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Event Planning Friday: In Office Coffee Bar

Happy Friday,

I had to write this in duty I published from Thursday:) Also this blog template...for some strange reason...doesn't allow me to schedule.

Yours truly is the queen of easy going. Fret not...I'm not about to run your office into a ballroom. The image to the left is the only one that I could find, that portrayed my version of an in office coffee bar. The vision is in two parts. For part one...just focus on the tray...and not the contents:) For those who know me...they know that my inner event planner exists and thrives. Bridal showers, name it...but school for the most part consumed my inner artist for the past two years. I'm here expressing on my blog till I can get back to that life in about six months.

This week and in the months going forward...we're on the work swing...and I've started talking about how my co-worker left...and the rest of us have to do one extra shift. With the extra hard has to treat one self...and balance is the key to ensuring that you maintain yourself on your life's journey. When I was in my apartment, I lived across the road from Rite-Aid, and so explored all the shelves in my typical fashion. I could give you directions around the store if you asked For specific reasons (part stress and part comfort food needed) I frequented the snack aisle at Rite-Aid, and the section with the body care and relaxation items. I also used to make care packages from items on both segments. From the image above, what I wanted was to provide a solution to creating a mini coffee bar in your office...while taking up the minimal space. A three tier tray like the above is ideal for holding your items in. Space functionality was the primary focus. Since we won't always have time to eat fresh macaroons every day (although that would be lovely)...we'll now divert to the segment where we fuse the trays with regular snacks. Cue the visual below:

Image Credits: Google Images

By no means am I endorsing every snack on this list. My love of sweet actually is taking a slow dive...but I wanted to express the fact that with a little creativity, we can take the drudgery out of work by ensuring that we have a little comfort food nearby. The image above is some of the snacks in the Dollar Tree, but Rite-Aid's Dollar Spot...competes with this as well. For a general list of what's at Rite-Aid, my favorites included:

1) Saltine Snacks - You could get a big bottle for $1.00. If you're using a tiered tray like the above, use smaller containers and store the crackers in.

2) Chocolate - I thrived on this. Either the whole bar ( discipline yourself to have probably three squares per day...or buy the packs of Mars, Snickers or the mixes, and spread on one tier. Chocolate is excellent for those dopamine when you reach a point where you're stressed...or can't eat lunch yet because a month end report is due ( you all know what I'm talking about...can I get an Amen!) you'll have the chocolate on hand.

3) A little honey bear. I live for these:) Too cute. Use them to top the tray and place the chocolates around them them.

4) Oatmeal Cookies. Healthy and filling. Rite-Aid Dollar Spot had packets of about 4 for $1.00 so buy about five for the week, or better enough for the month (keep them in your drawer and then dispence when necessary to save yourself trips.)

5) 3-in-1 coffee. This always came in handy. They sell the packs of ten for a dollar.

Along with a small Thermos (hot water is always available at work), and your favorite cup with your success quote on're well on your way to ensuring that you're meeting your work expectations...and spoiling yourself at the same time.

This is what I make my days feel special. Even on a dime...I feel like a zillion bucks!!!

Gone to work!!! We talk tomorrow...I think my Villa Yamayah review should be due for you. I'm not exhausting too many options...just making sure that I have three...and I'll just book at the end of March and call it a day:) I don't shop for too long. Eventually...we have to make a decision!!! That's just the nature of life. The day always comes. So far...I'm feeling Palm Cottage. It has that young vibe. I think I meditated enough at I want more life and more buzz!! Last night I dreamed that people were offering me liquor...and planning to take me a party!!! That's what I'm talking about!!!


**Dr T**

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