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Capsule Closet Expansion: Beautifully Organized Jewellry March 2020

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Square Pendant Earrings

Welcome back to the blog!!

I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood!! My current challenge to myself is to stay in flow. Essentially, with the current morning routine that I've been implementing...I'm finding myself centered and grounded. My current morning relaxation track is Sonicaid's Mindfulness track. I now currently write my blog articles to this track...and find that I'm in a mellow mood to deliver to you...the sentiments that I feel you'll enjoy. I have the week planned out, and I flow to it...for approximately 80% of the time. I do have moments where I know I should be working...but then it's so quiet and peaceful that I decide to spend an extra hour in the sun. Once I'm good to go...I resume my flow. It's nice to have an effortless flow and to own your own schedule...even if it's part of the week. Progress is being made in all aspects of life.

For this week, after work, I decided to stop for a few essentials. I have been wanting some jewellry for some time. While I was in school, my collection dwindled, and now that I'm consulting, I'm rebuilding my collection. In the Kingston area...I love to stop by Brit Bran, in Mall and Tropical Plaza. They are the place I go to...if I need anything for an occasion...yet still feel like I'm achieving my price to quality ratio. They are so good at finding those items that you envision in your wardrobe...but for a cost that is within everyone's price range. Every item in my haul...costs Jamaican $250.00. In USD that is $2.00 per pair. This is very affordable in my eyes. If you're on a budget...and don't want to feel like you're missing out on self care and accessorizing...places like Brit Bran...Charming Charlie if you're in the US, Next/Primark in the UK are places that I'd recommend. I can't count how many times when I was in Leeds as a student...I'd pop into Primark...and get pieces for 1 pound...that made me feel like a million pounds. It's all you put things together. Let's jump into this month's pieces.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Golden Tear Drop Earrings

I have set an intention to actually top up my collection monthly. I'll scan the trends and see what I can find for you guys. I love gold chunky pieces for various occasions. The two in this set are for two different occasions. The chunky set...shown above...I've been wanting forever and a day. I do styling, and one of the things that I focus on in my shoots is natural hair care. I find that even if you have your hair in a simple high bun at your crown, having a pair of statement earrings can elevate the look and make it look more high end. The bigger the earrings, the more elegant and sophisticated you can make a look. Additionally...for the doesn't hurt to have a few statement pieces to add to your ensemble.

The Tear Drops: These are pieces that I have an intention to wear with my work pieces. They always say..."Dress for the part you want!" That being the case...I'm dressing for my role as Strategy and Operations partner in a consulting firm honey!! That's our aim for the new decade. I want to look and feel elegant and stay motivated to achieve the intentions that I've set for myself. Feeling good internally, and then looking the part, is part of the process of becoming who you said you wanted to be. I personally want to consult with firms like McKinsey and Company...and in my visualization exercises at 4 am...I see myself in the boardroom doing just that. Envisioning what I look like as I'm there...this pair of earrings is part of the ensemble that I'll be wearing when I'm leading my company.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Amber Earrings

I wasn't always like this...but now that I work from home part time...I do put myself in the work zone. While I do admit...there are some mornings when I write my blog articles in my pj's (I typically find inspiration to write early in the mornings), but then after breakfast...I shower and then start work. In those instances...I allow myself to ensure that I'm put together. Even if I'm in leggings and a top...I still want to feel like I'm an entrepreneur. I bought these amber earrings to add some pizzazz to the look. These are so effortless and in two seconds...I'll be able to upgrade my look. From last week's dress may recall that I bought a mustard dress with button down detailing on the front. This dress is my "I'm home...but I'm still a boss dress." Pairing the dress with these my ideal work from home look. I will wear my gold wedges with these. I work from 10 am to circa 6 pm...and then start relaxing.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Knob Assortments

There's nothing like a good pair of add a touch of sophistication to your look. I am a dancer...and when I had classes...I'd wear knobs for safety reasons.

Now...for those days when I'm either undecided re what to wear, or am home and comfortable...I go through the process of just wearing a chic pair of studs. My colours are rose gold, pearl, and I also have some diamond inspirations. These are also another effortless look, that makes me feel put together even though I'm at home for a few days. You have to put yourself on even if you're home a few days.

I'm sure we all have those days...where all we feel like wearing are some leggings and a camisole. Those hair in a bun... yet I want to still get stuff done ( Costco, Megamart, Tesco runs). When I saw this set of twelve (yes...there's a tonne more in the pack) knobs, I went ahead and grabbed them. These are part of my staples in terms of every day chic.

With twelve packs...I don't run out of earrings. The knobs themselves actually come in three different sizes. I took pictures of the largest set. I tend to wear larger knobs when I'm going to places like work, and the smaller knobs in those instances where I am home and need some simplicity in my wardrobe.

These are all stunning!! At a price point of $2.00 per set, I felt quite comfortable in my purchase. I can feel my wardrobe expanding, feel more comfortable when I'm out with clients. With time...I'll get some higher end pieces. I have always dreamed of shopping at places like Tiffany and Co for jewellry...and if you've ever watched Sweet Home Alabama, there's a scene where the main character get's proposed to in a Tiffany's. I live for moments like this...and with time...I'll get we all will with things that we dream about!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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