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Daring to Dream: How to Live the Life You've Always Wanted

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“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” — Elon Musk.

Life is an interesting journey...and only when you understand the process do you understand where you are. Today, I'd like to talk about the concept of daring to dream. In my latest YouTube video on Transitions, I spoke about how the semester ended, and that I'm finally back to being a Chemical Engineer. I haven't practiced engineering for about three years now, because I'd started my MBA program. In my recovery however, I've decided that it's time for me to return to what I was groomed to do. All aspects of my being are important, but at my core, yours truly is a scientist and engineer. All other skills were picked up along the journey...but the original seed planted in me is science.

As a brief history, there's a seven year gap between myself and my siblings, so books and my computer were always my escape. At the tender age of seven yours truly received her first science kit...and yes I was that kid who was burning grass with a magnifying glass, and adding coloring to water and placing celery stalks in their to study the concepts of capillary action etc. I've touched all aspects of science and circa undergrad, I decided that Chemistry was my path. After graduation, I took a year off and decided to become an Engineer. I used Google (yes...that blessing of the modern times. Thank you Brin and Page...I owe you my career) and literally created a decision matrix for my career path based on what I'd done in undergrad. I had a fusion of both theoretical and practical exposure and I decided I wanted autonomy...and based on what was the nature of the jobs I'd researched, I decided that engineering was the path to get me there. I was actually right. There's autonomy in every field mind you, but for the scientific field...I found engineering to be that versatile fusion of most skills that allows me to be fluid as I approach many tasks given to me.

As I've evolved in the scientific process I've started revelling in my ability to create, direct and control things. For this primary reason, I'd like to become an innovator and have a company one day. In the MBA, we started consulting and also the start up seed was planted in us. I daily dream of what my future company will be. In the few months that I've had off...I've really taken the time to reflect. The beauty about life is that it's unique...but you're not alone. I've taken the time to research persons who've utilized their scientific and engineering skills in order to create organizations that impact the world. I honestly believe that Elon Musk embodies those characteristics and for this reason, this blog article is dedicated to dreaming big.

As I was home in room a year ago...the above image was the pre-curser to what was to be the Falcon Heavy launch. For a good month once I'd discovered the launch was taking place, I'd never been so excited to be an engineer in my life. As I sat home pondering what was next, all of a sudden my mind was flooded by the possibilities of assisting in missions such as sending rockets to space. As an Operations Major, we'd actually had a team from NASA speak to us, so watching the video about SpaceX and their launch a month later, was like a strong reminder to keep going and to keep pushing forward as a scientist.

The beauty about minds like Elon Musk's is that they dare to dream, and find the ways and the means to accomplish their dreams. I believe that many persons aren't living to to limits of their potential, and they tend to be disappointed when the end of the 100 years arrives. The "What-If's" tend to bubble up as they realize what paths they could have taken had they only tried harder. I currently am on a mission to live a life of no excuses, and watch the modus operandi of persons like Elon, is a good enough example to us that we need to be living the life of our dreams no matter what happens. He and his team started off in a small apartment, and built their why can't we, in the comfort of our homes with way more amenities, find the energy to fulfill our destinies? Is it that the comfort level is so high that we forget that we have dreams? Or are we too distracted by life to remember that we had seeds of greatness planted within us.

As the semester concluded, one of the things that I decided to focus on, was the fact that I have control of my life and my destiny....and so do all of us. Regardless of where you are, with the right passion and the right dreams, one can achieve all the dreams that they desire to achieve. On days like today...I tend to want to reflect on my future, and then take the steps to return to my original set point. It's time for me to focus, I've given to others and I simply want a chance to live my own dreams, and live them in an unhindered fashion.

Find your role model, and emulate them. You're a star in your own right...but find out what success strategies, particularly mental toughness that these individuals have utilized them to propel themselves to greatness. Don't think small, think BIG. At the end of your tenure on Earth, you really want to live a LEGACY.

As the week progresses, we'll discuss tactics that we can use condition our minds to accept the best path for ourselves. Very often, we're hindered by the opinions of those close to us, and the key is to filter out your own voice from theirs. Once you can hear yourself, the rest of the life process is smooth and you simply flow. The brain, like all units operating with control systems operates best with a set point. Once you give your mind a task, and it accepts it as so, you'll surprise yourself as you embark on your journey. The next three months for me...are focus, and just restoring myself as a Chemical Engineer. Re-priming the pump if you will. You don't really forget what's part of you...but sometimes you need a little reminding.


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