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Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: Spring 2021

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And the time came...when the bud became a flower. It's the beginning of a New Year, and usually, that's the point at which we all have the most energy to accomplish our goals. A New Year represents a new beginning. It's always a good idea to take December off to relax and party, but once January approaches, it's important to ensure that we are ready to accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves. Life is a progressive activity.

I believe in the power of dressing for success. For my Spring 2021 Corporate Collection, I'd like to showcase a few pieces that I feel work well for a young professional.


One of the things that I love about the corporate world, is the ability to actually dress up and connect with people. If you work from home, unless you intentionally go to events like conferences, you'll miss the connection with people. There's something about getting dressed in your Monday's best...going to meetings, and accomplishing goals that I absolutely love. You have to put yourself into character, and one of the things that I find works best for dressing for the part that I want. You won't feel like a CEO if you're in your yoga pants all day. You have to channel power, and work clothes are made for that purpose. Formal events are few across the year...but they do happen. In those instances, it's always good to ensure that you are looking well put together. You can keep in your closet about five to ten formal pieces, just to ensure that you have items that you can wear.

For formal events, I like well fitted dresses, and the peplum dress that I have on, is one of my favorite formal pieces. Longer dresses work just fine, but since I filmed this in the spring, I opted for a shorter number. For starters it's one piece, and a combination of a solid base colour and a peplum skirt. I designed this piece myself, utilizing some extra fabric we had in the house. We measured the relevant parameters, and had our tailor make the dress.

This dress has worked well for a variety of events, and is definitely a style that you'll want to keep on hand for occasions that you need to elevate your look. You can add a cream jacket to the look where necessary and pair it with gold accessories, and cream pumps.


For the every day work looks, one of the dress designs that I love is just a free flowing dress. It's effortless and you can put together this look in less than ten minutes. One piece dresses made from flowy materials are not only easier to maintain, you won't have to worry about having to pair them with anything other than your jewellry and shoes. One piece looks are the way to go, if you're pressed for time, or don't want to have to spend too much time wondering what pieces will go together.

Most of the time, in a corporate setting you'll either be at your desk, or in meetings and comfort will definitely be the key to ensuring that you flow through your day. If you decide to head to a restaurant for lunch, you won't constricted by your outfit either. If you decide to head to happy hour after, you won't feel too overdressed.

Additionally, in a time where many of us are working from home, it's easy to think that we'll be productive if we spend time in our yoga pants. Your mind is actually wired to perform once you're dressed in a particular way, so channel your professionalism, put on a dress and you'll surprise yourself to see how much more motivated you feel, once you've decided that it's time for work. Once 5 pm approaches, you can then return to more comfortable clothing.

We have to learn to be responsible for our energy, and its important to channel that power through our attire.


One of the most inevitable items of clothing you'll have in your corporate wardrobe is a business suit. Whether you decide to wear pants or a skirt, it's always a good idea to have a suit in either navy or black, If you're in a business that will allow it, you can wear lighter colours such as brown, cream and other neutral colours. Vere away from bright colours such as yellow your suits, because really bright colours don't exude professionalism.

Business suits will be your go to for important events such as meeting a client, or interviewing for a job. Learn a little colour theory to identify what colours will be appropriate in what settings. Blue is a colour that represents industry and definitely wear this colour if you're going for an interview.

With respect to corporate accessories:

Ensure that your jewellry is simple, yet makes a statement. Items you can keep in your wardrobe include:

a) Statement bangles. I love gold statement bangles, because they are able to add pops of gold and silver and elevate your look without being too over the top.

b) Statement earrings. You'll want to wear earrings in gold or silver if your look allows it. If you want to wear bright bold earrings, you can do so if they in are matching your outfit. Colour is definitely a display of personality, so jazz things up a bit. You can still look formal with traditional prints, so feel free to get creative and not just stick to neutrals.

c) Your handbags. There are no rules re your hand bag, just make sure it matches your outfit. I tend to favour larger bags for work, so that I can fit my work portfolio in it. If you decide to wear a knapsack, keep it in a solid leather so that it looks professional.

d) Shoes. Feel free to get creative with your shoes once you're familiar with the work environment. Neutral colours such as black, brown or nude actually work well with all outfits, so ensure that you have at least one pair of each.

Looking good is feeling good! Empower yourself to accomplish your goals. Dress for success!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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