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Beautifully Organized: Current Quarantine Morning Routine

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope the new day finds you well!! I do believe that we are here to draw inspiration from each other. Over the past few days I've been mulling over the fact that..."A beautiful life is the one you create." I can't tell you how many times in a day...I have to remind myself that my life is my hands. You are the master of your destiny. At all times in have to be your best cheerleader. I do my best when I'm on my social media platforms, to represent a happy, positive life. It just feels better to be kind to be honest!! Not only does it make me feel better when I practice a lot of the principles that I read, but it actually becomes an interactive sharing process that is purposeful and progressive! There is progress being made...though it happens in increments. If you pull through each day...eventually you reach your destination. Today, I wanted share with you my May morning routine. I want growth and change like all of us, but there's a point at which you pretty much just have to push extra hard to create it. I'm starting off as high energy as I can, and pretty much just allowing the momentum to carry me. They say that the key to to pretty much...just keep moving. Here's how I gain momentum across the day:

1) Set Intentions For the Day

Your mind works best when it is given goals to work towards. If you've ever listened to Tony Robbins, one of the things he stresses and I'm grateful to him the fact that happiness is nothing other than progress. Set a goal and act on it. Rinse. Repeat. A lot of people equate happiness to the fact that you're laughing all the time. You can be calm and reflective...and still be happy. The balance of my being is able to accept that. When you're'll definitely think that happiness is partying all the time, but once you mature, you'll start realizing...that happiness could mean financial freedom, owning a business, being independent or even doing well on a project you love such as a YouTube channel. Watching the project grow and evolve with time is what brings joy. I'm still aiming for 4 am...but if that doesn't work...I simply wake up at 4 some positive affirmations by Jason Stephenson...and then wake up at 7 am. While I drift off...I take the time to actually focus on what will be important for the day...and when I'm fully awake...I tackle it.

2) Go For A Walk

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I assure the masses, that I still work out three times per week. It's just that most weeks, I don't have the time to document that I've actually done this. Exercise for me, is a personal thing, and I utilize it to ensure that I have that strength and mobility that will carry me through a lifetime. Many people don't realize that we'll actually be living very long lifespans and taking the time to actually keep your cardio system up and running is worth it. People are amazed...that I pretty much walk the two miles up the hill and pretty much carry on with my day.

While I walk...I dream. I see beautiful things. Sometimes they're homes, and sometimes they can be one blooming plant. This plant to the left, is one of those plants whose names I've never known...but somehow when I see speaks to me. I'm sure we've all seen it, and there's just a peace it brings to me...when I see beautiful things like this. While I walk...I clear my mind, and focus on gratitude and pretty much just prime myself for the day ahead. Your entire being comes alive...when you take the time to put a little oxygen into your body and get your heart pumping.

3) Morning Beauty Routine

I'll film an updated version of this routine, but essentially I utilize a series of systems for all my care needs. For my hair, I'm currently utilizing Purelene's Hair Care line. You can see the full details in my recent Quarantine Wash Day Routine video. I was the type of person who'd mix products, but over time, I started realizing that it was working in my best actually work with systems. Right conditioner and shampoo, and hair oil are from the same line. Once per week (or fortnightly if my braids are in) I will do a deep wash with the shampoo, and then nourish with the conditioner and the hair oil. For my beauty products, I do use a matching set.

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For a known reason, I'm still on this body set that I bought in April. I tend to vary body washes with bar soaps. During the quarantine, I started focusing on as many antimicrobial soaps as I could, and ended up with the Protex bar soap and this. If you're in a rush and want a good deep cleanse, the bar soap is the way to go. When I have time, in my morning showers I'll shower twice actually.

The first shower is to ensure that I'm squeaky clean. I go in with a bar soap. For the second lather, I then go in with the body wash.

Since a month has passed and I still have these...I've started challenging myself to utilize them more. I actually now have the lotion by my desk, and as I'm watching a YouTube video...I'll take the time to ensure that I'm actually moisturizing my hands and feet several times just to ensure that they moisturized, and to ensure for myself...that I'm finishing the product. I don't live overflow...and I recently bought a new bottle of Brown Vanilla lotion. I'm now in love with it...and can't wait to have this in my main ensemble. The vanilla scent lasts all day and I feel comfortably soothed as the day progresses.

For my face, I'm now using Beauty Formulas New Skin Glycolic. This is working. It's helping me to exfoliate my skin and I have a nice glow. After going in with the Vitamin E face wash, I actually just rub the Glycolic gel on, and allow myself to let it soak into the skin. I apply a little lip gloss, ensure my brows are brushed, and then simply allow myself to get dressed and get to work.

4) What I'm Currently Wearing

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Spring 2020 Floral Dress Collection

It's spring, and I currently have about ten dresses that I currently rotate. With the ten, I'm able to alternate, and still wear my floral dresses every two weeks. I still have the similar items to these linked in the ForeverLuxury store. I've been loving them. I do tryons in store, and then wait for sales to purchase. I'll definitely do a summer haul now that I know what to look for...and now that I know that certain non-essential services will soon be available to the public. You do want to allow yourself to go out once we can! I almost feel like the quarantine was designed to make us appreciate life's pleasures more, and pretty much ensure that once we're free...that we take nothing for granted. I can't tell you how many concerts...I'm here wishing I could have gone to. When I was in Cleveland Chris Brown came into town...and yours truly had homework due, so I didn't go. Postgraduate programs have a way of inducing anxiety...and when the pressure hits you feel like you can't do anything but stats etc. This weekend my brain said..."You should have just gone to the concert!!" I absolutely love for next year 2021 God's willing, I'll be able to get a front row ticket. My nineteen year old self...was lucky to have gotten the last front row ticket to see B2K when the Scream 2 tour was rolling through North Carolina! Live a life...with no regrets!! If you feel your gut telling you to do must do it!!

Once I'm all showered and ready it's about 11 am. I honestly...don't start working till midday. It's not a big deal...because the morning gave me time to get a little pampering in so I'm actually ready to work and not flustered like you are when you know you're forced to have an 8 am meeting or something to that effect. When you can just flow into your just works seamlessly.


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Garden Essentials

Another quick thing I'll do is actually spend about an hour in the garden. This helps to make my life a little easier. Gardening is actually a relaxing activity. Here are my babies, my callaloo plants. On the days that I'm not walking...I'm here tending to my vegetables. It's the most fulfilling thing I've done in 2020.

I love you for reading!


The quarantine gave you two good months to either work on yourself, or work on your garden. Hopefully you've done something that you'll be proud of for 2020. If still literally have six months to make the year yours. Many people are winning already. If you're not where you want to be...there's plenty of time to make the change and move forward.

I love you for reading!! Keep yourself well taken care of!!


**Dr T**

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