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Date Night Chic: Valentine's Day Try-On

"I will love you's time for some new new!!"

Welcome back to the blog!!! is time to turn up for Valentine's Day!! Every the name of fashion...yours truly braves the stores...and scans the racks for pieces that are fitting of the occasion. In my book...even if the only place you're waking up and going is downstairs to your kitchen, your verandah...or your home office...there's no reason...why on can't be cute doing it!! You don't have to be beat to capacity to be fly, but at the very must look presentable...especially to bae. There's a difference between your man and the rest of the world (if you're single...still helps)...and for this one always helps to ensure...that you're cute no matter what. I took the time to scan the racks of two stores in Kingston this week - Lee's and Ammar's for pieces that would be fitting of Valentine's Day date nights. In all honesty...I feel like Lee's is for the older crowd...but I managed to find some pieces in there that I'd wear on a date night...especially for Valentine's Day. I've snagged about six looks for date night (child...I accidentally deleted my lingerie I'll post that on Monday since I have to re-do them...I found some cute sets with the matching robes (red, black and pink) that I thought were super cute!). Without any further ado...let's get started with what we have!! Note to self (download Android picture recovery app!! Those who can relate will know!!)

Look #1: Look one is the starring image of the files. When I saw this piece...I fell in love with the elegance of the piece. If you're of a smaller bust size like myself, you'll love the fact that you can wear deep V tops with ease (think J Lo Versace dress!!) . Work a little fashion tape (or duct tape honey...and you're good to go!!) If you understand'll understand that clothes are pretty similar with respect to what will pop on your skin. For darker skin tones, warm colours always pop...and I found this really nice and elegant bohemian look at Lee's. This is one of my pricier pieces in my find. I'm using US Dollars as my baseline to minimize confusion. If you have a similar piece in your closet...I'd recommend you wear that ...and probably wait till this goes on clearance closer to summer. For the $100, you can buy two dresses of similar quality at my competitor store...Ammar's. If you have to have this...get it...but it'll be worth waiting for in about two months in the clearance.

Store: Lee's

Price Point: $100.00

Look #2: White Cowlneck Dress

When I saw this look...I found that piece that was screaming Valentine's Day Date night without feeling like it was overly cheesy and in line with the red theme that's prevalent. In fact, when I put on this dress...I started feeling wedding dress vibes, and I thought that this piece would be ideal for those individuals who've probably been married for a long time, and just wanted that fresh feeling of what it was like to have been a bride. This is definitely clean and effortless. With time, certain things become mundane in your life experience, and it always helps to keep things a little fresh in the relationship. White is always effortless, and I absolutely loved this lace number. I can see this for date night, and even even events like brunch.

Price Point: $50.00

Store: Ammar's - Mall and Tropical Plaza

Look #3: Bling Bling

Hip Hop is definitely my favorite dance genre and when I saw theme song "Bling Bling....every time I come around the corner...BLING BLING!!" started playing in my mind!! Admittedly, by the time I saw this dress...I took back the mental note in my mind that Lee's is for old or retiring people. I was literally on the verge of walking out of the store when I saw...THIS!! Another V-neck dress, with a more fitted profile...this dress is the epitome of date night for the hot girl. This is my Hot Girl Valentine's Day look!! If you think the front is popping, the jewels actually go all the way to the back. The back...has criss-cross straps and an open back. The entire strap laced with the bling. All you see bling!! When I saw this...I knew this would be the piece I'd rock if I had this in my collection!! The price point a mortgage payment/car note/two textbooks. If you have school fees to pay...wait for the clearance...or find the dupe at Ammar's for half the price! Save your coint! Here's the total:

Store: Lee's

Price Point: $120

Look #4: Brunch With Bae

Easy, breezy and beautiful. This was one of the more effortless pieces in the collection. When I saw this piece...I knew that I had to try it. I love off the shoulder pieces and when I saw this, I was imaging more of a Saturday day lunch date vibe. Either that...or brunch at Devon House in a nice, cool, relaxing atmosphere. The detail on this dress is one I'm loving. The high-low look is one that I'm seeing a lot of when I scanned the shelves!! I saw a lot of these in both the skirt format, and the dress that you're seeing here.

In terms of the dress, what I love about off the shoulder dresses is the fact that you can actually adjust the straps to either act as a strapless dress, or as a full shoulder look. Depending on where you're going, you can adjust the level of sexy. An effortless piece from Ammar's, this was definitely one of their pricier pieces.

Store: Ammar's

Price Point: $100 (they have a 20% clearance now)

Final Price: $80.00

Look #5: Gold To the World

The dress that made me feel like I made it. This is screaming Executive...yet sexy and romantic. I love a good romper. Mind you, some of these pieces are on the long side for me...but since I'm ready with my heels, I'll show you the shoes that I'd wear with these pieces later down in the blog!! I'd started my Spring Collection for a reason, and the aim was to combine all these pieces in a manner that would enable all the pieces to coordinate.

I love metallics, and when I saw this piece, I was absolutely in love!! This is another Lee's banger, and I feel like they were trying to get back at me for shunning them all these years. They stepped up their game!! After my scan...I was able to find this piece among others...that I'd definitely aspire to have in my Executive closet. I absolutely love this piece...and it would definitely be in my forever collection. Another mortgage payment!!

Store: Lee's

Price Point: $150.00

Look #6; Purrrfect Chic (Grown And Sexy)

Since not every one likes to show a little skin, I found the perfect covered dress that felt suitable for Valentine's Day. This piece is leopard print...and I live for this print in pretty much everything!! There are some dresses, that I feel you can feel good in regardless. If you're in a mode where you've gained a little weight, or are pregnant and don't want to be showing...a piece like this will be ideal for your night or day out. As much as its full coverage, the piece is actually pretty lightweight and sheer. An effortless, elegant piece, you can't go wrong with this number. Another mortgage payment, but worth it.

Store: Lee's

Price Point: $150.00


For the pieces that are both long and short, that I want to add that additional edge....I'd pair with my Pierre Dumas white heels. The heels are about three inches and give me the desired elevation that I'll need to pull off a chic and elegant look.

For those brunch looks or more laid back looks that still need a little elevation, it will be well worth wearing pieces like these gold wedges. I absolutely love the fact that you can have the elevation with the support.

I hope you enjoyed!! I had such a fabulous time with this try-on!! Make the effort!!


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