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Body and Soul: Am I Mindful?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Image Credits: Spa Shangri-La

While I'm not exactly as relaxed as the woman in the image...I'm getting there. I'm still exercising every other day. As you all know...for the past week Rihanna is what I'm playing on my playlist. I'd once written a blog article about how music influences life. When I was a business student...I used to literally prime myself on the walk to school by listening to the song "Hard" by her and Young Jeezy on repeat! It's an inspirational, high energy song. It's really about thickening your skin. They claim that millennials are I'm here trying to get tougher if that's possible. We all need that boost in life to help propel us to our destiny. a huge Impact Theory fan...I'd forgotten to acknowledge that the team reached a million subscribers!!! Congratulations Tom Bilyeu. Essentially...if it wasn't for that one David Goggins interview the year before last...I don't think I'll be as mentally strong as I am now. I was given everything I wanted as a I've never known what it's like to be depressed and things like that...but I experienced my first major setback...and watching David Goggins talk about his personal evolution...made me want to start the journey of turning myself into my own Michaelangelo. At my worst...I was still in the top 10% of the world's population in terms of standards of living, so I became less materialistic and more mindful of the legacy I wanted to build. The whole point of being so that you can be a light to other persons who don't believe in themselves...and then have them see what's possible with a little time and effort. At this point in time...I'm improving...we all have pockets of time where we don't feel so confident...but thankfully...and knocking on every piece of wood...all that I've wanted has come true in 2019 through the process of taking action and trusting in cause and effect. Many a morning...I don't feel like doing certain things...but by will...I know that standing still is stagnation...taking action is the only way to move forward. So I push matter how mundane.

In terms of my life's flow...I'd mentioned that Q2 was a season where I wanted quiet...because life will ramp up in Q3. We are not designed to be going all the time. Allow yourself to REST! When I came home...I came home in the middle of Christmas and the parental nest is a very high energy place. I couldn't recharge as I did in my apartment. I usually allowed myself about a week to sleep after each semester. I'd literally go to Constantino's shop for the week...and not leave my apartment for a week. For about three days...I'd just sleep! I finally have the peace that I desired about a year ago. I'm taking the time to actually heal...because interestingly enough...sometimes you just need a minute to just BE. If I describe my personality, I'm what you call ENTJ. If you ever take those detailed Myers-Brigg personality tests or similar ones...that's the category I fall into. I'm the classic Leo-Virgo. My birthday is towards the end of August so I overlap in signs.

Leos are dominant...they lead...they take charge. I'm always campaigning for things. When I was on the plant I was lead for projects, and at school I was lead for projects. While a great position to be in..leadership can drain you of energy because you're what I'm learning to do is to master...the downtime. I'm a woman...not a machine. The interesting thing about the home space is that when you come home from a long still have to perform...and give your attention to the people that you live with. From this's actually hard to rest because there are energies at home that you have to juggle.

For the next...55 days (this hiatus is temporary people...I'm not a hermit)...I get a chance to step back and reflect and determine what will be next for me on my journey. The beauty of life is that we get to create it. I was listening to an interview on Impact Theory the other day, and one of the interviewees had quoted that history will be kind to him...because he's the one that will write it. When he said that...the quote was something that resonated with me...because I am very aware of the fact that other people influence who you ultimately become. Once you're fully have to mindfully assess the actions that you're taking...and identify if it's your voice...or the voice of other persons that's being expressed through your being.

This action is the process of freeing your will. I learn a lot from social media and actually use it to exercise my free will. My schedule is such that I post to my blog three days per week, and to my Instagram three times per week, and my YouTube once per week. This is what I can manage as a student in transition. Being an influencer in the making ( I know some empires took years to I'm not claiming to be a sage) teaches you how to be confident...because the creation process is one where you share your authenticity with the world. I can't tell you how many YouTube videos I've seen about "Your impressions of me". It's almost like influencers have to prepare to be roasted...even if you're posting a video on something fun and positive like a vacation. People and their insecurities will prevent you from living your dreams if you're not careful. With an armor of just have to confidently do what you intend for the day. The dream...must be bigger than any one else's opinions. Just as with anything in life...I'm also mindful of what I post online...and ensure that it's what I want to post...and not what other people believe I should be posting.

That's my inner journey for the week. Yours truly is I hope you found some inspiration in this flow that will allow you to consciously live your dreams...and not society's expectation of your life. You define who you are.

Have a great day!!


**Dr T**

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