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Choices and Changes: Professional Transitions

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Welcome back to the blog!!

The theme song for today's blog article is the theme song for The Young and The Restless!! Run the track...or imagine piano playing as you read if you're reading from your phone. If you're Jamaican...this show came on before CVM As we mentioned previously...the drama is all well and good when it's on TV...not in your own life. In real life we want something more like what Mary sings: "No more drama!!"

Yours truly young and very restless!! While I assured that this is the LONGEST ten days of 2019. The end of September can't reach fast enough. I'm sure you've been in a situation like mine, where you're waiting for change!! All I do these days is listen to gospel music to calm my mind. Rest assured...that the day that I move...I'll be back to hip hop. That Hot Girl Summer song with Ty Dolla Sign is EVERYTHING!!! You know how it is when you have your freedom!! I can buy all the LIQUOR I want and drink in peace!!! Smirnoff Ice wi seh!! Red Berry Crush/Guarana...semi frozen! As a general disclaimer to the kids...please drink responsibly...but you know what I mean!!

As a life lesson that all millennials and beyond must learn: Thou Shalt Love...THYSELF. This is half of one of the commandments and it's the truth! I'm sure we've all been in situations that we just weren't comfortable in, and the current situation for me is one of them. After this experience, I don't think...I can live with anyone who's not hubby and my future twins! (Long story...but I have told my womb...that she's having twins in two years!) I don't tolerate discomfort for long, so I've been taking action to accomplish my life goals!!

Today we're going to talk about taking ACTION!! As an Impact Theory fan, we have identified that life is not easy...but it's worth it if we work hard enough towards a worthwhile goal. One of my favorite interviews was with Mel Robbins. One segment of her interview highlighted that fact that all that matters is taking ACTION. When necessary, I affirm that across my day. There's a point where one stops theorizing, and starts moving towards that which they desire. Discomfort is that aspect of life that propels you towards that which you'll desire as an individual. If you're meant to be somewhere, you'll feel love. If you're not meant to be somewhere, you'll feel that desire within your being to leave that situation. Pain is your friend!!

The best description I ever heard about embracing pain was in a T.D. Jakes sermon. Motivation comes from everywhere!! T.D. Jakes was talking about when you're called to greatness, it won't exactly feel like a whisper from the heavens saying...

"Princess...I think it's time to go now! Your destiny awaits!!" It'll feel more like a push induced by discomfort, whether it's not being happy at work (I won't delve into this...if you've worked past three'll know what I'm talking about!) and if you listen to your life, you'll know where exactly it is that you're being led to and why. TD says something like "When you feel the nudge... you take the action, and the door better RUN!!" Life is not a unique experience. You live and learn. I have listened!!

As a young professional, one of the sites I now frequent is LinkedIn. I currently have started paying more attention since I am focusing on my career progression behind

the scenes. A colleague of mine, was kind enough to post the fact, that Mattel is now promoting professional Barbies. As far as I recall, this has always been the case.

I am of the impression that campaigns refresh, and I'm always in support of this because there are always new generations that succeed the preceding. Regardless of who you are, I am always of the impression that it is important to present your best self. When I was in business school, we had week long seminars on business presentation. For this reason, I spent time revamping my make up collection prior to me making my leap. I was groomed. Image is everything and it just helps when professionals look their best, so I prepared. The fit and the make up are set...and I'm working on hair next. Don't judge...I have a lot of Right now I just let her be. That conditioner life:)

As a millennial, I distinctly remember trips to places like Toys R Us when I was younger, and having to choose between Dr Barbie (she came kitted with her stethoscope and cloak) and the other fun Barbies like beach Barbie, Skipper and her friends. To this day without shame, when I want to release the stresses of the world, I'll full out watch a Barbie or a Hallmark movie. They're light hearted and after I'm finished, I'm back to mellow and can focus on bigger Barbie taught me to embrace my femininity. Einstein and Elon Musk, taught me how to embrace my genius. Tesla's Operations Manager is a woman I admire as well! In life, you're a hybrid...and it is important to embrace all aspects of your being.

Real life professional men and women are doing their best every day. Every day in life...there is heroism, and you have to ensure that you are the hero of your own story.

In the days to come, I will go through some of the features of LinkedIn that I've been enjoying as a professional. One of the most interesting things that I've learned

in life is to allow yourself to grow. In my evolution, I've noticed that several persons who I admired have actually grown and expanded their careers. These are individuals

all over ten years older than myself, and I find that they still have that passion and zeal. I'll give a few examples, just so I can inspire my leadership. The key to life

is to never stay satisfied and to keep allowing yourself to grow and change. As a background, I am Alcoan, and was based in their South American pool of engineers, at our location in Jamaica. I'll start the story here:

If you recall that dresser presentation of mine, you'll notice my trophy. I carry that thing...EVERYWHERE with me. I won it in 2014, after graduating top 5 in Alcoa's

Management Trainee program. My entire batch (seven of us...were sent on a training program that lasted a year with forty other candidates. I graduated top five). We were trained for a week in Sao Paulo...and during that event...I started learning how giants move through their industries. Alcoa was kind enough to have their regional president talk to us about careers and it was the most refreshing thing I'd ever experienced. It was the real life version of what happens on Impact Theory. When you see success, there's a process below it, so we were kind enough to learn the management's processes. We were spoken to by about four or five of these Alcoa giants, and interestingly, they all said the same thing: They came in at one point, and didn't stay there. They expanded in the system. They just kept on propelling themselves to the next phase of the process. The entry point may have been different for one person - one came in as an engineer, another as a business person, and they simply learned the system and navigated their way to management of their division. My former boss did a similar thing. When I met him, I thought he was actually stationed at our location "forever" only to hear that he was only 38 at the time, and that he had been everywhere in the system from different locations in South America, to a year or two in Australia, two years in Jamaica and now he's a manager at a Dubai plant. He just carries his family everywhere with him. I'm a that aspect of life is a little different for us. The career pulls are real!!

What this is indicating to me, is that we must never be satisfied with the current level. We always need to level up...and allow ourselves to live out of our potential. I've decided to start this as a series, so on Monday we'll talk more about making changes in your career. How exactly does one do a seamless fashion? The first is to observe what others have done, and the second action is to take action. Taking action is hard, but with time, you actually accomplish your desire. The time to take now!! Life is all about the chances that you took!!


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