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Capsule Closet Expansion: Spring/Summer 2020

Welcome back to the blog!!

As promised in January...I had a vision to shop in DownTown Kingston, in order to keep expanding my capsule closet. The philosophy here on my channel, is that what you do at the small scale, you take your time and expand to at the larger scale. It's amazing the things that you can find...if only you will seek.

On my weekly travels into Kingston central, I usually take you all to places like Mall and Tropical Plaza. These are a few minutes away from New Kingston, our newer business district. The OG of the business districts in Jamaica, is DownTown Kingston. In the evolution of the city, the majority of business activities takes place uptown. Being a savvy shopper these days...I have done it all, I decided to explore DownTown and see what items I could find for my Luxe For Less Series here at ForeverLuxury. I took the time to accumulate JMD $5000.00 specifically for this mission...and here is a summary of the items that I purchased.


From the primary image above, you can see that the floral dress collection has expanded!! I'm so exited!! It was a good five months ago, that I purchased the white dress in the image for JMD$1000.00. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments. As I traversed the Kingston streets, I noticed that they had other colours in the collection, and I set a grand vision to get the pieces that I could. As my luck would have it, I managed to get two pieces in the DownTown sales for the price I'd paid for my original piece. I managed to score this mustard piece for only JMD $500.00, as well as the matching pink one.

The quality of this dress is exquisite. It's a nice thick material that you won't need to have to wear a slip under!! In terms of fit, this one will fit me like a glove.

The pink piece however, is one that I'll have to take in, because it has a flair to it, and is a size larger than the mustard piece. As a content creator for LinkedIn and YouTube, I thought that if push comes to shove, I can just wear that pink piece when I'm filming and just adjust it with pins and a belt, or take the time to re-purpose it. I was thinking that I could dismantle the dress and turn it into a crop top, and a skirt. We will see what my mind tells me to do! She sews when she's ready as you all know. If I don't really like a piece...I start thinking of ways to optimize it for my closet. If I find the green print in this...I'm getting it!!


When I shop, price to quality is always key in my mind as a consumer. At best, it's always nice to have those pieces in your wardrobe that are multi-purpose. This piece...I found for JMD $1000.00.

This is one of those pieces that I feel I will just hold on to for now...and see what I can pair with it to create different looks.

With the right tops, you can wear this to work. Just as it can wear this to the supermarket with a cute pair of sandals, your hair in a bun, minimal make up and handbag. If you have a brunch to attend, you can wear a nice cardigan with this and wedges.

The possibilities are endless. As I style, you see the unfoldment. Perfect find!

In total I purchased four dresses. You'll see the other dress when I do my pack with me for the beach. It didn't match the aesthetic of this haul, and I thought it would be better to have it in the collection for a day trip. Additionally, I picked up a pair of leopard print leggings for days when I'm running errands and want to just be popping and fly!!


My beautiful rose gold aviators are another DownTown find. It was just one of those things that I was lucky to find. I was actually heading to meet a friend, and living in May Pen at the time, I found that I'd left my shades at home when I was commuting to see her. DownTown is enroute to my final destination, and I was walking through the shopping district, I was able to score these aviators as a replacement for only JMD $300.00. There are those little things that you need...and can easily get without having to spend an arm and a leg! I love it!!

During yesterday's shop, I managed to pick up this really nice pair of black Couture shades, and they went perfectly well with my beach ensemble. I'm currently tempted to get a pair that looks like Rihanna's Fenty collection, but the price point isn't where I want to go right now. This pair however...had me at hello and it was JMD $500.00. I find that for me...price points in the $500 and below mark...are always prices that I'm comfortable spending, for items that are of good quality that I feel that I'll love for years to come.

For this month...we definitely found a few winners! I'll haul them on my YouTube channel! I'm excited to return on a Thursday when more of the wholesales are open!! Turns out you can get even more items in bulk. I want to get handbags and travel bags for future hauls, and it's always a plus when you can get items that people and yourself will love....for a fraction of the retail price!! My philosophy for now is to simply enjoy the pleasures of life, and allow yourself to live your best life at any budget. Life is good...and filled with pleasures that you can indulge in!!

All you have to seek and you shall find!! I will have plenty more finds for you on Instagram. I love you for reading!!


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