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Beauty News: Beauty Organization and This Month's Allure Beauty Box

Hi There,

I hope you're doing well! Welcome back to the blog! Before we begin, take your shoes off, put on some comfy socks and take a glass of the rose that I've had chilling in my fridge for you all. That's the type of friend I am...welcome to our happy place! Adjust the A/C to your liking, chill on your patio or take a seat on my imaginary couch. Now that we're comfortable...let's begin.

Pardon the above ratchivity, I promise that today's article gets better as we flow. Yours truly has started preparing for her departure from Jamaica, and in the process of taking action I created for myself the above beauty box, using my own imagination and creativity. I declared to the world that I was starting over and that my current make up collection was in need of revamping. I took the time to take action, and actually did upgrade my existing stock for just about $30.00. I started off with drug store make up...but we will upgrade with time. The vision is to eventually allow myself to invest in some higher end brands.

This summer's make up season is steaming hot! I can't deal! From Jaclyn Hill's lipsticks to Jackie Aina's Anastasia Beverly Hills pallet, I'm really loving the two campaigns among many others, and anticipating that next summer I'll be able to purchase these items for use in my career beauty looks. The better you look, is the more confident you'll be, and just be a great representative for your enterprise. Lately, I take started taking my image very seriously and thinking about how best to present myself to the world.

In terms of my current beauty routines, I have been taking the time to ensure that my underlying skin is clean and clear. I do have mildly acne prone skin which I'm working on clearing up over the next few months. My skin treatments have ranged from topical solutions, to Roaccutane to dermal needling, so I'm really taking the time in my self care routine to ensure that all is well with my complexion. It is hot here in Jamaica, and I tend to be on the oilier side in terms of my skin's consistency, so I'm making sure that I take the time to take care of my skin in this heat. When I'm home, the make up is minimal, I simply stay moisturized and cleansed, and put on make up when I'm out to film a beauty video for my ForeverLuxury YouTube channel. In my beauty box, I have purchased the following items:

1) Himalaya Nourishing Cream and Honey Cleansing Bar

2) Santee Face Primer and Setting Spray

3) Jordana Complete Coverage 2-in-1 concealer

4) Just Kolour Pro Glow Baked Bronzer

5) Absolute New York Velvet Lippie in Maneater

6) Crown Pro Mascara in Black

7) Santee Eye Primer in their 02 shade

When I realized that the products I had would last me just about a month in terms of their usage, I thought it would be a good idea for me to revert to the beauty boxes that I used to purchase when I was in Cleveland. With so many options available, yours truly had started off with testing the Walmart Beauty Box, and remember receiving various products ranging from Neutrogena to higher end products. I had started testing these items so that my viewership can have a similar experience to mine.

My intention for September is to return to my beauty box beauty strategy, and have decided to upgrade my collection to Allure's Beauty Box. I will keep you guys posted on the monthly boxes as I receive and test the products.

What You Get:

Allure's monthly beauty box offers top-trending, editor-tested makeup and beauty picks with a $50-$90 value for only $15

Full and deluxe products selected by Allure experts (we test more than 50,000 products a year)

A mini-mag with tips, shortcuts, and step-by-steps

A sleek, chic and reusable pouch in limited-edition hues

New member gift: A bonus gift valued at $10+

Free shipping

The August 2019 Beauty Box Offers the following items:

For further product details feel free to visit the Allure Website.

Beauty on a dime is something that I have always loved, and it's a thrill to be back to looking chic and allowing myself to be put together and client facing! The Allure Beauty boxes are only $15.00 per month, and you can get your first box for $10.00!

Have a blessed day! I hope you enjoyed my restoration efforts. In life, they say that every little helps, so it's always useful to have a system that works for you. Organizing my life for progress and looking beautiful at the same time is a thrill that every woman wants. It's a good life! Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!!


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