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Effortless Living: Cleanliness Is the Birthplace of Health

Welcome back to the blog!!

With each year...I find myself identifying some interesting patterns in my behavior. Fortunately...they are good. We live on a planet with seasons, and I've found that if you align yourself with the seasons on the Earth...your life will actually flow effortlessly. I start each year with a vision, and work on it till about November or so. Once December approaches...I allow myself to start the year recharged. My year doesn't really pick up...until the second week of January. According to that time can see that I'm actually on an upswing in terms of the year and its activities. I take the time to build my momentum. Life is an uphill climb, and if you take each year and just keep climbing upwards...that the journey itself won't be a stressful one. Inch by's a cinch.

This week...something interesting happened and I took that occurrence as a sign that I needed to make a change to my current health routine. Health...starts in two your bathroom...and in your diet. Starting with the's always a good idea to ensure that you are keeping your mouth and gut health in good condition. Feed your body with nourishing foods and it will naturally thrive. It will maintain its immunity, it will detoxify itself, your skin will glow, and it will repair itself when it identifies the need to do so. Our bodies are a blessing, and if we treat them well...they'll reward us with the longevity and energy that we desire.

Usually...after the Christmas being automatically focuses on health. I resume my workouts, drink more water, I eat healthier, and I really just take the time to ensure that my energy is high for the tasks that I have set for the year. Eating right often involves including items like grains, peanuts and definitely more smoothies. Once the right foods are introduced...I can feel the difference in my body and I ensure that I stick to healthy foods.


While we can't always go to Jencare every day...there's one place that we all go every day and that's our restroom. This week, I had to do a deep clean of my bathroom space as we changed out some fixtures, and because I just felt it it was time. I took the time to:

1) Disinfect and scrub down all the tiles in the tub. If you love bleach...this is the space to utilize it. Ensure the room is ventilated of course...mix your bleach solution with your favorite cleanser and ensure that the tiles have a good wipe down.

2) I cleaned my bathroom window. I mostly wipe down the ledge, but with time, there's a dust accumulation on the window panes, and I took the time to ensure that they were sparkling. Since air flows through the windows, I wanted to ensure that the air was clean as it entered the rest of the space.

3) I washed the shower curtain and bath mat.

4) I ensured that my inventory was re-stocked. The critical items that I always have on hand are:

1) Baking Soda and Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic. There are various microorganisms that thrive on places like our mouths and digestive system. Ensuring that you are clean in those systems is one of the best ways to sustain your health. For the mouth, it's always a good idea to have a disinfecting mouthwash on hand. The best one I've ever utilized is Corsodyl. I found that as long as I was rinsing my mouth with Corsodyl, I never got the flu or colds. For the organic version of mouth can check your kitchen pantry. Baking Soda and vinegar are excellent cleansers. I mix baking soda with my toothpaste, utilize it if I run out of deodorant, and also mix it into my facewash to ensure that I have some additional exfoliation. I utilize vinegar to clean my shower head.

For my body...the best cleanser is one that incorporates elements like sulphur or tea tree oil. These two agents are great antiseptics, and keep the harmful bacteria and viruses at bay. From the inside can do things like take acidophilus or even eat yogurt. With the internal body balanced, the soap will ensure that you're protected from the outside in. Your body doesn't need harsh chemicals, it needs items its familiar with. Sulphur and tea tree oil are naturally occurring, and will work well with your body's design.

2) Top up your Inventory

I have a small pantry in my bathroom as I had indicated in last year's blog post on my bathroom upgrades. I have two baskets where I store my critical essentials. I always have extra of items to ensure that I don't run out. Ensure that you always have enough toilet paper, enough soap, toothpaste etc. Situations like the pandemic have taught us that it's always important to be prepared and when it comes to your health and cleanliness, it's something that anyone can do. When I walk around the pharmacy, I'm able to find really high end products and really economical products that work in similar fashion.

For the items that you utilize on a daily basis, place them in containers that have no label. This will create a spa like effect in your space, and will remove any visual clutter. You don't want your bathroom to feel like you're at the grocery store. You want the bathroom to feel like your sanctuary.

In the image above, I've shown my shampoo and conditioner. I find that if I keep them in beautiful bottles, I enjoy the shower experience more. I buy shampoos and conditioners that fit my colour scheme of gold, brown and a hint of pink.

3) Have A Nice Handwash on Hand

I find that handwashes really elevate a space. In my pharmacy I'm able to pick up handwashes for between two and ten dollars a bottle. I change my handwashes every two months according to my rate of consumption. In my previous blog article, I'd shown you guys how I calculated the coffee bottle, and rum bottle consumption rate. Within my own little operation upstairs, I've calculated that every two weeks I need new soap, shampoo, lotion and tissue, and every two months I need a new hand wash and toothpaste.

Once you observe yourself, you can identify your patterns and determine what will work best for your lifestyle. February is a handwash month as you can see from the halfway mark. I'm excited to see what will manifest in terms of my new handwash experience. Since we have to stay clean, it's always a good idea to make the experience memorable.


With each season, it's always a good idea to change your decor. Last year I'd gotten inspired to decorate with shoe boxes. I'd set an intention to purchase new boxes to decorate with. I had an overflow of shoes from my January haul, and as a result was able to repurpose them with some contact paper. I converted the cover of one of the shoe boxes into a tray. This year, I want to elevate the tray and decided to repurpose a plate that I'd purchased from Woolworth's about five years ago. I'd gone through the phase where I'd buy plates and place them into picture frame holders and this plate just had the elements that I was looking for. When I moved, the plate moved into the house with me, and as a result, I

Utilizing the plate as a tray, and incorporate my craft project, I'm able to have a beautiful display as I enter my bathroom.

A woman's home is her castle. It's the small touches that make living beautiful.

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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