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Celebrating the End of an Era Three

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Welcome back to the blog!!!

The good news that I bring to you that I can finally blog on a Wednesday!!! The week is flowing...and I'm letting it be. This is week twelve, and I'm relieved to be releasing my Q1 lab activities. The experience itself was priceless however, as I learned a lot from the students. There are intrinsic gifts in every experience and I learned how to lead.

In any we discuss releasing one phase, and celebrating...the above image of the Hyatt comes back to my brain. If you put the image above on full screen, you literally feel like you're I'd explained to you all that I started travelling in 2015. As a brief background, let me outline my work history. I am a I can't quite claim to have the world's longest career...but I have done great work that I'm proud of in my tenure as a Chemical Engineer. It's not the length of time you've worked, it's the quality of the work you've delivered to those who honored you with the opportunity to be there. All of my clients seem to love for that...I am grateful.

Yours truly started working in December 2012. I had just moved back into my parents house from by then I moved out of the house for probably the second my life ( I lost count now...but I assure you this is the last time I'm doing They are kind...I guess...but as kind as parents get. We'll talk about how I've been "fending" for myself since I was 25. That's the last time they gave me money. Food and shelter...yes...but I've been making my own money since I was 25. We will discuss in detail on Monday. By 2012 I was finally settled and in my new job as an engineer, I rented a small flat..similar to the one I have now. It was owned by my aunt...and she's a character that I'd love to discuss one day. The epitome of a strong, entrepreneurial and independent woman. Auntie V...who I'd mentioned in the in her seventies now...retired...enjoying her grandbaby...and travelling once a year with her friends.

She rubbed off the travel gene on me. When I tell you they their seventies...I mean TRAVEL. They are doing things like going to the Great Wall of China, going on cruises to Alaska, and going on cruises to the Panama canal. I was living in my flat when they began the adventures and went on their Alaska leg. I heard that story first hand and was advised to start seeing the world. So I started travelling in 2015, once I was more settled in my work flow at the refinery. The first trip I took was here in Jamaica...I went to a vacay/conference at the Hyatt Ziva above. Skim through the blog articles for the review.

I've explained before that my family loves to on Thursdays...I'll do an outline of where we've been. As a start, since Jamaica is literally next door to Miami. It's about a 2 hour and 50 minute flight...though I've noticed if the sky is clearer it's almost like the pilot speeds up the plane and you reach Since Jamaica is so close to Miami, we've spent about three vacations in Orlando, Florida. In terms of grand resorts...we had a time share at Westgate Lakes. We've been to Disney World...about three times as well as to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and Universal Studios.

Since summer is approaching...resorts are always a good way to celebrate. Take the time to explore your local offerings. This year...she's balling on a budget and living that Airbnb life. Don't knock it...the deals are awesome if you seek and find. Renting an AirBNB site can mean more sight seeing on a trip. We will discuss the concept of the opportunity cost!!

Today's celebrating the end of an era brought to you by the resort. From high end to budget, there is no shortage of available places that you can stay. When I skim Jamaica alone, even in Kingston, you spot little hotels and villas scattered across the plains. From Whispers to Alambra Inn to the don't have to go far in order to find somewhere fabulous...but isn't the home space. The energy of home and work can overwhelm I'm suggesting that every four to six take yourself away from that space...for at least a week.

Start inspiring even if you start in have plenty of time to get organized. Disciple determines destiny, so we'll talk through the action steps to get us to achieving those goals. I'll be settled in a week.

Thank you for reading!!!


**Dr T**

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