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DIY Ideas: Getting My Groove Back

Welcome back to the blog!!!

Yours truly woke up in a good mood!! I've posted this week's video on Simple DIY's. Feel free to be inspired!! When you're in a good just revel in it and give thanks!! I woke up this morning and cleaned the house to Beyonce and Ariana Grande!! Countdown is the first song that I play when I want to inspire my inner housewife to get the house in order. I am truly making an effort to enjoy every day. I decided that for each day the following will be my objectives:

1) How can I be happier?

2) How can I be healthier?

3) How can I accomplish more?

With that frame of mind, I find myself actually progressing through the day with more vigor and I'm generally happier and more confident. I went shopping yesterday as per my weekly routine. Since I'm in Kingston now, I'm actually re-setting myself and allowing myself to restore. Last week, I'd gone through the process of describing to you all how it is that I make my gift baskets. I had described to you all how it is that I divide and conquer by purchasing my basket and my some of my fillers at Woolworth's. I went there yesterday and topped up on a few things. I've placed the mini-haul on my Instagram (@foreverluxury19), so feel free to check that out as well.

Additionally, I spoke with the Woolworth's management, and have gone through the process of arranging a Come Shop With Me Experience in the new week. When it comes to my shopping experiences, between them and Ammar's in the Kingston area, I'm finding that they are helping to accomplish my need for luxe, but on a budget. In terms of my general top ups:

1) I purchased the Body Secrets Brown Vanilla Lotion. This is a favorite of mine. I honestly prefer the body butter, but they seem to sell out fast. The lotions however...are always in stock so I got one. If you like Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar, Brown Vanilla is the ideal dupe, for a quarter of the price. While I'm at it...I'm going to start searching for my Christmas body set. Tradition in my to switch all my body care for the Christmas week, to make the event more special. With fall and winter approaching, I will do a lotion DIY as part of my body series on YouTube. I remember about two winters ago when I was in Cleveland, the Rite-Aid across the road had run out of Nivea lotion. As I walked around the inner chemist started to find alternatives. I found the Rite-Aid brand lotion, some baby oil....mixed them together and you couldn't tell me anything. My skin was softer than soft!!

The selected empty for the month is Bath and Body Works Lemon Pomegranate Cream. This scent is one that lasts....for hours and hours. I love the thick and creamy consistency, and absolutely enjoyed the experience with this lotion. I tended to use this pre-bed, as part of my night time routine and it was nice to be wrapped in the soothing scent of this lotion as I was drifting off to sleep. I do believe in aromatherapy, and as a result seek ways to add scent to my life experiences.

2) I purchased some hair and beauty items. These were just a top up of course, what I bought in the hair category was nothing new. As time progresses we do run out of things, so I decided to replenish my stock in order to ensure that I was maintaining myself. In those instances where I can't keep my hair moist all the time, I tend to go for hair foods as a means to keep my hair infused with oils. Hair foods are the heavier versions of hair oils and tend to last longer. My hair is 4C...but quite light. This is why I don't use relaxers. I somehow find that my hair doesn't really like gels (either that or I haven't found the right one yet) but things like hair creams and hair foods seem to agree with it.

In terms of hair, I have been protective styling. I've been changing my style every week. Thursday is my wash day (till I'm back at work). This week, I'm doing an updo. I didn't show last week's style for reasons I'll outline below.

3) I purchased some cleansing facial wipes. Woolworth's in Jamaica has items that could easily fall into the JA$100 category. Since some of you are international, I keep forgetting to convert. The exchange rate is JA$134 to USD$1.00. The facial wipes that I purchased cost $109.00, making them just about a dollar after the addition of taxes. My skin was breaking out slightly due to the fact that I was a little stressed from moving about three times over the course of the past month and a half. Last week, I simply gave myself a skin break and stayed behind the camera while I was healing and restoring.

I purchased the Green Pear's soap, and have gone through the process of gently cleansing my skin, as I'd indicated in my morning routine video. Additionally, I'd taken some suggestions from a recent Jackie Aina I've started doing things like doing a charcoal mask, and steaming my face. I see an improvement, so expect to be camera ready tomorrow!!

I am working on myself daily and simply being more intentional about everything that I do in a day. In terms of my current schedule, I have managed to carefully manage my filming schedule, blog writing activities and Instagram posts. I am working behind the scenes, so I am balancing everything that I present to both my social media clients...and to my Corporate clients. I am aiming for a full time job currently, so am on a full time job hunt.

The floral arrangement above, was part of this week's creative efforts. I've posted this week's video on Simple DIY's. The pine tree out front is my source of endless sprigs. Every time we trim the tree, I collect the sprigs and simply place them in a vase. Later this week, I'll do a floral decoration demonstration as part of my Instagram flow. I do believe that flowers always add to the pizzazz of a space. I love to do things with both dry and fresh flowers, so it's always a good idea to know how to work with what you have and make yourself feel like a million dollars regardless of your stage of life.

Enjoy the day!!


**Dr T**

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