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Celebrating the End of an Era

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Happy Week Twelve,

To my know that I'm the queen of making gift baskets. I thought it would be a nice idea to get back into my event planning series, especially since my current phase of life involves the end of an era, and the beginning of another one. Essentially, the semester concludes this week. You know when the end is near...but you can't quite reach the stage where you say..."Rae!!" and pop champagne? That's where I'm at. So instead of playing Nicki Minaj, Drake and Future...yours truly is playing meditation music and simply allowing the week to pass gracefully. I don't want to get prematurely hype. Lololol. Friday will always arrive so I'm just chilling in the moment. If people want things...they will get it. You know that vibe. Just peaceful because I know that next week...I won't have to be stressing over this. As you know the semester was filled with a mixture of positive and negative experiences, but I learned from them all.

The negative learning experiences: Not everyone works as hard as you do, and some people just feel like watching you because you're young and smart and potentially a threat to them. If you recall, in the early parts of the semester, there were two persons who were on my case for a myriad of reasons. Thankfully, by week two I was transferred and the experiences were alleviated. I pretty much just sailed through the rest of the eleven weeks.

The positive learning experiences: Young minds really are very malleable and it was a pleasure to have been a positive influence. It's interesting how students pick up on your passion. Many a student has asked me why I don't lecture, and approached me and asked how to become a Chemical Engineer. an art I reserve for the more experienced. I really want to consult and fly That part of the experience though... is always priceless. It almost feels like how Oprah describes the concept of legacy creation. As you embark on your create a wake that touches lives. In any case...she still wants to travel!!! I'm a Leo...we are hype:) all was bittersweet...but worth it.

Last Christmas, if you recall, I made my family a gift basket. It was the most creative, yet economical thing that I could do in order to ensure that Christmas presents were delivered. Yours truly has never really struggled in life as I've disclosed. I can't even claim to have grown up hard. My parents spoiled us. Every year we travel and party and things of that under the stress of school applications...I thought that making a gift basket would be a nice and elegant touch to the Christmas present ensemble. You at least want your people to know that you So one morning...I went to Half Way Tree...was literally the first person at Woolworth's and got the goods and made my basket. My creation actually looked nice on the bay window...right beside the I felt proud. For those who are the summer I'll show where I get my goods...but essentially I go to the following places depending on if I want a medium or high end feel.

Medium feel: Woolworth's in Half Way Tree or Megamart on Waterloo Road. I'm one of those who doesn't know what I'll put in the basket until I see the after about a half an hour of walking up and down the store...the inspo appears. Megamart is great for every occasion. Depending on what you need, they do supply. Both stock both the basket and the goodies and the wrapping materials.

High End Feel: If I really feel like making a high end basket, I shop at Loshusan supermarket in Barbican. I'll carry you there in the summer. They have Tesco items in when she discovered was automatically a hit. I literally used to live across the road from a Tesco, so if at the time I knew about YouTube...I'd have definitely asked them to be a brand The liqueur, wine, coffee , cheese and exotic treat selection at Loshusan is top of the line. When I really feel like going high end I go in there. You literally feel like a million dollars walking into the supermarket. We shall go!!

So in terms of celebrating...since I went to Port Royal last week, I won't be doing anything too fancy this week...though I'm really craving ice cream. I'll wait till the end of April. I think rest and a little wine will suffice before I start With events like Mother's Day approaching...I see gift baskets every with time...each week I'll identify some options. If you didn't grow up owe your parents for caring Right's hard for me personally to process since I'm rebuilding...but mine really did a lot for me. Going to Leeds...wasn't exactly cheap...and they paid for everything for me. The my personal follow me to find out how the next phase turns out over the next few months.

This week...I've set the intention to every day I'll find one way to do so. As a start, the gift basket is option number one. They work for every occasion, and you can either make them yourself, order them yourself or walk into any pharmacy ( I discovered Young's in May Pen last week and they have a lot in there) and simply pick up one. Just as we have been is key to celebrate once you have achieved a primary objective.

The countdown begins. I hope you're having a good week ahead:) Celebratory Idea #1: The Gift Basket!!! Let's keep rolling!!!


**Dr T**

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