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Celebrate The GOOD Times!! Another New Week!!

Happy Day!!

Welcome back to the blog...I hope you all are doing well!! Yours truly escaped from Alcatraz, and I'm currently at home in Kingston, Jamaica with my family! I was home for two reasons:

1) We finally arranged to have the birthday celebration!

2) I am more at peace here than at the house in May Pen to be honest. May Pen is not my home. As Dorothy said..."There's no HOME!" It's interesting how you don't realize how good your life is...until you step outside the confines of home.

My life is in transition as I previously mentioned, and variety helps me to not become immersed in what feels like monotony.

In terms of today's update, it won't be the most detailed, I have a few responsibilities running co-currently so I decided to just summarize the details. Coming home for the weekend was a nice surprise. When I entered the living room, I noticed that the dining room was re-arranged. I know the feeling that comes...when it's not just regular Sunday dinner with the family. I didn't question it, but I knew that something was definitely up. So I just waited. After a while, I realized that my aunt and her daughter arrived around 4 pm and bells started to ring in my mind. Eventually, I realized the following:

1) My birthday was two weeks ago

2) My aunt's birthday was a week ago

3) Her daughter's birthday is a week from now

So it was literally like the birthday trio up in the house!! We chatted, we watched the Nadal and Medvedev game, ate food (see left overs above...I'm still binging on black forest cake!) I'm sure I'm not the only woman (man or no man...forgive us for two seconds baes) who does a double take when Nadal is on TV. His body is EVERYTHING!! I don't watch tennis to all that...but even I was there enjoying the moment while my Dad was shouting at the TV for him to "Break him!" lololol. I might just bring back that that men we love series!! Everyone from the thugs to the sportsmen!! The only sport I honestly know is basketball, so for the rest of the time I'm what you call a waggonist and I will go with the highest energy people in a crowd. So yes...I was all up in the US Open's grill last evening. It was a grand time!!


This is in full swing!! I promised that I would let you know what's happening. I have to keep this mission relatively top secret, but it's happening. I will be doing this at home for a few weeks, because I'm in a state of peace here. We all need a haven to think, and I have that here. It's nice to wake up and meditate on the balcony...and watch people go to work when you don't have to! (I'll soon be Every morning a white Mercedes GLC coupe drives by at 6 40 I know I won't be home forever. I really love cars!!) There's a part of me that has learned that the best way to protect a dream is to keep quiet about it. Quiet meaning protect the details, I'm not to closed off from the world that I'll not talk about what's next, but just protect where and when I'm moving so that the flow is smoother when I'm going through the changes. Resistance is with the changes after the fact, I can just flow from there. It's coming about four weeks. All I ask, is that you keep me in your prayers for the perfect apartment to manifest in the location that I want it in. I have various important reasons to move...and I have kept many people waiting on me! I want to be the best woman I can be for the seventy years that I have left on the Earth! It would make my parents proud to see me move out of my room...FOREVER!!!

The principle I'm applying in my hunt is the concept of under achieving!! This means that I always look for the smallest unit, that satisfies the need and then will build up from there. It will help me to be comfortable with the change, and be less shocked when peripheral costs come up! Life is never a straight line, and I now build in buffers! When I was in business school, my brain was overloaded by a lot of stuff, so I pretty much now just allow myself now to ease into things...instead of jumping too high and then having to retreat! You can short circuit your brain if you strain too much, so I ease into things now. I still grow...but for the next few months it will be a smooth and effortless flow and less of a "fight" forward.

That's the current condition!! Life is good...and all is well!! In summary, we finally celebrated....I don't think we're ever too old for cake!! It felt good to be loved...even though you and I know how people can be when you're not there! I will see what I can do around the house this week! Since I'm moving back into my intention is to start cleaning before I return. One of my spaces is the balcony, and I want the place to be spruiced up for my return. For Wednesday, I will show you how I go through the process of wiping down the grills which are often affected by the semi-rainy weather! Let's get to cleaning!!!

Enjoy the week!! I will be in touch as per usual!!


**Dr T**

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