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Choices And Changes: Beautifully Organizing The Next Level

Welcome back to the blog,

Life is good...and all is well!! June is definitely the month of change. I've become more intentional in my life...and have taken the time to actually filter out...a few things and made my life more efficient. Flow is one of those things that you really have to take the time to create in your life. In learn that you are the only one who really lives your life. Thankfully...I'm at peace. I've started travelling again, so that is making the variety of life all that much more interesting to say the least. Starting off with the fun:

CORPORATE CHIC: As a woman, I absolutely love a comfortable dress. I've been taking the time to actually explore the fashion world, and came across this beautiful dress in Lee's Fifth Avenue in Kingston. The piece is one that fits as comfortably as a cotton dress should fit...yet is cut in such a way that you feel well put together and chic. It's absolutely stunning. As a piece that is designed to fit every curve, the dress is designed with a tie at the back that allows you to cinch in the waist where necessary. The zipper detail at the back of the dress is one that allows for a close fit as well. In terms of the design, I've been loving the fact that there is a built in belt at the front, which creates a contrast between the top of the dress and its skirt.

Based on this design, I believe that it will go well with a pair of nude pumps, as well as either gold or silver accessories depending on what you prefer. If you feel like mixing your metals, you can do this as well. Even if you work from home, when it comes time to put yourself together, this dress is comfortable enough that you won't feel too overdressed at home, but know that it's time to work.

Price Point: 60 USD

For a dress of this calibre, the price point is actually on point. This is one of those pieces that you'll want to invest in, and enjoy the ability to wear season after season.


Always one to explore my surroundings, I managed to visit the University Chapel of the West Indies this past week. As a scenic location right on the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, the beauty of this site, is that right behind the chapel is a beautiful garden. With seating, a pond and even a fountain, it's one of those places that's enjoyable while the campus scene is on the quieter side. As one who loves her peace, I tend to just sit by the water, plan my day and even just revel in the beauty of it all. 2020 is a year that I've definitely spent reflecting and with the reflections, I'm actually able to allow myself to identify what works and what doesn't work. With the world re-opening, now's the time to actually build and progress in terms of all aspects of life.


I mentioned before that the best way to get things done, is to microachieve. I have been practicing this principle in my home decorating activities. A done something is better than aiming for perfection. You simply allow yourself to move forward in increments. Microachieving involves the dissection of the tasks into small chunks that won't overwhelm you. With the completion of one task, you'll feel compelled to do the next task on the next available unit of time. For the summer season, behind the scenes I actually am taking the time to redecorate the bathroom. The one thing that YouTube and the entire Dollar Tree tribe has taught that change is possible...even on a dime. Here are some of the microachievements that I've made across the span of one week. If you're inspired...feel free to try these steps!

1) Re-arrange things: If you have items in your bathroom on shelves, you can actually take the time to organize them into storage containers. From my shoe haul in January, I had some shoe boxes that were available. Taking some contact paper in your desired design, you can cover shoe boxes, and actually create beautiful storage containers. One roll of contact paper costs about $2.00, so per box if you utilize'll be just a few cents. By placing items that you utilize on a regular basis in containers, it actually reduces the visual noise as you enter the space. There's more order and you'll simply feel relaxed instead of being overwhelmed by whether you put the lotion bottle in it's place or not. It'll all be nicely tucked away.

2) Recycle: Utilizing glass storage that you created from items like candles is a really nice way to jazz up a space. I managed to convert a glass candle holder...into a holder for either brushes for make up or my toothbrush. Glass instantly elevates the look of a space, and I found that by changing that accessory, I was able to actually enjoy the process of getting ready in the morning, and the process of reclining at night. Surround yourself with beautiful things.

3) Purchase Upgrades: For a seasonal change, you don't have to do anything big in order to make an impact. At this point, I haven't changed my paint colour, only my decor. Per week, I've been adding one new item to the bathroom. A clear counter space, with a beautiful handwash is an elegant touch to a counter. At this point, beside the sink are only about five items: Handwash, Toothbrush and toothpast in the holder, Face wash and my daily facial gel. It all works out so beautifully. Simple and elegant. Another addition that you can make to the space without changing your shower curtain. For just a few dollars (I'm only spending about $8-$10.00 on a really nicely designed shower curtain), you can actually take the time to change the look of a room without doing too much to it. With each season, I will definitely make changes to ensure that the space is looking nice and fresh.


Variety is definitely the spice of life, and you want to ensure that you're being gentle with yourself and allowing yourself to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Even if it happens in increments, as long as you're moving forward even just an inch...eventually you'll reach your milestone. Stay disciplined and organized, and you'll make it to your decorating (or anything...goals).

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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