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Updated: Jun 17

Luxury Style On A Dime
Peach and Pearlescent Corporate Dress

Welcome back to the blog!

One of the greatest challenges that I have for myself for 2020 is living as the future version of me would want to live. The Executive version of me who's both CEO of her own corporations, but still having a career that she loves waking up to every day. Of course...they say that if you want something, you honestly have to dress the part. In this week's closet adventures, my spirit was drawn into the store in Mall Plaza known as Closet Cloud. Interestingly, my being would pass the store...and from the outside see items that resonated with my fashion spirit...and somehow...I didn't go in. I don't know if I felt like it would be intimidating price wise...but for months it just didn't happen.

Eventually though...yesterday as I finished my errands, I found myself out of the bank a little earlier than normal...and I was browsing the shops, Closet Cloud...was the only store open on the stretch. It was almost as if my mind said to me..." might as well go in!!! " When I went in...I found the equivalent of what my own boutique would feel like. Every piece was effortless, and affordable (during the sale). They too can get on the pricey side like Ammar's but somehow...they had up to 20% off on items, and actually had some stock that that they were wanting to turn over. When I checked the clearance...for about USD$25.00 each you can get gowns upon gowns darling!!! Lace detail, snake skin prints, free flowing florals...anything that your heart desires.

Being on an investment focused budget...I decided to try on a few pieces. Let's delve into two of the pieces that really spoke to me. The rest of the pieces are on my Instagram feed, my details are below in my signature.

A) The Chic And Comfortable Executive: See exhibit A above. This piece...speaks for herself honey. I didn't have to tell her what to do...she's the one that told me that if I put her on...the world would be mine and that I'd be the master of my own corporation. People will listen to me in this, my profits will skyrocket and we'll beat our key production indicators for 2020. She's EVERYTHING!! With the pearlescent details on the long sleeves, I felt like a boss!! Accessory-wise however...I'd cinch this in with a belt. There's a point at which this dress can start feeling like a bougie night to add a little more shape, go ahead and add a gold or solid coloured belt to the dress in order to elevate it to the next level. Very pretty, and definitely a win!! To my future corporate retreats!!

B) The Chic Date Night Look

Luxury Style On A Dime
Black and Peach Lace Dress

When the world opens up...I assure you that I will not be at home much! All in my mind "I miss you world, people and parties!" Everything that I do, I do with my own style, and mixing in a little modern glam with some lace, I really like this dress. As an undertone, the dress itself is lined with a nice nude lining. The lining actually has a pearlescent flair, much like the executive dress above, with the black lace overlay to add a pop of detail. I'd accessorize a piece like this with either gold, rose gold accessories or a mixture of metals to give it some dimension.

I had a good time with this try-on haul. It's always nice to have some aspirational pieces that you want, so noting these for my future closet. You all know how I do. I purchase seasonally, intentionally and just ensure that all the pieces that I order will ones that I'll enjoy for the season itself. These COVID times better keep an eye on your coints!!

Back in my kingdom, I decided that it was time for me to whip up some lunch. After the past two weeks of the "beige" food as people call it, I decided to have something a little more healthy. Let's delve into Tandy's Kitchen and have a little Tuna Salad. My parents had a way of making even a corned beef sandwich look like a club sandwich, so it's all about...the presentation. This is all Brunswick honey. I don't spend a lot...but I make it look good. Let's do this!!

Luxury Food On A Dime
Tuna Salad with Strawberry Shake

In my diner, I went ahead and gathered the following ingredients:

1) A tin of tuna. In Jamaica we have Brunswick, Grace, Lasco, Caribbean Delights as some of the major brands of tuna. In the pantry we have the entire set based on what's on sale that week. I tend to prefer Brunswick because of their many flavors. Knowing that I was going to pair the tuna with additional items, I bought the tuna in oil. My being...can't for the life of the tuna in water.

2) Mixed vegetables. I utilized this straight from the tin. We are not out to stress ourselves in 2020. Life is hard enough in If you can get certain things it.

3) Some peanut mix: This was peanuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds that I found in the kitchen.

4) Rolls. A bakery production. They are about a dollar for nine at the supermarket. I live for these rolls.

5) Seasoned fries. In my supermarket...these are about a dollar for one serving.

6) Cooking and serving supplies: Small saucepan or air fryer, cooking oil if necessary, serving dishes and a cutlery. Just use what you have. All of this...was in our kitchen cabinets.

I take my time, look through the supermarket (and some YouTube videos)...and inspiration will tell me what that she wants me to make that week.


1) Drain your tuna and mixed vegetables of oil or water. Place them your small bowl. Mix the two items, and season to taste. I just added some black pepper but if you have all the dried leaves (or fresh leaves since I'm living that garden life) like oregano, basil, sprinkle them in. It's your salad. Sprinkle for aesthetics and flavor, on the top of the mixture, your peanut mix. Set aside in the fridge.

2) Prepare a drink. I made a strawberry smoothie. Since I'm usually out all day when I make my delicacies, I like to have my drinks at the borderline freezing point to refresh myself. To get them there, I make the drink first, and have it in the freezer until I'm ready to serve it. After about twenty minutes, the drink temperature point is just at pre-freezing and the drink is so satisfying because its so cold!

3)Prepare your saucepan or airfryer for frying. One serving of fries takes me about twelve minutes. I actually time them and they come out crisp every time!!

Food presentation is always important. This was drilled into my being as a young hostess. If you have a cute basket, serve your items diner style. Since we can barely go anywhere...turn your patio into a restaurant and prepare your food, and serve it in an appealing way!! How fun is do what you want to do...and then get to enjoy a fun meal at the end of the day!!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog!! I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's essentially a journal of my life...but I'm hoping that you're enjoying the evolution. One day...I'll reach the boardroom and be a boss!! I love the Corporate life...but interestingly...just simple living is a beautiful thing at the moment. You just take the time and love what's in front of you!!

I love you for reading!!!


Dr T

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