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Beauty Top Up: Every Day Glam

Welcome back to the blog!!'s another busy week! Fortunately, there's always something to do to make your life enticing. You have to put yourself on and just enjoy your own life experience!!! Things in life take time, I notice, and the key to all things is simply being patient. I'm now patient with most things in actually takes time for you realize what is worth fighting for...and what is worth just letting be. For what it's worth...I've started testing out my shoes (posted an update on Instagram stories)...and just seeing how they feel. I wanted something new and different from my sneakers while I'm out and about running my errands, and find that the closed toe wedges are the ideal yet chic errand running shoe. In the beginning'll need socks till you break them in. The shoes are a soft canvas material...but when that material is new and a little can rub against your if you go for the ones like I got...wear the thin short socks till the shoes naturally contour with your own feet.

Today's errands were pretty standard. I find in my life that life unfolds in pretty much a linear flow...and then there's a sudden change and everything suddenly ramps up!!! While I was out...I took the liberty to pick up the face wash that works with my current budget. It is 2020...and I'm proud to say it's a gift to be able to slay in any life situation.

You may remember when I started using Himalaya soaps last year. These are as good as Neutrogena products...except they are in a solid bar formulation. The soap literally costs $1.00 and lasts for about two months, so it's well worth it...if you're on a budget and want a deep cleanse. The first time I used it, I found the Neem and Turmeric (green bar in the image) quite drying (it's for acne prone skin), and since then I've since been using the Honey and Oatmeal bar (nourishing), and this month I'm using the Almond bar (moisturizing). The latter two seem to work quite well...if you're either trying to save money on things like moisturizer, or have a routine where you don't include moisturizer in your regimen and want a good deep cleanse that isn't drying to your skin!!

The pharmacy didn't have the Neem and Turmeric bar, and since I'm currently experiencing good skin days with my current regimen, I've now opted for the moisturizing bar. If there are no problems with your skin...use gentler formulations.

I listen when people talk, and they say that great skin starts from the inside out. With my current three time per week workouts...I'm outside for two days taking in the fresh air. That flow...oxygenates the body. I know it's winter for some of to ensure that you guys have options...every Thursday...I actually stay indoors...and work out on the bike. Some days...I don't really feel like leaving the house...and the indoor what does it for me! The difference between the workouts is interesting. While I'm outside...I walk up and down hill, but don't really sweat. When I'm on the bike however...for one hour...I notice that my body does work a little harder (even on the easiest setting of 1)...and after an hour on the bike...there's a layer of sweat pretty much from my head, and along my arms.

Biologically, sweat is a good thing. It's a means via which your body detoxifies you. If you're in the middle of winter...still put in the time to work out...just on a bike. If you have your own gym...that's good. Be thankful for the blessing. If you go to an external gym, be careful. Be careful now...because it's flu season. My former gym had the antimicrobial I always wiped down equipment before and after I used them. Drink cherry juice if you can find it (it has five times more vitamin C than orange juice)...and stock up on your vitamin intake. With my workouts now...I actually feel significantly I'll keep at it. The beauty benefits are coming through in the overflow. My skin is improving, I can even take pictures without foundation on...and notice that my skin doesn't have the previous texture that it did. Exfoliation in the key.


If you have time for an elaborate beauty treatment, by all means do it:) I actually long for the day...when I can use certain brands like Elemis. I love the luxe life. If you're in a situation where you're on a budget, or don't want to spend too much time on your beauty routine, you can try my current hacks and build from here. What's critical to me, is cleansing and toning, so I've really been ensuring that I concentrate on those. In the mornings, I keep it simple so simply wash my face with the soap and the cleansing bar, before I put on make up, or simply allow my skin to be makeup free for the day. My face would have been deep cleaned from the night before, so it's actually okay to simply wash, tone and moisturize in the mornings. I'm home for about five days am make up free for those days. If I'm filming or taking pictures...I'll put on make up. When running errands...I go foundation free...and just put on eyeshadow and lipgloss.

In the nights now to cleanse...I've been using my beauty brush. Just like those who are growing their hair use a scalp massager, I use a facial massager for my face because I'm optimizing exfoliation. These actually work wonders if you want to cut back on dermatologist visits. I'd mentioned before...that before I left Cleveland, I'd ordered a facial brush off Amazon, because I'd wanted a low budget yet effective hack to the Clarisonic Mia 2. I'm currently using a brand called ChiTronic. All it takes is 2 AA batteries, and you are good to go! The unit utilizes a high and low setting. On low...interestingly...even this product (which cost me about $7.00) was actually initially abrasive to my skin. After the first use...there was slight redness, so just like the shoes...I had to slowly break in the brush...until the bristles were soft enough for my skin to manage. At night...I initially cleanse with the bar only. And then lather my skin a second time, and use the brush to cleanse the skin. Once I've rinsed and dried my skin, I use a sulphur infused toner. Sulphur is an antimicrobial, so it heals the skin if there's any underlying bacteria. It will prevent breakouts. The entire process takes me about ten-fifteen minutes.

After a month of using the brush...every other day...I notice that when I put on my foundation, I have a flawless finish. My skin is nice and smooth below my make when the make up goes over it...the finish is actually as I desire.


For every month in 2020, there will be a beauty and lifestyle giveaway!! One of you lucky ladies and gents...could be the recipient of this lovely...facemasks!! I will start off small and keep getting bigger!! I'd mentioned in a previous blog post...that I'm giving a way one pair of shoes, but I wanted a give away that was more inclusive!! I can only ship the shoes in Jamaica, but the facemasks, because they are so small...can be sent anywhere in the globe!! Everyone...loves a good face mask, and I've been loving the ones by the brand Cala. I actually have their make up brushes, and find them to be pretty good!!

Again...the face masks are easy to mail globally, so everyone is welcome to join in!! Even if you're in are welcome!!! If you're tuning in from the blog...all you have to is:

a) Follow me on Instagram

b) Like and Comment on your favorite picture or video

c) Share with a friend

I'm opening the giveaway for one week...every month!! I will announce the winner on the 15th of January, 2020!! Once I've chosen a winner, I will pretty much DM you, get your address and mail your the gift. As you can see, it's probably already yours. I have the gift bag...right beside me as I type. What are you waiting for?

Take care of yourself, you deserve it!!! We'll talk Friday. Your girl...was out trying on wedding dresses and summer dresses. I'm having a the one in the Hills...where the girls just randomly walked into a boutique and tried on wedding dresses!! Just having fun!! It's my Girl Meets Mall moment. I doubt I can do these things...when I'm fully in the corporate grind!! Enjoying every moment!!


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