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Hi Guys,

Happy Friday. I've been at my new place now for the past three weeks. This phase of my life...I call the walk phase. I'm now practically settled and thought it would be a good idea to restore my blog's flow. I've settled my schedule behind the scenes (after rearranging this week) and now have established a final rhythm. Today being Friday...I don't start work till 2 I have time in the mornings to do things like write a blog article or study for my upcoming exams. Yes...I have another set...which I'll explain in detail on Monday. On Mondays...I will discuss themes like academics and general mental growth. I am now generally calmer...and it's showing in ways which I'll outline in the coming weeks. For skin clarity has improved significantly...because I now sleep better and am under less stress. I find that when I'm not stressed...the things that I'm anticipating actually happen. This is what the sages say is the phase of non-resistance. Even though I do have daily routines...I try and ensure that I'm not in a rush...and work according to my own flow. I am in control.

In my last video, I talked about how I divided the year into four quadrants and indicated an objective for each. The following is my overall plan which I've dissected in my daily planner in order to accomplish.

Q1: Work as a tutor till April. Take GRE Exam in March. Start Planning Vacation. Start Business.

Q2: Part 1: Focus on business (April,May). Finish PhD Applications. June Vacation. PhD Feedback

Q3: Part 1: Finalize organizing for school. (Find apartment close to my program. Submit application) Part 2: Start PhD. Life finally begins:)

Q4: Semester One Completed. Travel in December for the Christmas Holidays.

This is the overview of the year. The hardest part...but not the impossible part is Q1. The semester takes a toll on I have to ensure that I'm managing my energy. As we identified yesterday...on the work scene...there are always variables that try to disturb your peace. What I've thankfully work around that I can now flow unhindered. I was blessed this week...because I no longer work on Mondays. The two supervisors who I worked with on this day...are the most difficult in the department. With the every one else's sessions...I'm literally just coasting...and vibing with the students. The latter is the true nature of my being. Stress free living.

My Friday segments are dedicated to planning and decor. The image my dressing table. I kept it very simple. I rent a furnished flat...because I won't be here past seven months. In terms of the tray...that's a DIY project of mine- a repurposed picture frame. That frame used to house my degrees before I left for Cleveland. I found it in my room when I returned home last year...and converted it into a tray. The two bottles to the left are another DIY. My younger brother is at school in the Netherlands...and he brought home some alcoholic drink, which happened to be bottled in clay bottles. I thought that interesting...and since there were two sizes...simply kept the bottles after we finished drinking them...removed the label...and found that they matched my decor quite well. The other items are just general items that I thought would add a special touch to the space. In the middle is my trophy from when I worked with Alcoa. Lol. Yes...I'm a nerd...and one of my projects finalized in the top 5 in Latin America and the Caribbean. I keep it as motivation in my current transition to the PhD.

I'd mentioned previously...that I have started vacation planning!! Item #1 is to the top right of the picture. That's my first bag for the trip! It's a rose-gold Christian Siriano shoulder bag. I bought it at Payless because I'm still on a budget. It's the perfect bag for a vacation because it fits nicely into your travel bag, and is the perfect carrier for most small items. The inside of the bag is very nautical...with blue and white stripes. There is plenty of space for the the basics...such as sunblock, a small purse, and your shades. Interestingly...I've been dreaming about the beach on a daily I'm finding myself gearing up to go in reality...once I'm awake!!!

Enjoy the weekend when it comes. Yes...I'm still on my Valentine's Day flow. What's Valentine's Day without Beyonce!!! Today's song of the Countdown!!! Yes...up in the kitchen with the heels....Dinner Time!!! Tomorrow..we talk about Tandy's supermarket adventures. I started cooking again!!!


**Dr T**

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