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Today is a beautiful day. Affirm that to yourself even if you feel that it's gloomy outside. Your mind will always find a way to find what you focus on and bring it to you. Just before bed...yours truly drank a Smirnoff Ice Red Berry when I went to bed...there was a slight buzz...and I had what felt like a foresight of the future via my dreams:) I woke up HAPPY!! I have planned the year as I've written and spoken about on my YouTube channel. They say that when you create your truly own it.

Many a person from both the scientific and spiritual spheres has said...that your brain is well ahead of your body. I truly felt that this morning. There have been more than one occurrence in life where I've started proving this to be true. If you the beginning of the year I had a vision to find a vacation spot similar to Strawberry Hill above. Strawberry about the same price as the Hyatt. Yours truly is on a student's budget right one night at Strawberry Hill is pretty much the equivalent of what I'm willing to spend for a week. Mind never fails however...and I found an equivalent location in Portland for my price point. Same if you're wondering if the mental principles are me...they work. I'm not a sage...just a scientist so the best way to learn sometimes is to simply run your own experiments:)

As the semester concludes, I'm really going to challenge myself to put the principles to the test on all the other visions that I have for the year. The key is simply to stay persistent and to find a strong enough reason to pull yourself through every day and act on what you want...instead of focusing on what alternate opinions, your past self and any emotions such as fatigue may be saying to you. Your mind wants the minimal overcoming activation energy is key.

Bear with me for a week as a I reconcile the student's grades...then we'll start figuring out how grand we can set our intentions. The to not try to do something grand at'll shock yourself...but incrementally allow yourself to expand into a vision you have of yourself. Nature is a natural progression.

Don't be afraid to want that G5. (Someone has been listening to a lot of Nicki Minaj and Stylo G...lately) but don't be expecting it to come tomorrow. Think one, two and ten years ahead and you'll be surprised to find that the means for it to appear will come to you. You literally have to hack away at them like you're digging for gold. It takes time...but with persistence you'll achieve it. Protect your dreams every day!


**Dr T**

P.S. My YouTube channel is a work in progress. Don't judge her...just try to absorb the messages each There'll eventually be a purpose and a vision.

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