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Entrepreneurship: Living Life On Your Own Terms

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The advantages that modern living has brought to the masses, is the advent of entrepreneurship. When Jobs, Gates, and others of their time imagined homes early in the onset of the computer revolution, one of the main ideas that they had in their minds, was the concept of a computer in every home. The main idea behind this was that individuals would get a chance to run businesses from their own homes. It wasn't a matter of just allowing persons to be able to chat on messenger services, or post on social media sites via the internet. Since 2012, yours truly embraced the concept of entrepreneurship after taking a computer course one weekend. This one experience began what I believe will be the beginning of many bigger ventures in the years to come.

Assessing the economic system, it is interesting to understand where one is, so that it will be easy to make the transition to the segment that you desire to be in. Applying the principles of Robert Kiyosaki, I will reference the Cash Flow Quadrant to the left. Kiyosaki, in his book on the gamification of the financial sector, clearly identifies four quadrants in the economy. The segments refer to how persons earn their income.

The majority of persons fall into the category known as E, for employee. The employee quadrant is the segment of the economy where individuals work for others, trade their time for money, and are bound to a job. In the instance that an individual doesn't go to work, they will lose their source of income. For this reason, it is important for individuals to ensure that there are contingencies in place, for this is the the least stable of the economic systems.

The second segment of the quadrant that Kiyosaki discusses, is the Self-Employed quadrant. This segment of the quadrant, is where an individual owns a job. This includes sole traders or former employees such as doctors or lawyers who start their own practices. Once the job is owned, fortunately the individual will have the ability to generate their own income, but they will have to still be present on site before they can get paid for trading their time for money.

The left side of the quadrant is the side of the quadrant where individuals work the hardest, and have the least amount of time. Transitioning over to the right side of the quadrant, is the segment of the cash flow quadrant where an individual earns money via owning their own business. Via a business, an individual can hire individuals to work for them and then take the time to do what they wish, whether its to travel, or to seek alternate ways that the business strategy can grow and expand. From this perspective, the individual has the freedom to do what they wish, and they'll still have a means to earn money.

The final segment of the quadrant, involves an individual earning money, by having money work for them. After money is earned, via any of the three aforementioned methods, it will be possible to place the money into lucrative ventures which can then work for the individual. These ventures include options such as stocks, bonds, EFT and other financial instruments which will help the individuals to earn money while they "sleep". The investment quadrant is the most sophisticated form of earning money.

What many persons, including myself have done, is take the steps to transition from the process of working for others to working for themselves to ultimately have money work for them. The following is a strategy that I have found to be effective for such a flow. Regardless of age, it is a worthwhile effort to participate in. The freedom that comes from being able to own your own time is something that I've revelled in for some years now. As someone who has worked in industry and understand the long hours entailed in the task, and the constant feeling of being bound to a system or process, I really enjoy the process of having a few months off to simply do what I want. Rest is key to recharging the body and ensuring that you have maximum wealth...which really is your health.

The thing that I've learned about work is that it's an environment that is very competitive, and in a competitive space you are constantly worrying about your colleagues, and meeting project deadlines, satisfying your bosses etc. From this perspective, there is always a feeling of having to "survive" and you are constantly under stress. With the advent of many modern business entities, it is possible to release yourself from such a competitive space, and simply allow yourself to live a peaceful life. I believe in balance, so while I will work for at least ten more years in an active fashion, after that I'd love the luxury to simply work part time and take care of our children when they are born.

The following investment vehicles are ones that I've found to work for me over the years:

1) Bonds : As a sophisticated investor, one of the things that I took the time to do across the two years that I was at work, was to educate myself financially. With your earnings you can teach yourself or you can take short investment courses that will guide your mind in the right direction to earning money and becoming financially free. What I discovered about bonds is that they generated cash flow per unit time. These yields become important later on as I will discuss in my progression. Every Monday, I will take the time to expand on financial matters.

2) Stocks: Stocks as an investment vehicle are means via which many individuals can gain access to own pieces of companies. With easy access to stocks via a broker, an individual can simply access the capital gains of these instruments over time. With new companies being developed over time, it is very easy for individuals to earn money via the medium. With careful investments in companies such as tech or medical companies, over time these organizations will increase in value, provided they are in sectors that are lucrative. With stocks, there are no guarantees, but if you research and understand the industries at play, it will be easy for individuals to "see" the money and invest in lucrative stock options.

3) Real Estate: Another capital gains medium, with the right strategies, over time an individual can access the means via which many income streams can be accessed. From apartment complexes, to single family homes, it will be possible for individuals to start investing in properties that can earn them a positive cash flow per unit time.

It will be important to research all the options before you begin your wealth journey. Of course, as an individual, you'll find yourself gravitating to certain investments more than others. What I absolutely love personally are bonds, and use them as a baseline for the establishment of my other investments. Since they generate cash flow, they are a good place to begin your investments.

Over the few months that I have off, I will be taking the time to expand my business activities some more. For those who are interested in earning additional income for the purposes of investments, there are a myriad of websites that will allow you to freelance and do this. These include sites such as:




There are other skill specific websites that you can look into. I am most versed in Fiverr and Upwork, so in the future I will create blog posts on how to create your profile on each, and start earning income. In terms of payment, your clients will send your funds either directly to your bank account, to Paypal - account and card, and to Payoneer - account and card. I will also talk about the concept of decentralized banking systems, so that you can decide if you'd want options such as blockchain investments. For this week, let us simply process the thought, whether you're a student, an employee, a stay at home wife who wants to become more financially independent (you'll have the most time to do this), so take advantage of the time.

There are many options that you can take advantage of in the online and investment world. Finance will soon have never looked so good. With extra money, there will be be a myriad of things that you'll want to do. Maybe you want to go on vacation and not touch your salary and savings, maybe you'd like to expand your home and not take out a loan. There are ways and means to accomplish that mission. I'll take the time to guide you through it.

I love you for reading!


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