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Creating My Capsule Wardrobe

Welcome back to the blog!!

Yours truly is in a really nice flow!! Yesterday morning, I woke up in the best of moods and went and exercised. I find that early morning exercise, when the entire neighborhood is quiet and asleep, are the most refreshing times for my life experience. I wake up with such amazing clarity, and there are points at which I literally feel like I'm on top of the world.

I had mentioned to you wonderful readers that I'm currently in the process of returning to work, and am doing all sorts of activities to return me to that direction. The other day, I was talking about creating a professional vision board, and I find that as I start walking in the direction of the goal, interesting things start to happen. Last Thursday, in the pre-black Friday sales, I actually walked around the stores in an effort to get some information for my subscribers.

In the Kingston area, there are three main malls that I love to frequent. These are Sovereign Center, Mall and Tropical Plaza, and also Manor Park Plaza. I haven't really been back to Manor Park since I've been back to Jamaica, but I'll make an effort now that I'm rebuilding my closet to do this. While at Mall Plaza, last week, I took the time to actually go into individual stores that fit my style. I love shoes, and happened to stop by Collectibles in my quest to see what was going on! When I stepped in...they had absolutely everything! The shoes above...the Carrie-2 nude pumps...were my win of the week honey!! I've packed them away for when I'm working. These shoes are perfect for:

1) Work

2) Brunch

3) Date Night

4) Shopping Day

Of course my eyes always see the red tags, and I realized that shoes that were originally USD $40 (circa JMD $4500) and $50 were now on sale for only $5.00 or (or JMD $500). It was refreshing to see them, and I had to get a pair. The week before as I mentioned, I'd gotten the Iman St Tropez Palette for just $5.00 and I had to take advantage of this deal. I started my corporate shopping about two months ago, once I realized that some aspect of my grand dream required me to return to work. If you recall, I started off with my chic yet affordable $10.00 dress. I will display this beauty for you all below:

I am sure, you all remember when I found her!! This was the day I KNEW I was heading back to work. You just set an intention and act on it! With the time passing, I've been taking the time to actually piece together my corporate closet and the process is going better than I thought. I'm building out my dresses, my shoes and also my jewelry this week. All for within the $5-$10.00 price range, but I make it all look so chic. The process is what thrills me!!

I'm finding the process quite refreshing. Bearing in mind that I'm currently in Jamaica, it is about 29C here, so I won't be shopping for things like coats. I do have winter gear however. I have a pea coat, scarf and gloves which I always keep handy just in case I have to travel. In my searches here however, I will take the time to start looking for things like sweaters. I'd mentioned before that I'm packing to there are times when I'll do things like purchase items specifically for that transition. I am inspired by various fashion designers, and with the Savage X launches, I did take the time to purchase the relevant underwear that will match my dresses. I know where to get the best deals on these items, and so I bargain hunt and get items for about a USD $1.00 -$3.00 a piece in DownTown Kingston. If I feel like...I will do a DownTown haul, because the experience is a trip and a half! A mixture of thrift hauling on the road, and institutionalized shopping!

As time progresses, the accumulated pieces are what I'll have placed in my rack for styling for you guys. I do corporate styling, so I'm taking the time to ensure that all my pieces are coming together nicely in order for me showcase all the different styles for you guys. At this point, I have about two dresses that I think can go with these heels, so I'll take the time to combine all the pieces together and create a lookbook for the blog and for Instagram.

As mentioned, pretty much every week for me is like Black Friday since I know where to shop, so I take my time to actually visualize, and then act once I see pieces that compliment my desire!

I love how this week's win turned out!! Let's see what else we can score in terms of jewellry this week!!


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