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Enjoy Your Freedom!! Life Will Soon Stabilize!!

Peace and Blessings!!!

I hope the day finds you well. The past three weeks have been interesting to say the least. When it comes to life, I've been taking the time to just enjoy it. Bear with me while I stabilize. There are lots of things happening behind the scenes. At this point, my Instagram uploads are down to just about one per week, versus my usual three times per week, I haven't uploaded a YouTube video in about two weeks and my blogs are written, when I get a chance.

I'm in a state where change is happening behind the scenes. It was self induced and I'm just allowing myself to go with the flow. Bear with me in the interim. Essentially, I've started moving towards my target, and there's always instability that occurs when you're moving from one level to the next. Knowing what's happening to my life, I'm just allowing myself to flow...and trust that all will be well with respect to the changes that are to come.

In terms of my 2019 goals. I have accomplished my intended desires and I'm currently in a position where I'm just crossing over from the current condition, to the desired condition. It's not always the most straightforward line, but you just let go and trust that all will be well. Applying the principle called faith...I'm definitely allowing myself to accept my good and make progress toward the next level of life.

Over the past few days...yours truly has simply been allowing herself to simply just be. One of my colleagues stressed the importance of "JUST BE-ING" so I'm at the point where I feel like I want to do that. Not be worrying about what people are thinking and doing, and just focusing on the flow. When you plant seeds, sometimes you just need to leave them be...and allow them to come to fruition.

Interestingly, over the past week, when I managed to pay some attention to my self, I realized that my hair actually grew some more. This is one of those fruits that I've just let be over the past four years. For those of you who follow me, this is a lifestyle and beauty channel. Essentially, sometimes the rest of life overflows and I tend to get distracted. I thought now would be a good idea for me to tell the story of my hair, and how I've accepted her as she is, and simply let her be.

When I was much younger, I went through the various hair experiments and have done the following:

1) Dry Curls - This was supposed to be drier version of Jerry Curls. My hair being 4C and very light...there was a point where I felt like there was barely anything on my I went ahead and did my first big chop.

2) Dreadlocks - The longest hair style I've ever Once I entered the art scene, I actually ventured into the art of my hair. Heading to Jus Natural for some professional help, I went through the process of having them start and maintain my lock for me. After a while. I actually went through the process of learning how to interlock my hair. The method for interlocking hair is similar to the process of attaching crochet braids to braided hair. After a while, yours truly went through the process of self maintenance. This helped me...because the entire time that I spent in Leeds, I was able to actually do my own hair.

3) Braids- I've been the braid queen for the past four years or so. After going through two weddings, eventually, I went through the process of moving to Cleveland, and discovering that there wasn't a hairdresser in close proximity to me. This was an initial shock, because I had been going to Rosie for the three years prior, and I simply would call her and get an appointment when I had the chance. With no access to a hair dresser, I took the time to unravel my hair...and the image above is what I discovered that I had. In the three years, my hair had grown to approximately 24 inches, and I went through the process of starting my YouTube tutorials on how to manage my own hair now that I had no hairdresser near by.

In my evolution, I've found that doing your own a personal experience, much like doing your own make up. With practice, you learn from yourself, and other people's experiences. My current love on TastePINK. I can't thank her enough for making me realize what potential exists in this mane of my own. As I get busier, I'm actually styling my hair according to her inspirations. What I find is that I don't have the time to be combing my hair every day, and not only that...the extra manipulation is what I need to be avoiding in order to keep gaining growth.

When I'm home now...I simply let my hair...and myself just be. With minimal manipulation, everything will simply unfold.

Enjoy yourselves...and I'll stabilize in time. Keep me in your thoughts!!!

Happy Week!!! She's BUSY...and not ignoring you!!!

**Dr T**

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