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Enjoying Life During The Quarantine

Welcome back to the blog!!

It's Fri-yay!! Scientific studies have shown...that if you reflect on music from a particular time in your'll be happier. This morning...I just felt the inkling to listen to a little N Sync to reset my brain to happy. I believe that these COVID times require us to either reminisce on a past that we loved...or to travel forward to a future we'll enjoy once it arrives. Let's do some "Sailing". Sing it all...especially JC!! " gets the best of me!!" Let's slay the day.

As we influencers have been stressing to the world...sometimes it's a good idea to simply get up, have a little Calgon shower moment, get dressed, put on a little moisturizer and lip gloss and have a good day. When you're home long enough, you learn to motivate yourself!! Your being is primed by the things that you do. If you bring high energy, you'll have a great day. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Tony Robbins. What I love about Tony Robbins is his high energy. As an active person...I'm always drawn to high energy. I'll go anywhere...that has me jumping up and down. I'm currently tempted to join Tik Tok...but already feel like I'm yet to optimize all my existing As a dancer...every time I see a video I love...I'm tempted to join...but it feels like it'll be one more thing on my already busy schedule. Eventually I'll do it though!! Keep "Yess....I'm a Savage!!! Classy, Bougie, Ratchet!!!"

On Wednesday of this week, I finally filmed my spring haul!!! I'll have that ready for you beautiful people on Monday as promised. It's always fun to dress up and be artistic. The look above is my video style, and for the most part, my relaxed Friday style. Essentially, I've been making sure that every day at home is an opportunity for me to look my best. Wear your good clothes...even if you're at home!! How you present yourself to yourself is how you'll handle the flow of the day. In terms of high-low, one of the things that I've been doing is finding affordable clothes that are specifically for the house. If the $1.00 camisole exists, there's no reason to look frumpy at home. Purge the old...and stock up on the new!! I went ahead and stocked up on one week's worth of items that I felt would have me feeling amazing at home and just rock the looks. It's working out in my favor!! I'm inspired...even if the only place I'm going is the front lawn. I'm still cute in my gold flip flops. You create your life.

Speaking of the front lawn...let's jump into this week's fun food creation. At some point this week, I was craving some KFC. Since the only place we're legally to go is the supermarket...I picked up a few supplies. I hope this inspires you to get creative in your kitchen.

Welcome back to Tandy's Kitchen. Let's make some burgers and fries!! It's only fitting for the Friday Quarantine Life!!


As some of you may or may not know...I run the imaginary franchise TFC!! As a student, I worked at Subway for a few months, and always remember that experience! Subway...was where I learned to cut onions properly, and organize my kitchen. If you're ever on a budget...creating your own fast food is always one of those fun things that you can do. In the house...we have: our grill, the oven and the waffle maker. You'll surprise yourself re what you can make with these items. Using your can do your barbeque throwdowns, you can use your oven to make pizza or lasagne for Italian nights, and even use your waffle maker to grill a burger or two.

This week...I was about to make my usual creation with minced beef. I usually make a one pot creation that is rice, vegetables and the mince. There was a point where my brain said..."Tandy...I think we've done this a few times about we do something a little different with the mince?" And burgers came to mind. Not just any burgers...I wanted that diner level experience right on my front balcony.

At the supermarket along with the usual groceries, I picked up some small french rolls, some fries ( you can always get good deals for about $1.00 on fries in the frozen food section) and some drinks. Then I got to work. This dish is ideal if you have children during this quarantine time, and they're missing the thrill of going to places like Burger King or KFC. Make it at home!! Let's do this!!

You will need:

1) One pack of minced meat: Season to your liking. I tend to do things like add Lawry's, a little pepper, a little salt, paprika. The aim is to simply add some flavor to the meat. The condiments will also help to flavor the burger.

2) Rolls: You can be creative with these. I found some small french rolls. Since I wanted diner vibes...I decided to get these instead of the normal buns.

3)Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese

4)Condiments of your choice.

Since both of the items in my meal were fried, I decided to utilize my small saucepan and about a third of the volume with vegetable oil. If you have an air fryer, this is the ideal recipe for such an appliance. I started off with the minced meat. With the seasonings added, I went ahead and made about seven small patties. I went ahead and fried the patties, to ensure that they were thoroughly cooked. I set them aside, allowed them to drain of oil and then tackled the fries.

My ideal fries usually cook on high heat for about ten minutes. While the fries are in the fryer, you'll have enough time to construct your burgers. What I did was slice the small rolls in half, apply mayonnaise to the top bun, then lay the vegetables on the bottom layer. I went ahead and placed the patty on top of the vegetables, and then proceeded to add the condiments. I used ketchup in this instance, but you can do the entire range if you wish. Relish and mustard are in my staples as well. I placed the burgers on a plate.

With the fries almost ready, I prepared their bowl. Since I wanted diner vibes, I utilized a small basket to house them. I think it turned out fabulous!!

With the weekend coming up...this is the perfect food for you to have with your family. Have yourself a picnic. Most places now are in a Spring mode. If its hot enough...spend some time outside. If it's still warming on the patio. For those in Netflix mode...this is also the ideal meal for a movie night in with your family. Along with the can make this as your main course.

See you on Monday!! Enjoy the weekend!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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