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Effortless Living: Checking In With Yourself

Welcome back to the blog!

It is very important to keep track of yourself. There are certain things that we all started off doing in life and with time, we fell off track because we weren't accounting for those things. Fortunately for me, I have several accountability partners in you my readership, and with gratitude, you all motivate me to be the best version of my current self. Perfection does not exist, but happiness is real. That's one key tennet that I've learned in life.

January EOM Activities:

This month, I paid a visit to myself by retreating to the Jamaica Pegasus. The beauty of the hotel is that the ground floor is open to the public. We are free to enter, use the grounds, relax by the pool and utilize the restaurants. There's a pagoda at the back of the hotel, and I always visit that space because it's actually peaceful and quiet. I took the time to reflect on my January focuses:

a) Health: I ask myself how healthy am I from all perspectives. Am I physically active? Am I meditating as much as I want to? Am I calm and mellow? Am I eating right? All of these questions are geared towards me for a reason. There's a quote that says..."When Mama (or Papa for my male readership) is is every one around them. You have to give your best self to the people around you. Your best self has to be strong and healthy. Your parents want you to outlive them, your spouse wants you to be and attractive and healthy life partner, your children need you to be in your best state, your purpose needs to be fulfilled through you. All of these focus activities require energy...and energy is generated within your being. The things you do...such as exercise and eating right and retreating...will make you strong enough to tackle life. Life is simple...but it's not easy.

b) Finances: I check in with myself to ensure that I'm meeting my monthly objectives. Life is good...when you're balanced. Have more money coming in...than going out and you'll be set for life. After you learn how to keep it, learn to grow it, and ultimately be able to have passive income.

c) Purposeful relationships: In learn the power of purposeful relationships. Not everyone who encounters your presence, is worthy of staying there forever. Guard your heart and make sure that the people around you mean you well. Many people's downfall is being around the wrong influences. I check in with myself and ensure that I'm surrounded by positive people who mean me well.

With all that said...the week was started off on a good note. As a suggestion to you all, take the time to reflect. If you don't know where you're going...anywhere will do. The world makes you feel like you have to have a million people around you in order to feel fulfilled. Eventually you realize that lots of people around you can drain you, and you figure out how to filter the people who will matter.


Your health is your wealth...and you have to take care of yourself. We live in a world where people put a lot of responsibility on other people in order to fulfill their desires. Interestingly the one thing people can't do for keep you healthy. You are the one who has to live in your body, you are the one who has to live your life. Your body is like a machine, and your health is the sum total of what you put into your body. To keep the body up and running, it must be exercised. Strength and flexibility are key to health. In every week I do:

Cardiovascular activity: This includes the treadmill. I live on a hill, so just the mere act of walking from the foot of the hill to the house, is a good 2 mile uphill work out. My heart and my cardiovascular system are pushed to their peak. Modern living has us sitting at desks, so make sure that every two hours or so, you give yourself a chance to actually be active. One great cardiovascular activity that many women can relate actually cleaning the house. This workout is one that requires you to bend to do things like wipe the furniture, your arms get a good workout when you're vacuuming, mopping and sweeping. If you're space is large enough that it takes up up to three hours to work on making the place spotless, you can count that as as a workout. Just stretch before like I do!

Yoga: Strength and flexibility is key to a healthy body. I do yoga for 2o minutes a day and this helps with with clarity of mind, and just more ease in my body.


Breakfast can be the most important meal of the day. If you've read books on health they identify that you can actually earn your hunger. When you wake can challenge yourself to do something to work up your appetite. You can drink your water and lemon to get your digestive system active, and drink a green juice. I find that I always thrive best when I've had breakfast. For this week, I've been having more eggs. Here's this week's recipe for my scrambled eggs.

For breakfast on every other day I've been having:

Scrambled Eggs:

2 Eggs

Allpurpose Seasoning

French time


Fevergrass and Mint Tea:

1 Fevergrass leaf

2 One sprig of mint

2 Tablespoons of honey

Before I do anything major in the day, I make sure that I've eaten. My eggs were my power breakfast before I cleaned the house for three hours this morning. Usually, in my desire to just get the house clean, I'll clean and then eat. I found this draining, so I decided that the best thing for me to to eat and then clean up. This option works for me and I don't feel so much like a martyr once its time for me to clean up. I'm in a great mood and the activity goes much more smoothly.

Start the cooking off by boiling water for your tea. While the water is can either go to your garden and pick your leaves for tea, or go to the pantry and decide what your beverage will be. I usually place the tea into my cup, and add my sugar. When the water boils, all I have to do is just pour it on.

In parallel, I take the time to prepare the scrambled eggs. I take the time to break my two eggs, and add in the french thyme and escallion which I'd have taken the time to have chopped. I add my seasoning to taste of course and proceed to scramble the eggs.

For my final display, you see that I've added my starch. I'm not eating bread this week, and decided to fuse my tea time with breakfast, so I'm having my wine slice and a small piece of bun.

My major dietary change for the month is my vitamin inclusion. I'll be featuring these more on my channel. Essentially, as a start I'm now taking Vitamin C for immunity and general health and biotin for improved energy and for great hair skin and nails. So far, I find that I do wake up with more energy. It is incremental changes like this...that make all the difference in your life.

YOUR TURN: What changes are you going to make to your life, health and finances in 2021. The things we do now...will impact us in the future. Do something...that your future self will thank you for.

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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