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Effortless Living: Adjusting to the New

Welcome back to the blog!!

Life is good, and all is well in my millennial world. I hope the month I was away was as fruitful for you, as it was for me. I am thriving, and loving life!!! 2021 is a year of growth and change, and it is a blessing to happily live in these interesting times.

Great sages have always stated that the only thing that is constant is change, and once life experiences are added on to your journey, you actually start to understand what all of this means. Life is a progression, and as long as you are taking the time to actually embrace this, you'll find yourself actually happy and fulfilled.

It is amazing to have new challenges to tackle. The nature of man is to explore and discover, and the current space activities are prime examples of this. The aim of life is to explore our worlds, and go beyond our current condition. With each stage of progression, we actually become used to a new way of living. As the current level becomes normal, one is on a continuous quest to actually find something new to experience.

While newness is something that we will continuously crave, one of the things that I've discovered is that the quest for always having something new and different to do, generates feelings of dissatisfaction within us. With the current pandemic, we are being encouraged to actually take it easy and allow healing to be created. In the silence of our current lives, the ability to enjoy the every day is something that I'm learning to accept. There is actually joy in everyday living. The every day joys I've discovered are:

a) Waking up every day, and being able to have a leisurely breakfast

b) Having fresh sheets

c) Breathing in the fresh air that's generated after it rains

d) Working from home on some days. It's nice to have a balance of being able to work from home, and being able to work in the field. With the balance, there's less of an element of a rush, a balance of socialization and quietude, and I'm actually able to pace myself and remain calmer in life.

e) The joy of being happy and content in the moment. This takes time, but eventually you realize that you have no choice but to enjoy right now.

While I long for the days when we can freely travel and gather, the quietude is actually something to be embraced in the moment. Life is good and all is well. In the moments of quietude, I've actually been able to create plans for my future, that I wouldn't have had a chance to create if I was busier. As I create, I am then able to take action towards those goals.


Every month, I take the time to actually pause and reflect on the month ahead. With the intentions set, all I have to do is act on them and fulfill. April was a busy month for me, with various personal and professional transitions that I had to make, and as a result, the month of May will be a much smoother month.

With an effortless pace, it will be nice to actually put in place some of the projects that I have to focus on. At the beginning of the year, I created goals in four silos of my life, and I currently utilize those plans as the guide posts of my life.

Goals give us directions in life. With goals, you will have the confidence to actually focus on items that are in your control. Instead of being distracted by what's happening in the world, or what's happening in other people's lives, you will be able to maintain calm within yourself, and have control over your life.

By living according to principles and goals, you'll actually find yourself happy and enjoying life, because you are the one who's creating your own experiences. Responsibility for your life is one of the greatest blessings of life.

My intention for this week, is to actually take some time to plan the new month. As per usual, I'll take the time to find a quiet space. Home is a quiet place, but it's nice to be surrounded by greenery and new experiences, so I create the anticipation by going somewhere new. Familiar environments generate peace, but changing the scene will signal to your body that it's time for change. I normally take the time to go either by the sea, or by a hotel. The new environment, and the ambience of releasing yourself from your day to day experiences, actually allow you to sense and create the new, and energize you enough to take action towards them. Create incentives for yourself, and take action to accomplish each day until you achieve your objectives.

If there's anything that 2020 has taught me, it's the importance of:

a) Having inner peace. The news can distress you. Limit your exposure to it. Enable yourself to have a peaceful and happy life.

b) Taking care of my health. I am now much more conscious of my health. I eat right, exercise and am taking my vitamins. This is the most important time to ensure that health is a priority.

c) Staying optimistic. Life always restores. Once you understand the nature of life, you'll realize that there's really nothing to worry about, only to allow yourself to progress towards that which makes you happy.

d) Think twice about everything. The decisions that I made in 2021, were decisions that were embraced from months of thinking. Eventually, the scenarios you ponder will appear, and because you thought through thoroughly, the path of action will be clear.

Your life, your happiness, your entire worlds are in your hands. Once you realize this, you'll find yourself actually happy and empowered.

Take action towards your goals. Life is full of so many amazing and wonderful things!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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