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Effortless Living: Happy New You

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my blog!! This is my last blog post for 2020! Fortune favored me because 2020...was one of my okay years. a year that I'm aiming and working towards making absolutely amazing!! Christmas Day in the household was a really nice, yet normal affair. Where possible, I tried to add touches of sparkle and pizzazz.

I'm not sure if it's my inner dancer...but I did go through phases where I was into words like: "Fabulous" "Pizzazz" etc when I was a child. I wanted to find ways to make myself more unique. With time however, you discover how similar life is across the globe. The great equalizer caused us all to pause and reflect for 2020. Focus on freedom or else you'll always feel confined.


One of the beauties of being an engineer is that you get to design things to have a particular purpose and function. Since life is ours for the creation, I've actually taken the time to ensure that I design an optimum 2021. One of the key things that I'm focusing on in the new a renewed sense of gratitude. Gratitude for fresh air, gratitude for existing, and gratitude for a future that is evolving.

The quietude of Christmas Day...was such that during the break between Christmas breakfast and Christmas Dinner, I decided to walk up the road. I felt compelled to take a picture and it's the one featured in this post. Just up the the hugest mansion I've ever seen in my entire millennial life. When we first moved here, I'd see the "castle" appear as you reached the peak of one of our longer roads to get to the house. And I'd wonder how they lived in there. Probably had lots of dinner parties and just had a wonderful life.

Fast forward about ten years...and during the quarantine, all I wanted to do was to explore my surroundings. Much like the current explorers that we have on the Commercial Crew program and the Artemis program, my curiosity wanted to know what was in that house. In order to maintain a sense of clarity and peace and variety as the pandemic unfolded, I started walking around the neighborhood. I told myself to choose a different route each week across the hill, and one week I took a road less traveled by me...and I ended up at the beautiful gate of this fabulous mansion. I often stop by there, on route #3 - the leg day route.

There's an enchantment there, that's akin to the enchantment you'd feel when you read an Enid Blyton or a Harry Potter book. I felt like I was in a different time and suspended reality even for a few minutes. Where the gate is, there's a little nook, so no one can actually see you as you spend a few minutes there, gather your thoughts and pretty much reflect on who and what you want to be.

I took the time to start creating my 2021 persona, and I've already created her identity. She's bold, fearless, wealthy, deserving, intelligent, a great partner to her husband, and innovative thinker and world changer. During an episode of Impact Theory, Ed Mylett spoke about the personal thermostat. You get what you focus on, so I'm careful what I'm focusing on every day. Essentially, your thermostat is what you set for your life to determine who you want to be. Once your blueprint matches the inner thermostat, you feel content. I looked at myself, found my current set point, and I've deliberately been taking action to ensure that I'm living out of my future self. Here are a few pointers that I've learned and applied for my 2021 self.

1) Image is Everything: Dress the part. Only think about and talk about the things that you want. If you want to be an executive, wear something that feels like a suit and imagine yourself giving board meetings. If you want to be a bride, start trying on wedding dresses and planning your wedding. If you want to pursue your PhD, send the applications and actually start doing your research and writing your imaginary thesis. I've actually started planning out my corporate outfits, so that for the new season, I'll actually be ready for any meetings that I have. Admittedly, as a scientist and engineer, my work tends to be in the field, but we do have occasions where we get to dress up and celebrate at corporate events.

2) Stay In Character: It's easy to get derailed from your goals for various reasons. If you don't strive for change, you'll remain at your default. People may not want your dreams, but they were actually given to you for a reason. If you keep them in mind and take action towards them daily, the Universe will ultimately bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want to go. I live from a vision and it's the greatest driving force that I have each day.

3) Be Your Own Hero: This is one of those things that you discover in life. Once the veil is lifted, you actually realize that the real magic of the world is the hard work that goes into making things looks seamless. Careful planning and organization are what bring dreams to life.

By believing in yourself, anything is possible. I don't know what inspired me on this take an just remind myself of my greatness. We all need to do this because it's easy to forget ourselves as the responsibilities pile on in life.

See you in 2021!! I am looking forward to a great journey!!


**Dr T**

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