putting on a Beyonce track in order to work through a journal article...then so be it! If you don't force yourself to restore your pre-quarantine life, you'll spend the rest of your life living like you're still in the quarantine. For this reason, I've been practicing what it's like to go on vacation, and to just live a life like I lived it in January 2020 when everything was normal.


To buss the patois " Jah know...mi vex!! I was praying for Carnival!!" When April rolled around...Carnival was postponed to October this year and I patiently waited because I thought this whole pandemic would have ended by now. Yours truly was honestly planning to make my vlogging debut at this event in April of this year. Lo and behold... when I Googled the October Carnival schedule, I discovered that there's NO Carnival. I'm not really surprised...but it's disappointing that I've to go road march in my room. When all of this subsides...I'm sure that I'll be at every Road March...inclusive of when I'm pregnant, and after the kids are born. If my children wonder why their prams are being carried along with the rest of the parade...I'll explain to them that I missed a year or two and am catching up. At this rate I'm carrying them to Rio!! There's a law of compensation in life for those who understand the core principles. This too shall pass! For those who had to miss their weddings because of the pandemic...I feel you. A lot of things in 2020 are about a year behind schedule. Maybe you can rethink some of your wedding details...and even opt for a destination wedding now, and then have a second wedding later on.


As for me...2020 has granted me the ability to re-design the future. After wanting one or two things to manifest from 2019, I'm realizing now what the world really has in store for me. Thankfully it's all good...and I've learned a lot from those who have gone before me re how to get to my destination. When you think that you're the only one who has had to wait to receive your blessings...some of the greatest examples of patient people I've found on the planet are the current wave of astronauts. They say that the best way to figure out how to do something is to find someone who's done what you want before and figure out how they got there. I admitted before that I did research Demo-2's Bob and Doug's academic history to understand how they got to be with NASA. Since Ripley can't talk, the next best people to investigate were the Crew 1 Mission Astronauts: Mike, Victor (Ike), Shannon and Soichi. I've learned a lot from all of them, especially themes like being gritty, having grand visions, being patient, accepting ridicule from others but still believing in your dreams, and focusing on the task ahead of you. In one instance, what stood out to me was the perseverance of one of the team members to have taken 13 years to actually become an astronaut. Sometimes in think that the dream you have today has to happen today...but life is not a straight life. If you focus and persevere however, eventually it actually does come to pass if you take the actions, and keep walking in the direction of that goal. I'm wishing good things for all of the Crew 1 team, and I get happy every time I see a new launch announcement. Me who's usually sleeping by 10 pm...will be awake from midnight just to be sure they launch in early November. The schedule changes as necessary. Hopefully there'll be no further delays to this mission. I've been ready since September:) Patience is a 2020! It will be an exciting time. Even if you're not in the sciences and engineering, its one of those things that's always awe inspiring. Let's light the next candle!!


Back to the primary point of the blog article...they key to life is to stay motivated and focused. (Wo)man is the sum total of her/his thoughts and actions. Because I couldn't go anywhere this week, I ended up doing a lot of academic based work. I actually did the following:

1) Spending four hours per day doing research: I'm currently doing some medical research and I took the time to actually attend virtual seminars, and listen to the advice of professionals in the field. If you're a student in's a great time to start looking into admissions for 2021. With more time to do things like study virtually, you can take the commute time to actually research programs that will be of interest to you. A lot of stress in the admissions process can be eliminated if take the time to research all aspects of your program, and also talk to people who are in the program of interest. Insiders tell you a lot of things!! From an academic perspective...if I knew then what I know now...I'd have made some different decisions that would lead the same destination that I'm heading to now...only sooner:) in any's really never too late to make changes to your life's trajectory. You'll learn from their mistakes and effortlessly embark on your journey. By listening to people...I'm seeing where I can make tweaks in the work that I'm doing, and also how I can tweak my career.

2) Minimizing social media time: As much as I love the Instagram and YouTube life, I'm not a professional YouTuber, blogger and Instagrammer. It's my hobby right now. What I've done in September to October is to actually reduce the time that I spend on social media. There's a law of life that says that if you spend time immersed in other people's lives, it's taking away from your ability to create your own life and your own dreams. For this reason, I cut back on a few things that I find fun. I now blog on Sundays, and post three times per week on Instagram. The rest of the time, I'm actually working on a few things and studying, or on the road going on my own adventures and bigger dreams. I don't know how else to say it...but live your own life!! You have to be your own cheerleader in life...regardless of your stage in life.

Enjoy the week! Pray that good things happen...and most of all that it stays SUNNY!!


**Dr T**

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