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Corporate Capsule On A Dime: Bohemian Work Vibes

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Bohemian Work Dress

Welcome back to the blog,

Pardon the one day delay in this post! I honestly can't remember what happened yesterday, but it was a jumbled mixture of business meetings, after which I managed to actually take the time to browse the shops. Essentially, as we discussed last week, the key to a successful to actually hold a vision for yourself. My vision for myself is to return to full time work in the corporate world, and as a result, I've been taking the time to actually build my corporate capsule closet. My Spring Collection is one that I've taken the time to actually build, and with the summer approaching I thought it would be a good idea for me to walk through the pieces that are currently inspiring me as an individual.

In terms of my corporate looks, I'm actually a mixture of either very modern pieces or on the other extreme, I actually like to experiment with more laid back look. Since I'm currently free flowing and in my creative phase of life, I've actually gone for a more bohemian inspired look for the new summer season. As someone who works from home, I've found ways that you can actually keep yourself motivated, even if it's just you, your computer and your Zoom conference. You have to prime your mind for that which you desire. Let's go through the looks:

a) Bohemian Classic: The look above is one that I've been inspired by. I went to Lee's this past Friday, and decided to look through their more aspirational pieces in order to find ones that I'd love to purchase. Lee's is one of the more pricier stores in the Kingston area, and a dress like this can cost up to $80.00. For this reason, I tend to just wait until the store itself is on clearance and purchase then. If I want something now...I'll shop Down all know the tea!! At this rate...I don't expect to be balling till 2021...but I do expect to be employed in corporate in 2020. In the interim, it doesn't hurt to actually find the pieces and have them on your wishlist. With the current quarantine I'm sensing the bigger sales will be later down in the year and this piece is in that target. Blue is a universal work colour. If you don't know what to wear to an interview, wear blue. When I was studying colour theory and learning about how blue is associated with industriousness, I thought this would be the ideal look for when I'm at work and organizing my consulting sessions with my clients. I'm anticipating several meetings, and of course during a meeting you want to be in a position where you exude that you are confident for one, and for two that you in a position of authority. When I saw a piece like this, it was the classic piece for those moments in the day, when you want to look chic, but still be comfortable. I paired the look with my amber earrings. Feel free to peruse the ForeverLuxury shop for more pieces like this one.

Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Bohemian Work Dress In Rose Gold

b) Bohemian Classic: This look is the Rose Gold version of the piece that I previously showed you. Essentially, I found myself working off a vibe, and when I saw this one it was the ideal piece for those moments where you'd want a piece that was a little bit more toned down, but still wanted a more classic piece. This piece actually looks lovely, and when I saw this I felt inspired to actually include a piece like this in my wardrobe. Very elegant, very comfortable, very chic. Another $80.00 piece but either wait for this, or just allow yourself to be in a position where you're first in line for the sales. There were still a lot of these pieces on the rack so you won't miss the items.

c) Boss Babe

Luxury Fashion On A Dime
Lavender Work Dress

A look like the one I'd go for when I'm going in to negotiate those deals. Essentially, as much as the floral prints are nice and cute, it's always good to have a piece in your closet that is a more elegant and demure piece. I am small in body, so tend to go for pieces that are more fittest to the body. I found this wine purple dress and thought it was ideal for those moments where you want command, and a polished look. While an elegant piece, the dress itself actually is embellished with a peplum. If you have a petite frame like myself, the peplum gives you a little bit more frame and body, and accentuates your curves.

Take the time to look through your closet this current season and see what works for you, and what doesn't. Essentially, with my capsule closet, I'm actually starting from scratch, and taking my time to build. With a little inspiration, I take my time and look around before I purchase. Once my mind has time to ruminate on my desires I patiently wait for the sales and get the items. For most things these days, you don't have to worry, just watch and you'll eventually get it. My primary vision for 2020 is investments. For this reason, I've cut back on primary luxuries, but get the more affordable versions. The tactic is working, I'm seeing my bank account actually grow each week to be honest.

You don't have to keep up with the Joneses, just take your time to actually build yourself and focus on life. What will matter most after a while, is your home, your family and your legacy. In the interim though, take the time each day to ensure that you're building towards that vision. Everything will happen in time!

Enjoy the weekend!


**Dr T**

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