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Capsule Closet Creation: What I Got For Christmas: Beautifully Organized Spring Shoe Collection

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Fashion On A Dime
White Pierre Dumas Stilletos

Welcome back to the blog!!

Christmas 2019 was an interesting time!! As today's blog post...I wanted to share with you a few items that I received for Christmas. As every Dollar Tree Queen on planet Earth has taught the masses, it really is possible to ball on a budget. 2018 and 2019 taught me this lesson, yet I still aspire for the higher end. We are well on our way!! I only have five years left according to my theory. Cue today's theme song: High End

Before we jump into the physical presents, I thought it a good idea to actually delve into the gifts of love that I received in 2019. There are some things that are bigger than money and gifts...though eventually we want a little "bling bling". The love gifts I received:


I don't know if any of my favorite beauty gurus ever read my tiny blog...but one of my favorite ones left his lovely pink mansion, and moved into the most ginormous...yet fly structure on planet Earth. I'm ready to move in any wing...including the "barn". Before the house tour...he so graciously outlined his process of growth and development from being a penniless fashion enthusiast to the present day. From that perspective...I'm inspired to be better in 2020 on my social media platforms. I vow to my reader and viewership...that even if I spend $1.00 on a product this year, or buy it off the road (I'm here planning to do a Road Couture series...yes God. You all know what I'm talking about!! Road fashion...can be more lit than department stores...esp for party clothes!! ) I still intend to make my delivery I purchased it from the high or bougie street.


As a student in transition, I was literally spoiled by family and friends this season. I have the type of friends...who pretty much just love me for me...and when I have $2.00...they still tell me to show up to spend time with them...because they care about my being. To bestie#1: I'm still here eating the Ferroro Rocher one by one. I wasn't expecting them. The movie and dinner was enough. I'm still shook!! For the past sixteen days, I've been eating one chocolate per day. The coconut are my favorite!! If all else fails...I'll be your default wife. I honestly mean To bestie #2: Thanks for driving up into the middle of nowhere... aka my have me cook for you, and listen to me ramble about my visionboard and 2020 plans. Pity we never got to watch the movie. I do ramble!! We've been to England and back...and I appreciate you!! Have a ball in Bristol...I know it's your dream! You'll save the world from blindness!! Say hi to Kevin for me... he's the best roadtrip paree ever!! Good luck with the New Year plans. To the parents: thanks for housing me (for the last time in my youth) and for letting me decorate, learn family recipes, bake, and take over downstairs for the past two weeks. It's good to be able to do what I want. I had a great childhood...and I'm now ready to be somebody's wife and two (or three?) children's mama!! I had a blast...and I appreciate you. Also thank you for my gift card to Collectibles. She really needed the shoes!! And now...onto the presents!!!


Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Current Shoe Collection

As many of you know...towards the end of 2019...I started making plans to return to work after floating and trying to figure out what to do next with my life. That business school experience was something else (right decision...wrong action plan...although all the sages will tell you there are no mistakes)...and it's time for your girl to restore normalcy and stability in her life. Being back in the house, I'm currently consciously job hunting and networking. As someone who believes in being of the things I decided to do was to buy shoes in preparation for work. I started on Black Friday with my pair of nude Pierre Dumas pumps. From my Christmas gift card, I was able to add to my capsule closet for the Spring season. I'm theming everything, and for spring...I'm working with the shoe collection in the above image.

From the above image you are familiar with:

a) My gold slippers: I bought these on the road for about $4.00. They are the hottest things since sliced bread. Since I'm home, almost every day till I'm back at work, while I write your blogs...I'm usually in these, a pair of leggings and a nice top. These are definitely that diva on a dime vibe.

b) My Rosegold pumps: I've had these forever. These are my Payless couture shoes, and they look good with everything!!

c) My black velvet flats: These are from a brand called Top Pink. I scored them, when I had an interview on an industrial site. I didn't want to wear heels, but still wanted to look chic.

My new shoes...are ones I'm excited to rock this season, while I'm conducting business in the corporate area of Kingston.

Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Pierre Dumas Snakeskin Walking Shoes

Everything that I purchased this current season has a high end inspiration. At the higher end, I've really been admiring the Castana wedge for a good year plus. I'm in the perfect position to be wearing wedges as I navigate Kingston. I was able to score these closed wedges with my gift card. I see myself wearing these to various occasions. For those Disney moms in my feed, I totally envision myself doing something like touring Disney and just generally travelling in these, because they give you sneaker vibes...but still are bougie enough to look chic. Your feet will be comfortable and protected. You can either wear them as is, or have the small sock inserts as additional insole protection.

On the day to day...these would be my supermarket or just running to the bank shoes. I'd pair these with leggings and a loose top. I'll get to styling these pieces soon enough. I just wanted to highlight the individual pieces. I paid just $5.oo for these on clearance. They retail for $30.00 regular price...hence I bought two. The latter is a back up...since I love these so much.

Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Pierre Dumas White Stilletos

My heels for this season, are these Pierre Dumas white stilettos. From the higher end, I've really been admiring the Valentino Rockstud sandals, and have them on my high end visionboard for the next two years. At the present day, to give me the feeling of Valentino, I felt like these stilettos give me the vibe that I'm going for. I love the metallic detail on these.

I envision myself wearing these on really sexy date nights, or to a corporate event with an elegant requirements. There's really something about heels which every woman can relate to. These were everything!!

Sale: USD $8.00 on clearance (brand new)

Actual Price: USD $45.00

My every day open toe wedges are these beautiful gold wedges by Makers. These are perfect for the everyday wear (these are really comfortable). The interior is quite soft, and feels pretty much like suede.

I purchased these in duplicate, and will be giving away the second pair in Q1 2019. I'm currently figuring out the delivery logistics in the Kingston area. I'm thinking of partnering with a company like MailPac or Tara, so that the gifted recipient in Jamaica, can receive these in an effortless fashion.

These are going to be my go to for casual Fridays events, and brunches.

I always feel like metallics elevate any look, and I welcome these into my collection.

Retail: USD $40.00

Of course, there were other items in the collection, but I wanted to share with you all, items that are in tune with the theme of the blog!! I ended the 2019 season in a fun way, and I honestly look forward to bigger and better styling fun in 2020. If I'm still here, we'll go to Fashion Block and watch Knutsford Boulevard be converted into a runway. It'll be a great Jamaican local fashion experience to document.

Have a great year ahead!! Have fun thrifting!! I definitely do!! Stay Fabulous!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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