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Effortless Living: Enjoying The Fruits

Welcome back to the blog!!

One of the most inspirational things I ever witnessed was the guy in the Drake video who was telling the camera "It's a good life!! It's a good life!!" I think in life...sometime we forget our blessings. I believe that it is important for all of us to remind each other...that all really is well...if we create an environment that nurtures well-being. My aim in 2021 is to stay inspired to achieve my multi-dimensional goals. I thought now would be a good time to expand on how I feel since I've continued on my health journey. There's no stopping when it comes to your health. The 100 years have to be lived one day at a time, and I do my best to ensure that I'm doing most things...on most days.

My Vitamin Journey

As a millennial, my generation is one that self-educates, and I took the time to actually research the vitamins that I feel will keep me thriving in this new year. For various reasons, I just lost track of this habit, and found that at the end of the day, I was feeling more fatigue than normal. Looking at my diet, I realized that my food alone couldn't fuel me. With the pandemic underway...I started researching ways to boost my immunity and Vitamin C is the vitamin that I feel will be the initial defense against the variety of conditions that we can face in life. Colds and flus are the only things I really worry about, since there's an annual season when we can expect these strains to vary.

A couple years ago, I discovered that Cherry Juice was everything I never knew I wanted. Between this juice, and the juice of the Seville Orange, I've never experienced health this before! When I tell you that during the seasons when everyone was at home because of the flu... or if I was out in a closed space and someone was coughing...I'd automatically start drinking either of these in the evening of my encounter... wake up fresh the next day...and sail through the season.

These are the goodness of nature...and if you study'll realize that we were designed to utilize what naturally grows on the Earth to heal our bodies. If you feed your body the right won't have to worry about getting sick. All the critical functions of life...will be facilitated once the appropriate inputs are added. Where you can...juice. If you don't have time to can always get blends like the ones from Bolthouse, and simply drink a glass a day. It'll make a difference in your life!


A great sage once said that when you are working on something that is major...just divide and conquer. I decided to do this with my exercise regime. As a woman I want to have enough energy to be alert at work, and reach home and have energy to be my best self for my family. Children are energetic beings, and when I'm a mother I want to be able to keep up with my children. I babysat my aunt's twins when they were two years old...and in order to allow myself time to study...I would run up and down with them...and literally tire them out so that they could fall asleep by nap time. When this happened...they slept for a good three hours...and I'd get in a lecture or two. There are actually shows like Boogie Beebies (shout out to my time in the UK) that teaches children the value of exercise, and I'd actually have the twins dance along with me and the team in the show.

At this point...I do my yoga for 20 minutes per day. 20 not an overwhelming amount of time each day. You won't feel overwhelmed, and it'll be over before you know it! Let's do a little math: 20 minutes a day for 365 days = 7300 minutes = 122 hours for the year. That's a good amount of time to keep your body stretched and tuned.

Once you start the process, you'll want to keep going. I personally keep up with healthy YouTube channels, and utilize these as motivation for me, and ultimately am able to motivate other people with my practice.


About three weeks ago...I'd done an Instastory that highlighted that my apple trees were bearing. The fruit were just approaching the maturation phase...and about two of the hundred or so apples were ripe. I love apples...and when they're in season...I will eat apples all day. I've done what is known as an all day detox...and have pretty much just eaten apples for the entire day. Apples...from the image above...are of the Otaheti variety. They are prevalent in tropical regions. This morning...I took the time to actually pick some apples...and started my detox which will take about a month at my rate of consumption. There are two ways that you can detox your slow. If you juice daily...and juice the right fruits and vegetables like celery and spinach, after a few weeks your body will be detoxed. If you want a quick detox, you can do a liver cleanse with Epsom salts and some apple juice and grapefruit juice. Do your research on the liver cleanse. It's a great way to restore the liver...the detoxification center of the body. For the automatic daily detox can start by doing something like juicing apples. One of my favorite juicing videos is by April Athena : Glowing Green Smoothie

As a rule of fruits contain antioxidants, and I am drawn to them for this reason. Cranberrys, Strawberrys, Cherries and Red Apples are rich in antioxidants. I tend to incorporate these into my diet when they are present in abundance.


For tea time this week, I took the time to actually incorporate natural elements. For my tea...I utilized fevergrass and mint tea that I picked from the garden. I usually make my tea in the mornings...and as part of my morning routine I wake up, make up my bed, wash my face and head into the kitchen. I put the kettle onto boil, and then walk to the garden in order to pick my fevergrass and mint sprigs. If you don't have a can grow your mint indoors in a pot. It's satisfying to be able to pick fruits and vegetables that you grew.

In my large cup, I place my fevergrass, mint and about two tablespoons of brown sugar. Brown sugar isn't as refined as white sugar, so it's closer to its natural state. When the water boils, I pour it onto the leaves and let it steep for about fifteen minutes.

This gives me the time now to actually make my platter. From the apples that I picked on this particular day, I cut a few slices and placed them on my plate. My Dad is the chef in the house...and he stressed the importance of make the presentation pretty and you'll enjoy it even more. I am the world's biggest supporter of the wine slice as my subscribers know. If you're in England this like the Caribbean version of the pound cake, you can get this for about a $1.00 for the loaf, and I slice it into enough slices to last me for about three days. The wine slice tastes like fruit cake minus the fruit, so it's something that I absolutely love.

Since I'm in a detox, I actually take the time to juice, so I've actually juiced a small glass of apple juice to drink with my meal. With a few adjustments, you can actually implement healthy habits into your snacking routine. I have always had a sweet tooth, and with the current fruit abundance, I'm not going to want to have things like chocolate, when I know that I can get sweet apples from the tree.

And with that...tea is served!!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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