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Beautifully Organized: The Birthday Break

Welcome back to the blog!!

As mentioned about...a week and a half ago...I took the time to actually celebrate my birthday. Not to sound like any great sage...but suddenly...once you pass the glorious age of thirty...or something life changing occurs in your life even if you're younger than start realizing that it's truly the little things in life that matter. The things that you were given for free...are actually what are valuable in life. Ensure that you keep your mind in tact, your body in good physical condition, and that you nurture the relationships of those who are closest to you.

I'd mentioned in an Instagram post...that I really love my job as an engineer. You honestly become the things that you were picturing when you were sub ten...and your brain was in an alpha state as they say. I tinkered with all things science based...and also played with Barbies. Since this is my creative're going to get the more fun side of me...but with all that logical side of me that also prevails when she needs to. So...for today's blog article...let's just have a little fun.

The majority of children (that I personally know) who grew up in my era...are Disney fans. The first movie I ever watched...was Cinderella. The first movie I ever knew verbatim...was the Lion King. The first movie...that was created about anything that I had first hand access to...was Pirates of the Caribbean. This movie is a documentation of life in cities like Port Royal, Jamaica.

I'm sure many people can relate to my life story...but as much as I grew up with access to the main stream things of life...and went to school in the metropolitan area...I lived in the suburbs. Living in the suburbs...causes two shifts to occur in your mind on a daily basis. When it's time to get get dressed...and you face the world in the corporate experience and all it brings...but then you take your one hour commute...and all of a sudden the busyness of the world turns to either the sound of the ocean...or the sound of the peace that the hills brings. This is how I lived my entire life.

In my adolescence to early adulthood...we lived...beside the sea. To inject a little science into why we had to move from our warming caused a surge in hurricanes that had us all evacuate the area. We fortunately, were compensated by the government for this change. We now live in the hills for safety. While winds are occasionally an issue...for the most part...the weather is stable up here.

When it was safer at sea level however...we would take the time to do things like explore our worlds...and one of those world's is a now sleepy little town called Port Royal. Dubbed as "One of the wickedest cities in the world" Port Royal was a zone where pirates thrived and treasure and its accumulation was the order of the day. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!! Savvy!!" Of course now it's just part of our folklore...and if you pass by the cannons are quietly sitting there and wanting us to know that they were once used...and children and parents pretty much just lean on them...take pictures, sit on them and enjoy their ice cream on them. It's almost as if...nothing ever happened there...yet you can still feel the significance of the era when you're in the presence of the cannons.

Times have definitely changed, and it's always interesting to view a place from your current perspective. On Sundays...we'd drive down to the dock...have some ice cream...and then have dinners at the local restaurants in Port Royal. As a seaside enjoyed what the offerings are. Shrimp. lobster and parrot fish don't just appear on your plate when you reach Gloria's. They come from I wanted to tell you guys today...what the local experience is like for those who live in the area.


The last time I was in Port Royal...I had carried you to the more "touristy" sections of the town. I'd carried you to the Marina, and down the road (there's only one main road...kind of like Ochi) are the Yacht club and the Maritime University. We had gone into Morgan's Harbour and drank mojitos and looked at all the yachts...but today...we're venturing into how the people really live in the town. Part one of the economy of the location is tourism of course...and part two that feeds the tourism is the people and their aquaculture agricultural activities. For those who don't work in Kingston, the Port Royal locals are primarily fishermen.

Just a stone's throw away from the Marina and Yacht club, is another pier...the fishermen's pier. At this local are smaller boats...that head out to sea at the crack of dawn, in order to catch the day's seafood feast. Depending on where the fishermen go...they usually return in the early morning with baskets filled with large crabs or lobster, or with nets filled with fish. These seafood items actually supply the local hotels with fish for dinner when you're there as a guest, or trickle into town where they are sold at the supermarket.

Fishing Boats

The inside of a typical fishing boat is shown above. Towards the base...the fisherman will attach his motor and propeller. These boats are predominantly made of fiberglass, and are pretty sturdy. During the week these boats can carry the fish, but on occasion, they will carry people like you and I to the neighboring Lime Cay, where you can do things like snorkel for the few hours that you're out there by the sea.

It's really and amazing thing to get to experience, and I'm grateful that I've gotten a chance to actually do these things in my childhood. As I plan how I'll keep my children busy with their lives...places like this will always prevail. Just a nice element of rustic, yet still chic at the same time. I absolutely love the vibe that places like Port Royal bring, and they are worth learning about...and taking the time actually explore!!!

The little things in life...are what matter. I assure you...that my Leo self really misses places like the club....but not having a choice but to do things that require us to be more introspective...being by the sea is always number one on my list. The world disappears...and it's really just your authentic self that appears and allows you to just be free!!

Take care till next time!!


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