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Boutique Vanity Decor: On A Dime

Vanity Decor - On A Dime
Re-purposed Whisky Bottle - Vanity Decor

Welcome back to the blog,

Home decoration and design can be a pricey endeavour! While I'm a firm believer in investing in the important things, when it comes to the peripheral things, there are plenty of ways, that we can do this on a dime! One of my favorite things to do as a crafter, is to identify ways to ensure that my home is looking its best. What I've come to learn over the years, is that its not the size of the's the creativity of the home owner. With a little creativity, you can turn a studio into a boutique. One of the central themes in my crafting corner, is the utilization of that which you already have. I love to spend money on things like clothing, but when it comes to home decor, I will literally spend hours watching crafting videos, in order to come up with creative ways to make my home space look absolutely fabulous. In today's blog article, we'll generate a vintage perfume bottle. Once you're inspired, everything around you will generate ideas.

As a start, in the current quarantine, with us being home more, we took a little time to actually do things like relax. That meant utilizing more of what was in our wine and rum cupboard. While we don't have a large stock, we do go through a few classics pretty quickly. As the kitchen Operations Manager, I started noticing that about once per month, we were throwing away beautiful bottles of rum. My initial thought was to keep them, and then after a while, the idea came to me to repurpose them. My first DIY had a more bohemian chic vibe to it, and my subscribers loved them so much that I decided to keep making more. Today's beautiful creation is the second instalment in my rum bottle series.


Vanity Decor On A Dime
Re-purposed Whiskey Bottle: Vanity Decor On A Dime

Wanting something a little more classic and chic, the size of this whisky bottle (my brain keeps getting stuck on rum because I'm Caribbean). This bottle is a finished bottle of Crown Royal Mona Lisa, a Canadian Whiskey. While we can get this in our local winery, one of the things that tends to happen in the household, is that our friends who travel, will bring us bottles. This was in our gift package last year, and we took our time to actually drink it. The quarantine accelerated the process of course. How the Crown Royal comes packaged, I couldn't brink myself to actually throw it away. The bottle comes almost like a luxury handbag. In the box, there's a dust bag, that's protecting the bottle. Once you unwrap it, you're welcomed by this beautiful medium sized bottle.

After months of wanting to upgrade the vanity space, I decided that this would be the ideal addition to my vanity. With a little creativity, I decided that I wanted the bottle to be like a giant perfume bottle of Chanel. The process of transformation took about 24 hours, and for the full visual, feel free to check out my YouTube video of the bottle transformation process here.

To achieve a similar objective you will need:

a) A rum bottle or your choice. Because we're looking for a bottle that feels like a giant perfume bottle, you want to find a rounded bottle. If you don't have one in stock you can always find one at a thrift shop. The point of the process is to utilize what you have...or spend as little as possible on the crafting process.

b) The desired design that you want to place on your bottle. I utilized a printable, that I searched for in Google Images. Just choose a design that will work best for your decor. If you want something more modern and glam, you can find prints from newer perfume lines. Going for a more classic and chic look, I went with the classic Chanel logo.

c) Scissors. From my experience, I found that my printable came out a little too big for the template on the bottle where the label previously was. To make it all fit, I was able to trace the space, and then transfer the template to the label and create the new label design.

d) Glue. For this exercise, I utilized a soft glue, because I want to be able to change the label with time. If I used something more permanent, I wouldn't be able to have the desired versatility.

e) A gold pen for creating a gold border once I had finished the process of gluing the new label unto the bottle.

To start the process:

Wash your bottle, fill it with water, and let it soak in some water overnight. What this will do is allow the label to soak off. In the morning, you can simply remove the label, wash any traces of paper off, and simply allow the bottle to air dry in your drain board.

Once the bottle is completely dry, you will then take the time to fit your label. In terms of preparation, you can do things like have everything printed from the night before, so that when the bottle is ready, all it will take you is about twenty minutes to add your label. The process is simple and quick and the perfect way to add some pizzazz to your vanity. Below is how mine turned out:

Vanity Decor On A Dime
Vanity Decor On A Dime

This is my current vanity space. I do have other items that I utilize, but I find that too many things will clutter a space. I've kept the items that I use on a regular basis in my bathroom area, and just have the items that I'll love to look at and to inspire me on my vanity. It is important to surround yourself with items that inspire you. Having a space that is beautiful, is the way to go. From a mental clarity perspective, I love this!!

The before of this...was an accumulation of my crafting activities. In an effort to not be inundated by my craft overflow, I've started purging them. When an item no longer fits a space, I'll either give it away or finally discard it. You can see the first rum bottle at the back of the display. To the back and to the right, is a jewellry tree that I assembled from a rum box. In the box, I anchored with my gratitude rock (received from a work conference) a dried coconut branch. I hang my jewellry there and it looks absolutely pretty and inspiring as I get ready in the mornings.

In summary, you just have to work with what you have, and you'll surprise yourself to see how creative you can get with items that you originally thought were fit to go to the dumpster. With our current consumption rate, I have a new bottle every month for the rest of the year. I hope this inspired you! If you tried any of my suggestions, feel free to tag me on either Instagram or comment on my article below!!

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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