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Enjoying The Black Friday Action!

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Pardon the late delivery of the Friday blog post...I can't say I was super busy...but you know how time can run away from you if you don't watch it. To fulfill my plan, I went ahead towards the day's end to post this article for you all. I'm keeping up with my promised schedule, and a part of me always feels good when I deliver what I say I would! About a week or two ago (aye!!) yours truly started getting the Black Friday vibes. Bearing in mind that I am aiming to return to work...most of my life until I'm back there involves a lot of window shopping on the days that I'm out an about running errands. I currently work from home, but really want to fulfill some of my corporate dreams, so I job hunt, and interview behind the scenes until the change comes. Interestingly, with time I'm learning to value I'm at the point where I'm feeling like I don't mind owning myself and if I mastered a few a millennial...I know within my being that I probably won't have to return to "work" if I make the right moves and build my business correctly. We live in a time...where we don't have to have a job to earn money...and I honestly ponder this daily...and simply flow with what's before me.

In my weekly walks through the mall I search however, and I stumbled upon one of the most gorgeous boutiques in the Kingston, Jamaica area. This is the Faithful Homes Decor boutique. Tucked away in a hidden part of Mall and Tropical Plaza, it is literally one of those gems that you if search, you will stumble upon it. When you walk are greeted with a sense of comforting opulence. The energy of the store, has an energy that feels like if I never knew they existed and I had my own boutique...this would be my exact vision. I remember just feeling in myself once I walked in, that I wanted to showcase them on my sites, and I got to work!! After about a week of networking and getting permission from the owner, I was given free reign to do what I am learning to do best...create my photoshoots and tinker with video. At present, I currently use Open Camera on my Android phone to take my videos and pictures, so I'm hoping that the best ones will represent the space on all my platforms!

Once you enter the feel like you're at your chic uptown aunt's place. This aunt is more like an electic, educated, artistic aunt who's travelled a lot, and after all her travels has decided she wanted to settled down in a nook on an upscale hill where she'll be unbothered, and can nest in a space where she'll be tranquil, undisturbed and free to do things like read and paint. It's a very INSPIRATIONAL space. Once you're there, you're not going to want to leave, because your mind will be drawn to practically everything. The boutique has comforting scents of potpourri, there's comforting music playing, and you simply are drawn to explore what's there.

As a woman who loves gold, many pieces in the store just sparkle and shine and draw you in. Exhibit A in the image above, is one of the MANY signature pieces that are in the store. Gold accent trays, gold accent mirrors (square, sunburst, rectangular, butterfly), gold accented vases are pretty standard around the space. Better represented on video, I'll do my best on my Monday upload to expand on these. The decorative balls also drew me in. Before people start to fret...the price point in the boutique is actually comparable to places like a World Market or a Pier One. Not everything in the store is that pricey, but the pieces are definitely higher end compared to places like Woolworth's which I'd shown previously. The price points for the decorative balls above, aren't too bad in my opinion. Very high end quality, but not that expensive. The prices are aspirational at most. The balls for instance are only about USD $15.00 to USD $25.00 max per piece . Not unreachable if you do things like either save for pieces and collect slowly, or wait till Black Friday to make your purchases. Gems like these, are definitely what I would love to have in my home once I'm settled.

Moving around the store, the colour palettes do change, but all have the same gold baseline. My eyes were drawn to this six goblet red set. This piece is pricey in the USD $50=$75.00 range...and definitely something I could attempt to DIY by searching out places like Woolworth's or MegaMart for coloured glass pieces, and metallic trays. The visual impact however, definitely screams high end Christmas. I was in love with this piece and the other red pieces in her collection. If you're high energy you'll love pieces like this that pop with colour as you look at them.

Moving to the softer side of the also have the option to purchase beautiful candles. The price points for the candles are comparable to candles you'd find at places like Bath and Body Works when the candles are full price. Not too pricey, but you know you're spending a little extra for quality. For those who are into energy and increasing your vibration, there's also collections of aromatherapy satchets for just about $7.00 each, and crystals like rose quartz that you can place in your space for decoration and healing.

As you traverse to the other half of the store, you are met with more comfortable home decor items that you can be cozy in. These include large area rugs, decorative signs for your home, and also decorative clocks. What I loved about the clocks is that they were designed for a particular nautical feel. I was feeling Jersey Shore vibes when I saw the clocks, so if your look is more rustic and chic, you may opt for places like Courts or Singer (for those in Jamaica) to pull off that look. For the nautical vibe though...they are on point!!

As mentioned, with so much for the eyes to take in...this blog post is just a surface skim of the boutique. I'll definitely do more annotating for you all on my Monday video. I will spend the weekend editing that for you all.


I haven't done a lot of black Friday shopping, but I did mention on Instagram that I've been lucky enough to score high end pieces in the sales for a significant reduction. I currently use drugstore make up such as Jordana and Maybelline, and I declared a few months ago that I wanted more higher end make up. I was able to secure my first Iman palette about a week ago thanks to Black Friday preparation. Anne Martin, a beauty boutique...was clearing out the St Tropez palette for just about USD $5.00 so I got one. Interestingly...I'm finding my Maybelline 24 Carat Nude be giving me more color payoff....but I'm still going to work with both and see! Win #1 for last week. For this week, since you all know I'm wanting to suit up and return to corporate, I was able to score some nude Pierre Dumas pumps for $5.00 in the Collectibles sale. See below! Interestingly, both of these items usually retail for closer to the $40.00 and above price point in my opinion but with the fact that stores want to turn over items for the new year...they reduce them to make space in their storerooms. I just got LUCKY...

Here are the nude pumps I got...but more resembling the Tory Burch design with an accent piece (also nude) on the front. On Monday, on my Instagram page...I will style these up! For $5.00 for a high street item...I feel pretty good about my boardroom game in the coming months! These are great transition shoes...until I can afford pieces from places like Kate Spade and Steve Madden. The pumps are right beside me as I write. Ahhh...that new shoe smell!!

Focus on the road ahead!! Doing my best to luxe...even if it's just a few bucks or more!! If you search the mall (online or in store) you shall find honey!!!


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