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Celebrating the End of An Era Two

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I'm sure you're celebrating with me, as I conclude the final week of the semester. People are I don't start till today, but yesterday there was some long email trail between one supervisor's observations about what should have been a test for the students. I start work on honestly had no clue what was going on. With people this tired...what is really needed is less contention...and just a more easy going vibe. I'm still here...writing my blog articles, and marking my students papers...with relaxing meditation music on. Lol. Yours truly...has withdrawn from office politics and am focusing on the summer. I just tend to focus on the more fun path in everything that I do. I just like to be happy I guess.

I'd mentioned that I'd find different ways to celebrate this week. I'll mention more in my videos in the months to come. I thought yesterday's gift basket was a little more on the feminine side, so I tapped into what the men around me seem to love. Tandose M, grew up with two brothers and a father, and with that much testosterone in the house, I managed to observe certain things about the alcohol favorites of men. In the house, there is both a wine rack, and an alcohol cupboard. Somehow...around with all households...the alcohol in stock triples in its capacity.

We love a range of alcohol. When the bar is fully stocked closer to Christmas or birthdays... international favorites such as Hennessy and Amaretto are purchased. They are on the pricier side, so they tend to be available on the really special occasions. What's present year round the above. Appleton Rum and...second in abundance is Smirnoff Vodka. My dad loves to cook, and he's also good at mixing Appleton rum is always in the house. We do have your cheaper house wines and rums such as Stone's Ginger Wine, but I've never seen the house dry of Appleton Price's medium. I can find a range when I reach Loshusan.

When I get a chance, later down the line...I'll do an overview of the Appleton Company. They are a very interesting organization. Some of my colleagues in food chemistry actually end up working there. As an engineer, I worked in the mining and metals industry at the Clarendon Alumina Works. Those who work in Food Chemistry end up working for companies such as J Wray and Nephew, and do fun stuff such as make wine, rum and beer. The other fun food companies to work for are Lasco, Grace, and Red Stripe. I know for sure...that Red Stripe has a party every Friday...and when I heard that on the plant tour...I felt like it was my destiny to be there. I want to work at McKinsey and Company for similar reasons. They are just fun!

For the time being if you're can always keep this on your Father's Day or birthday list. With the advent of'm sure you can find it there as well. I discovered that my favorite rum cake is on Amazon, so that being the case...everything must be You'll always win with Appleton. I can't tell you how many of the containers that the rum comes in are recycled in the house for things like keeping coffee and coffee The empty bottles make a nice display. Below is what I'd done with some rum bottles that were left behind after my brother's visit. These bottles are from the Netherlands.

The above is my dressing table display. Aside from other trinkets what are valuable to me, in the left of my display are two bottles that I salvaged from Christmas about two years ago. These are clay bottles that my brother brought to the house at Christmas time. They were too unique for me to discard after we finished with them. I do the same with bottles like Amaretto.,.which I do believe make gorgeous ornaments. If you don't want the look to be too gaudy, you can take some methylated spirits or some strong alcohol or even acetone, and wipe off the gold Amaretto writing. What you're left with...can be used on displays on your countertop or on your kitchen cupboards to add a nice vintage touch.

Happy Celebrating!!


**Dr T**

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