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Defining Your Style in 2020

"Remember what I told you!! Be your own boss...LOVE YOURSELF!!" - Ciara

Welcome back to the blog!!

It's Friday...Bi!!!! As you know...this is the time when things get lit on the blog...because when the weekend comes...I'm back to a little rest and relaxation. Today's theme song on the Ciara's "Level Up". I abs-solutely love this song!! 2020 is in full swing and I feel pretty good. Let's pray...that I keep my level of energy up for the entire year. It'll be an effort...but we can do this!!

I am a firm believer in creating your reality. As you all know...I walk around the "hood" twice per week for exercise and in my discoveries...found myself at the above gate to an area mansion. Where we live are various nooks and crannies...and just like you read in the Enid Blyton books...I suddenly found myself in a I found myself at the gates of this sprawling estate. Interestingly...nobody lives there, hence the state of the grass growing in the cracks of the tiles. The interesting thing about this location is the fact that it is has this winding drive way before you reach the mansion. I literally I was in a It was a breath of fresh air. The house sits atop a peak...and it's the most breathtaking sight. When I see things like this...I feel inspired with a capital I!!

Back in realityville...I went to the bank yesterday. Once I finished, I went to the mall. Once per month...I've committed to my tryons to make the mundane...more exciting and FUN!!!

Interestingly...the best mirrors and lighting I found are in the department store Ammar' for the most part...I promise to follow all the major fashion trends...and see if I can find matches in Ammar's to tryon for you all. Whenever I go...I'll update my Instagram stories so that you can see the fits..."live". I get good footage there...thankfully. As a background for those who are new...I do have a fashion past. Some of my friends interestingly find it interesting that I'm currently styling...because they never actually saw when I was an intern at of Jamaica's fashion houses. I am a dancer...and in dance there's costumes and make up...and in that flow...I ended up planning fashion shows with Pulse. What I find with my channel that I have an avenue to channel all this good feminine energy. I'm having fun with my "baby". Here are my wins for the week:

Your girl was feeling Golden Globe vibes when I saw this dress....hunnayy!!! I had to try this on...just for the fun. I was telling you guys yesterday...that there was this one episode of The Hills where the girls just went into a boutique to try on wedding dresses. I actually... once applied to FIDM...because Lauren Conrad went Long story:) Story of my I do these things for fun...when I have the time!! I was feeling couture vibes...when I saw this and just decided to try it on for the heck of it. Very high fashion and couture. I'd partner this with my white stillettos...if you all remember these from last week. This dress screams...Christmas party...but I'm getting ready for my 2020 promotion!!! Just a fun little number. This is giving me dance all night, date night with your bae...vibes. Very cute...and chic. Calgon...take me away!! Speaking of Calgon...the next dress is giving me...every day vacation vibes.

As you all know...I'm currently in Jamaica... and just decided to make the most it...(I really want to move to and I was wanting a dress that represented the "At Home Chic". I love a good maxi dress. There's just something about a light flowing dress that has that relaxed, yet glamorous vibe. When I put this on...I felt like I'd be just as comfortable wearing this dress at home...or even running errands. This is that fly housewife...flex. Imagine pairing this with your wedges...and strolling through the supermarket without a care in the Or better yet, if you're in a vacation can wear a dress like this for the day over your bikini and just pair it with a pair of cute metallic slippers or sandals. I felt fabulous...and like a princess in this dress. I felt on top of the world...and just effortlessly chic. Playing dress up is everything. I have a few maxi I didn't pick this up...but it was fun to try this on. If they have this in the clearance...I'll definitely pick it up.

I am working on my maybe a month from now...I'll do a swim suit haul. I did see a few pieces that I thought would be cute for the summer. I have my inspirations...and they know who they I've been really loving Rihanna's Savage X line...and picked up a few lingerie type items (lacy bras and nighties) with my gift card. You'd be surprised to know...that after the five pairs of shoes...I had enough money left to buy two bras...and a nightie from the Collectible's clothing section. The gift card was the best present...ever!! There's just something about feeling overall cute from the inside out...that gives us women confidence. This week...I've been loving one of the new bras that I got for Christmas. We are keeping it cute...keeping it classy, keeping it chic!!

That's what I have for this week where fashion is concerned. I have three outfits that I'llbe posting on Instagram. Outfit three...interestingly...was a floral The fit was too big for me...but I was going for this spring inspired two piece pants suit. The top fits like a tube top...and the pants are supposed to be tight like leggings...but on looks like two sizes two big. I took the picture none the less...just in case someone might want a look like this for a brunch or so.

Have a good weekend!! I'm here trying to get that Serena level focus for 2020!! I've had a blast listening to you guys visions for the year!! Hopefully we accomplish our dreams. Just stay focused and do it!! My aims are on my visionboard. Ideally, I want a job in reach 1000 subbies on all platforms, a cute apartment and camera equipment for YouTube!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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